Chapter 8

Bring It On!
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          “Jisoo!” Haneul shouted as she walked toward me. “Hey..” I said awkwardly back to her. “I heard about you and Taehyung. Congratulations!” She said as she smiled at me. “Thanks. I have to go now, see you at practice.” I said as I turned around. As I turned Taehyung was walking towards us. “Jisoo, are you going to watch Jungkook play tomorrow?” Haneul asked as I turned to face her again. “Jisoo ah, you’re going!?” Taehyung shouted as he pulled my arm. “Ummm…. Yeah I am. Catch you guys later.” I said as I walked away. “Jisoo!” Taehyung shouted as I walked away. “Don’t look back.” I quietly whispered.


           I walked into the soccer stadium where the boys should be preparing for the big game tomorrow. I looked around as Jungkook was not in sight. “Excuse me?” I asked this one guy on the bleachers. “By chance have you seen Jungkook?” I asked him as he pointed behind me. I turned around and saw Jungkook standing behind me. “Why are you here.” Jungkook asked as he looked at me. “You can go back to YG University.” He said as he looked away. “I already asked my dad to transfer you.” He said as he turned around. “Why!” I shouted as I walked in front of him. “If you stay here you’ll never go to the game. But if you go back to YG, you’ll be there, just like how we first met.” Jungkook said as he walked onto the field. “Don’t come here tomorrow, you’re no longer a student here!” Jungkook shouted as he left onto the field. As I left the soccer stadium I quickly went to the bus stop hoping to catch a bus to YG University.


         As I arrived at YG University everything was just the same. “Lisa!” I shouted as I entered the YG Soccer stadium. “OMG! UNNIE!” Lisa and Jennie shouted as they ran towards me. “Yah! Why did you suddenly leave?” Jennie asked as she glared at me. “Long story, we can catch up about that later.” I said as I looked around  for Hanbin. “Hanbin’s not here.” Lisa said as she grabbed my hand. “I’m not looking for him.” I said as I looked back at L

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Chapter 9: Can't wait Hehe <3 I love it!
Chapter 9: make more of jisoo and jungkook fanfic pleaseeee!!!
PrincessChichu #3
Chapter 9: Awesome authornim please make another fanfic of Jisoo please thank you
princessswan #4
Chapter 9: I love Kookie &Tae so I was pretty torn by who to root for.. but I liked it :). Jisoo is so pretty! <3
... I liked the idea of the story at first, but i felt like it went a little too fast in the beginning. Like she just got into his car?? I dunno. It seemed a little unnatural for me. Sorry to unsubscribe.
PrincessChichu #6
Chapter 8: Please update again because I really like Jungkook and Jisoo ending up together. I'm hooked.
Chapter 8: At last, an update!~ But I want more! PLEASE!
PrincessChichu #8
Chapter 7: Please update soon. I like the Jungkook and Jisoo ship. I hope they end up together and Taehyung, Jungkook and Jisoo all are best friends.
Chapter 7: at last! AN UPDATE! Thanks!
And OMFG! Jisoo and Taehyung? Seriously? Oh no! I don't know who to ship Jichu with! I love both Taehyung and Jungkook for her..
kharnt #10
Chapter 7: Noo:( i want jisoo and taehyung together