Dear Lee Sungjong;... From Lee Howon

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Hoya dreams of meeting the person whom the name printed on his wrist belonged to. He dreads on seeing his soulmate with his own two eyes. The person whom is named as Lee Sungjong.


And he found him….


Only to learn that he is already dead….





Hello~ Annyeonghaeseyo~~ ^^

I'm new into INFINITE and got caught up with HoJong couple.. ^///^ I do listen to INFINITE before but only after listening to 'The Eye' I finally got caught up with them. And they are awesome! Fun dorks! xD

I'm taking a liking to Sungjong (he's so handsome and pretty that's so confusing) and can't help to ship the maknae with Hoya for some unknown reason. ^^'

First story about this couple~ I'm YG stans that write BIGBANG & iKON so far.

Still wondering if I'm already an INSPIRIT or not. O.O


Hopefully this entertains everyone! ^^





Thank you to Spotlight Posters for the poster and background image~ <3





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