100 years ago 5 kingdoms had gone to war teaming with another to destroy the other, now 100 years later they are prepared to forgive one another and sign a peace treaty. However there is now a new threat that plagues the kingdoms, Irene feels pushed aside as she does not have permission to help the kingdoms in their research. However meeting a stranger could change all of that, from becoming a princess that got everything she desired she journeys out of her home and in to the real world with the desire to keep all those she loves safe.


It's been a long time so I apologise for that however this idea sprouted to my mind and I wanted to share the fickles of my imagination with you all. Its not a one shot this time so it's going to be long but I have no idea how long. I should stop babbling now but I do hope you enjoy the story there'll be quite a few cameos from different stars so do stay tuned.

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Itsme27 #1
Chapter 12: O my god! I Love THIS!
Seulgistongue 30 streak #2
Chapter 12: Oh god ohgodhogod yEs
Hana_Aprilia #3
Chapter 12: Thanks for the update author-nim :) I love your story as much as I love Seulrene, and you put Yulsic in this story too :) I love you so much really ?
Chapter 12: Whoooo is gonna get down ,im anticipating for the next chap !!! Thanks for the update ,i loved it as always
Seulgistongue 30 streak #5
Chapter 11: Bruhhh they gon take down vesalis im getting super hyped !!!!
DaddyMcDaddy #6
Chapter 2: This story is super good.
Hana_Aprilia #7
Chapter 11: Seulrene and Yulsic? Yes! I live for this fanfic!
norevS #8
Chapter 10: who really is seulgi? woah! im so intrigue with her background. if joy is from high rank family it means with seulgi's power she even rank higher.
im so surprised you updated again. hihi. thank you so much!
rottenpanda #9
Chapter 10: Ohhhhh. I'm seriously intrigued with Seulgi and Joy's background at this point. They're related to the enemy but renounced their affliation with them. This is good, better than I expected actually since I'm a er for this trope. Thanks for the update!
Seulgistongue 30 streak #10
Chapter 9: Hahahaa friendzoned but not really ;)))
I love this story cant wait for the next update