Golden Eyes

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Wolves have lived among humanity since time immemorial, and developed in the same way.

There was a time when the Four Packs of the Mainland lived in consensus and peace, governed by the first pack, the ancient Eclipse wolves. It was a time when everyone didn’t need to watch their back everywhere they went, it was a time of trust. After many centuries of living this way however, a new pack emerged from the descent of human royalty and Terrants.

The Dawnfall.

The coexistence of five packs upset the balance of the system by which wolves were governed, so inevitably, one had to be eliminated. A corrupt cobweb of treachery among the packs led to the Dawnfall taking on the prime target, the ancient Eclipse pack. The ancient pack crumbled as the Dawnfall slaughtered the entirety of its bloodline, becoming the new reigning pack; some survivors of the massacre were hunted and killed, others were never found.

The survivors fled to the mountains to live in isolation from the world and start a new pack, a more tightly knit and stronger one. For four centuries, the system worked, the Eclipse wolves adapted and grew stronger, whereas the Dawnfall became more powerful, yet more vulnerable and corrupt. However, it was not treachery that led to the second fall of the Eclipse, it was a secret, a friendship… a romance.

After the last Alpha Moon Jiwook was hung from the pack village’s belltower, it signified the end of a legend, the end of an era. But one young wolf was saved by warriors of the Dawnfall, 15 years on, she remains the last known member of an extinct pack.

And her name is Jiang Shuhui.




I’ve lived a mostly sheltered and lonely life, but that doesn’t mean I’m curious about the outside world. In fact, I’m terrified of it.

So after being dragged to a party I wasn’t invited to, I couldn’t describe the panic I experienced coming face to face with the people who shared my darkest secret, the people who held the key to my past, present and future.

The two men with the golden eyes.


The Four Packs of the Mainland

Dawnfall (the reigning pack): Blonde fur and green eyes. The youngest of the packs, originating from a few centuries back, they are thought to descend from the offspring of human royalty and terrants. Known for their arrogant behaviour and strong leadership skills, they currently lead the 4 packs of the mainland after overthrowing the Eclipse 4 centuries before, they later wiped out the remaining survivors 15 years ago. Cannot harbour supernatural abilities due to human lineage.

Bloodrose: Red fur, silver eyes. A pack originating from the deserts who linger in heavily populated cities and do not need to shift very often. Known to be highly intelligent. A few known to have small supernatural abilites.

Timber Creek: Black fur, silver eyes. A pack originating from the forests and in huge numbers. Known for their immense strength and lack of intent to cooperate, they rarely help the other packs. Some known to have small supernatural abilites.

Ambersky: Grey fur, silver eyes. The most common of the packs who mingle with humans the most, originating from warm climates. Known for their superior battle strategy, overwhelming numbers and their naivety. Some recorded to have small supernatural abilites.


The Others

Terrants: The wolves thrown out of their packs who form rogue groups or roam alone, distinguished by their red eyes. Some known to have small abilities, passed on by Eclipse wolves bringing back their humanity. Lone wolves who do not belong to a pack, or wolves who have rejected/lost their mate and suffered from a loss of humanity. Some lose their humanity on a full moon.

EXO: An elite sub-pack of the Dawnfall, made up of strong members of different packs and recruited to protect and serve the young heir by the current alpha-heir of Dawnfall himself.

Eclipse : The ancient pack. White fur and blue eyes. Originating from the mountains and the original reigning pack until they were overthrown by the Dawnfall 4 centuries ago. Known for possessing the power of returning a terrants humanity and masking their own scents. As they are the origin of all wolves, they can sometimes maintain a small supernatural ability, but this is rarely seen in wolves outside of the Alpha's family. They were exterminated and have one known remaining survivor, Shuhui, the daughter of the lead Beta.

Hunters: Known to possess black eyes and tangy scent to wolves, making them easy to detect. 


Blue Eyes: Eclipse pack wolf

Purple Eyes: Alpha

Golden Eyes: Temporarily for newly bonded wolves/Elevation of the bond/More than one mate when in wolf form

Red Eyes: Terrant

Green Eyes: Dawnfall pack wolf

Silver Eyes: Regular pack wolf





This story will contain violence, profanity and other mature themes, if you are uncomfortable with this, I suggest you refrain from reading. I will place an [M] and [TW] on the more graphic chapters.

I do not claim credit for the pictures used in my cover, nor do I claim ownership of EXO, but the storyline and original characters are from my imagination, so please do not plagiarise them.




Credits to JiaAera from Jelly Bubble Graphic Shop (Batch 3) for the absolutely beautiful poster!!! Thank you so much!

Also a big thanks to onlyacupoftae who made this lovely poster!


Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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265 streak 0 points #1
Chapter 29: Aw i wish kyungsoo will open to them faster than a year....
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hey may i know this story is about kyungsoo x oc or not? if its not i totally going to unsubscribe
onlyacupoftae #3
Chapter 28: luhan and shu are so cute! and minseoks soft spot for shu!!
I can feel the tension when they're talking about the secrets and stuff and mr seo I can't wait for the main plot to come in!
but I do miss jongdae a lot :(
1 points #4
Hey, I love this story, it has the right balance of mystery/sad and dark storyline and fluffy romance
JackieZ 1 points #5
Chapter 27: I read this story as fast as I could and god I am in love . You're writimg style is unique and there is much character development I'm screaming. In a positive way of course hahahahah
Just do your thing, have a lovely day, and take this sub and upvote;)
onlyacupoftae 1 points #6
Chapter 27: Oh no Nana :’(
Kind of agree with jongdae for not telling Shu but I get why shes upset
Its bad that I find this moody sehun so damn attractive!!
PrincessSisi 1 points #7
Chapter 26: So this was my bringe read on a Sunday afternoon and I do not regret it at all! This is quite well written and really a pleasantly complex plot. I will say it did take me a couple of chapters to really get into, but I may have been a bit biased because the information in the prologue was so dense.
Now for potential plot spoiling comments (other readers should discontinue looking at this comment... Haha)
I kind of called Jongdae's receal in this chapter. When his adoptive sister was revealed, that seemed too important to ignore and it does help make sense as to why he feels so close to Shu, pack bond and all. As for Unknown, I have two competing theories as to who it is and one theory as to how he connects to Shu. For the connection, I think Shu was taken to whatever camp Unknown was at and they potentially looked after one another during that time . This is based in her flashback where she stole food and was 'marked' for it. Nana pointed out the brand on Unknown and then one of Shu's mates pointed out she had a mark partially hiddden by her collar, but then they don't comment when she is at the beach, so maybe I misread that part. As for who unknown is, I think it is either Tao or Jongin. Tao in this story seems pretty antagonistic, really only rivaled by Sehun, but Tao is noted to space out at the crime scene which to me makes him a suspect. I am kind of holding out a little hope for Jongin to be Unknown though since he is written to be so sweet in this story. Compared to the rest of the characters, if he lacks any sort of darkness or complexity to his character, it would be a bit of a surprise. As for the heir, I am holding out hope that it is a DBSK member, but that would probably be too much of a crack storyline, right :P
Thanks for all your hard work on this story. I look forward to following any future updates!!!
Chapter 25: joonie my man keeping tabs on shu <3 jongdae is so cute but i couldnt deal with friend like him
Macire 1 points #9
Chapter 26: Say what?! Did not expect jongdae! So are we saying he's related or is it gonna be he also is a mate but like hid the bond between them cause he's been around her before the others so he can not feel as attached as the other 2
265 streak 1 points #10
Chapter 26: Omggg didnt expect it has to be Jongdae!!