Chapter 3

Bring It On!
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          “What are you doing here?” Professor Lee asked as I walked in. “Attending class. I’m not late today.” I said as I smiled and sat down. “Jisoo, didn’t you transfer to BH University?” Professor Lee asked. “What!” I shouted out of shock. I quickly grabbed my bag leaving to BH University. “Jeon Jungkook you’re so dead when I get there!” I shouted as I ran.


           As I arrived at the school Jungkook was waiting at the gates. “Wow! Kim Jisoo.” Jungkook said as he walked over towards me. “Yah! What did you do!” I shouted at him. “Miss Kim. Keep it down, it’s still early.” Jungkook said as he chuckled. “Let’s grab breakfast in the cafeteria.” Jungkook said as he dragged me to the school cafeteria. I sat across from Jungkook watching him eat his food. “You said your dad is the administrator right?” I asked. “Yup.” Jungkook replied as he stuffed with some rice. I quickly got up running around the school trying to look for the administrator’s office. “Where are you going!” Jungkook shouted as I ran off.


          “Look who we have here.” I turned around as Taehyung was sitting in the office. “It’s you!” I said as I smiled at him. “It’s Taehyung. Not “You”” Taehyung said as he laughed. “Anyways what are you doing here?” Taehyung asked. “Looking for the administrator’s office. Can you help me?” I asked him. “Yeah, it’s just down that hall.” Taehyung said as he pointed down the hall. “Thank you!” I shouted as I quickly rushed over to the administrator's office.


            I knocked on the door as he invited me in. “Hi, I’m Kim Jisoo.” I said as I walked in. “I heard about you.” He said as he pointed to the chair. I sat in the chair hoping to clear up things. “I hope you’re having a great start at BH University.” He said as he drinked his coffee. “Well, actually. I never transferred here, I’m not sure why-” Before I finished he cut me off. “Jungkook said you were dying to come to BH University and said he just wanted to help you.” Administrator Jeon said to me. “It’s a misunderstanding.” I said as I smiled politely at him. “I’m going to transfer back to YG University.” I said to him. “Why? You don’t like it here?” He asked. “I never wanted to come here in the first place.” I said back to him. “Too bad, I won’t let you.” Jungkook said as he walked in. “We’ll get going now.” Jungkook said as he pulled me off the chair and dragged me out.


           “You are crazy!” I shouted at Jungkook as I pushed him away. “Wanna skip class?” Jungkook asked. “Stop talking to me.” I said to Jungkook as I walked away. “I’ll give you a tour.” Jungkook said as he put his arm on my shoulder. “Here’s your schedule.” Jungkook handed me a piece of paper as he pulled it out from his pocket. I stopped and opened the paper looking at the classes I was transferred into. “Hey look, we have the same classes.” Jungkook said as he pulled out another piece of paper. “You know, students should not even be transferring schools in the middle of the semester!” I shouted at Jungkook as I threw the paper at him.


          “Let’s head to practice.” Jungkook said as he smiled at me. I glanced over at Jungkook looking disgusted. “Don’t worry, my dad already signed you up and everything.” Jungkook said as we headed towards the BH Sports Complex. “Basketball uses the small gym, and soccer uses half of the main gym. The cheerleaders use the other half.” Jungkook said as we got closer to the gyms. “I’ll get to see you everyday.” Jungkook said as he smiled. “I’ll take you to practice first.” Jungkook said as he dragged me into the gy

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... I liked the idea of the story at first, but i felt like it went a little too fast in the beginning. Like she just got into his car?? I dunno. It seemed a little unnatural for me. Sorry to unsubscribe.
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