Chapter 6

Bring It On!
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           “Jungkook and I, were really close friends. We were just like brothers.” Taehyung said as he looked away. “Do you think Jungkook plays soccer because he likes it?” He asked me. “Of course, he’s great at it too.” I replied back to him, as he smiled. “He was actually part of the basketball team in high school.” Taehyung said, “Surprising huh?” He asked. “Not really… It’s normal to like more than one sport.” I replied back to him. “It was after the college entrance exam, Jungkook’s dad promised to grant us spots in the BH basketball team. That year we were also heading to state.” Taehyung said as he looked at me. “Of course, that means that there is huge hatred to the other schools who we were competing with.” Taehyung said as the waiter brought us our food. I glanced at him as I noticed his stress through his eyes.


           “You should already know Jungkook’s temper.” Taehyung said as he put some rice into my bowl. I stared at Taehyung as I tried to imagine their high school life. “Next??” I asked him. “He got into a fight with the other school and injured his arm.” Taehyung said as he laughed. “Makes sense why he’ll play soccer.” I said as I laughed with him. “So exactly why did you guys stop hanging out?”  I asked as it killed the mood. “His dad sent him overseas for a year, and that’s where we stopped contacting each other.” He said as he looked down. “When he came back, we were already too different, so we just decided to not get involve with each other.” Taehyung said as he looked at me. “You know, when you look at someone and you just hate them already?” Taehyung asked. “Definitely.” I replied as I laughed. “That’s what happened.” Taehyung said as he laughed. “Let’s eat before the food gets cold.” Taehyung said as he put some food onto my plate.




          As I arrived home, it was already pretty late. I walked in as my dad and Seokjin were sitting the living room. “Where’d you go all day?” Seokjin asked as he walked over toward me. “Hungry?” My dad asked as he got up. “No, I already ate.” I said as I awkwardly stared at them. “Jisoo-ah.” My dad said as he held my hand. “Appa is going to marry Minyoung.” My dad said as he tightly held my hand. “Why?” I asked as I pushed him away. “Because he wants to.” Seokjin said as he put his hand over my shoulder. “You’re happy right?” Seokjin asked me. “Am I supposed to be?” I replied back as I pushed him. “Jisoo, don’t be angry at me.” My dad said as he looked at me. “Why should I be?” I replied as I looked at him. “It’s your choice anyways.” I said as I walked into my room.


           “Dad came to pick you up at school.” Seokjin said as he walked into my room. “But, you weren’t there.” He said as he sat on my bed. “I got a ride from my friend.” I said as I looked away. “I heard Minyoung has a kid who goes to BH University.” Seokjin said as he looked at me. “Any guesses?” He asked. “No, I don’t even know anyone there.” I replied back to him. “Same, that’s why I’m asking you.” Seokjin said as he laughed. “Get out, you’re so annoying.” I said as I pushed him out of my room. I laid down on my bed as I stared at the calendar. I should probably get some rest, so I can get up early to watch Taehyung’s game tomorrow.


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