One-Shots Written by LeeChunSa

This is a collection of bittersweet stories...

Of people who have tried, but failed.

Of people who have fought, but did not win.

Of people who loved but remained unloved.

Of people who dreamed of forever, but did not make it.

Of people who wanted to be happy, but remained sad.

Of people who got it all, but realized to have to lost the most important thing.

Of people who almost made it, but fell on the last minute.

Of people who wanted to take the chance, but lost it even before they got it.

These are the stories of people who wanted love, but just didn't have it.

When love fails, what would you do?


This story is inspired by the song 519 by Matt Wertz. This is a follow-up one-shot to 7:05 AM, and is set in Minwoo's POV. Please read 7:05 AM before you read this so you won't be confused if ever. Hoping you enjoy the story, as much as I loved writing it.

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Chapter 1: saddddddddd </3 Strawberry Shortcake though <3 <3 nice one unnie although it's a bit sad at the end =) </3
unnieee <3 chapter 1 please <3 haha waiting <3