It was the perfect relationship. There was just nothing to ask for. Rhanie and Hyesung seem to have all they ever wanted and more. She was his dream girl, and he, the boy of her dreams. But reality is about to change, when the only thing that they were waiting for has finally come. Hyesung has been offered the one most special thing he has ever wanted in his whole life, or so he thinks. But to what risk? What they thought was the best gift became their worst nightmare. The relationship they once deemed to be perfect now has gotten quite complicated. Now they're faced with two choices: to let one of them be happy, or to give up that one thing, and keep each other forever.




In this life, there are a lot of regrets.

A lot of what ifs.

You are faced with a path full of bumps, your journey disturbed by it along the way.

You are faced with so many crossroads, that it’s really hard for you to choose what’s right.

Sometimes, you make mistakes.

And that’s when regret comes.

If only you took the right way, then everything wouldn’t have turned this way would it?

They say that everything has a reason, and whatever happens, whatever choice you take, there will be a meaning to that one day.

However, if you were given a chance to get everything you ever want, would you grab it?

If you were given a chance to go to a different path would you take it?

In this life of regrets…


But a price you have to pay.

Are you willing to sacrifice your most beloved?

For that one and only chance?


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