Chapter 5

Bring It On!
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          “Taehyung!” I shouted as I ran towards him and his motorbike. “Something wrong?” He asked as he put his hand on my head. “I’m coming to you game tonight.” I said as I smiled back at him. “Should I feel special?” He asked as he laughed. “Of course you should!” I said as I slightly hit his arm. “Since you’re coming, you’re going to cheer the loudest right?” He asked as he put his arm over my shoulders. “Just for you.” I said as I smiled and pushed him away. “You. Do you like me?” He asked as chuckled. “Of course not!” I said back to him. “We’re just friends.” I said as I turned away. “Yeah, friends.” He said as he also looked away. “Let’s head to practice.” He said as he started walking. “Guess when’s my first basketball cheer!” I shouted as I chased after him. “I don’t want to know.” He said as he glanced at me. “Why? By chance, do you like me?” I asked back smiling brightly at him. “Of course not, we’re just friends right”? He said back mockingly. “Definitely!” I shouted back at him. “Walk faster, before we’re both late.” He said as he pulled my arm.


          As we walked into the gym Jungkook was sitting on the bleachers, and all the other basketball players and cheerleaders were just staring at him. “Oppa!” Haneul shouted as she walked toward us. “He’s here looking for you guys.” She said as she looked at Jungkook. “Not both of them. Just Jisoo.” Jungkook said as he got up. “Don’t wait for her, she won’t be coming back today.” Jungkook said as he grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the gym. “Yah! Jeon Jungkook!” Taehyung shouted as Jungkook dragged me out. “Jisoo! Be careful!” Haneul shouted as she moved closer to Taehyung.


          “Get in.” Jungkook said as he opened the car door for me. “Sorry, I have to attend class.” I said as I turned around. “I said get in the car.” Jungkook said as he calmly pushed me into the car. “How can you just push a girl into your car!” I shouted at him. “How unmanly! No wonder why nobody wants you! Can’t you just leave me alone?!” I shouted as Jungkook also got in the car. “Where are we going?” I asked again. “Why do you talk so much?” He asked as he reached over to put on my seatbelt. “Yah~ I got myself.” I said as I pushed him and put on my seatbelt.


           We arrived at the beach after a hour drive, which game my legs cramp. “Why are we here?” I asked as I glanced at him. “You’re here just because I wanted company.” Jungkook said as he opened the door. “You’re not coming out?” He asked as he poked his head into the car. “No! It’s cold outside.” I said as I turned away. “Stop being such a baby.” Jungkook said as he closed the door and opened my door. “Here, wear this.” He said as he gave me his jacket. “I’ll just wait in the car.” I said as I closed the door. He then walked toward the beach as I watched him walk along the frozen shore. “I should be watching Taehyung play basketball right now.” I signed as I pulled out my phone.

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... I liked the idea of the story at first, but i felt like it went a little too fast in the beginning. Like she just got into his car?? I dunno. It seemed a little unnatural for me. Sorry to unsubscribe.
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