Chapter 7

Bring It On!
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             As I walked into the gym ready for practice, I spotted Taehyung sitting on the bleachers. “Please don’t look this way.” I quietly whispered as I entered. “Let me introduce myself!” I turned around and saw Jungkook walking into the gym. “I’m Jisoo’s boyfriend.” Jungkook said as he put his arm over my shoulders. “What are you doing!” I shouted as I pushed him away. Taehyung walked towards us as Haneul turned to look at what was going on. “Why do you keep bothering her?” Taehyung asked as he pushed Jungkook away. “What’s wrong? I can’t even touch my own girlfriend?” Jungkook asked as he looked at me and wink. “Ew.” I said as I turned to look at Taehyung. “Jisoo, you’re dating?” Haneul asked as she walked over. “Yeah, tell us.” Taehyung said as he glanced at Jungkook. “Ah~ I forgot. I confessed yesterday during your game.” Jungkook said as he looked back at Taehyung. “No, we’re not dating.” I said as I walked off. “Shouldn’t you guys be practicing?” I said as I turned around to look at them.


          “Jisoo, wanna hangout after practice?” Haneul asked as we packed our bags. “Sure.” I said as I smiled back at her. As we got ready to leave Taehyung caught up and asked to join us.  “Why not?” Haneul answered as she shyly smiled. “Actually, i’m not sure if I can go. I should really start writing my essays.” I said as I looked at Haneul, signaling it’s her chance. “You guys go without me, okay?” I said as I smiled at them. “When did Jisoo start doing homework?” Jungkook asked as he walked in. “Why are you always here?” I asked as he walked toward us. “What is this? A double date?” Jungkook said as he held my hand. “I’m hungry, so let’s eat first.” Jungkook said as held my hand and dragged me to his car.


           “What are you doing?” I asked as I got into his car. “Heading out, obviously.” Jungkook said as he looked at me. “How did your confession go?” Jungkook asked as we drove off. “I didn’t tell him.” I answered as I looked away. “Why not? You sound pretty sincere yesterday.” Jungkook said as he threw his sweater at me. “Why are you wearing so short? Weren’t you telling me it’s winter.” Jungkook said as he sweetly glared at me. “It’s cute, and beauty hurts.” I replied as I used his sweater to cover my leg.


          As we all arrived, Taehyung sat across from me. “Get whatever you want, it’s my treat.” Jungkook said as he put his arm over my shoulders. I quickly shoved his arm away from me, as I glared at him. We sat in silence as Jungkook and Taehyung stared intensely at each other. “Let’s go.” Taehyung said as he got up. I looked at him as he got up, wondering what was going on. He then grabbed Haneul’s hand, “It’s better to have a date alone right?” He said as he pulled Haneul out of the restaurant. “I can leave too, right?” I asked Jungkook as I got up. “Why are you going to ask me if, you’re going to leave before getting a answer.” Jungkook said as he got up. “Let’s go on a date too.” Jungkook said as he grabbed my hand. “Where would you like to go Princess?” He asked as he smiled at me. “Gross.” I said as I pushed him. “You know, you can’t play the pull and push game forever.” Jungkook said as he laughed. “Just come to me already.” He said as he pulled me out into his car.


          “Where are we going?” I asked as I buckled up. “Somewhere.” He answered as we drove off. “You’re really annoying.” I said back to him “And, you like that don’t you?” He replied as he laughed. I glared at him as I turned away. “Did you wish I was Taehyung?” Jungkook asked as he looked at me. “Of course.” I replied as I smiled at him. “Every girl would wish it was Taehyung.” I said back to him as I pulled out my phone. I looked at the screen reading the text Seokjin sent me. “Where are you? Dad wants to meet up for dinner wi

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Chapter 9: Awesome authornim please make another fanfic of Jisoo please thank you
princessswan #4
Chapter 9: I love Kookie &Tae so I was pretty torn by who to root for.. but I liked it :). Jisoo is so pretty! <3
... I liked the idea of the story at first, but i felt like it went a little too fast in the beginning. Like she just got into his car?? I dunno. It seemed a little unnatural for me. Sorry to unsubscribe.
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Chapter 8: Please update again because I really like Jungkook and Jisoo ending up together. I'm hooked.
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Chapter 7: Please update soon. I like the Jungkook and Jisoo ship. I hope they end up together and Taehyung, Jungkook and Jisoo all are best friends.
Chapter 7: at last! AN UPDATE! Thanks!
And OMFG! Jisoo and Taehyung? Seriously? Oh no! I don't know who to ship Jichu with! I love both Taehyung and Jungkook for her..
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