Chapter 2

Bring It On!
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          As we arrived at my house I quickly got out and closed the door. “Jisoo!” Jungkook shouted as he rolled down the window. “See you around.” He said as he winked and drove off. I felt disgusted through his wink and quickly went inside.


          “Who dropped you off?” Seokjin asked me as I walked in. “No one.” I replied as I entered my room. “Appa! Jisoo has a boyfriend!” Seokjin shouted as he ran into my dad’s room. My dad quickly ran out and came into my room. “Jisoo you’re dating?!” My dad asked me as Seokjin followed him in. “Appa, I saw it with my own eyes. He was driving a really nice car and Jisoo came out of it.” Seokjin said out loud sounding proud and crossed his arms. “Appa, I am not dating him! Seokjin oppa didn’t come so he asked if I needed a ride, that’s all.” I replied as I pushed Seokjin. “Stop being so shy.” My dad said as he started laughing. “Let’s celebrate!” My dad shouted as he dragged me and Seokjin out of the house.


         “What’s his name? Age? Parents? Job? School?” My dad asked as we waited for the waiter to bring us our food. “I. Kim Jisoo. Do. Not. Have. A. Boyfriend.” I said as I smiled at my dad. “Stop acting. I caught you already.” Seokjin said as he laughed. “Oppa!” I shouted as I kicked him. “It’s okay if you’re still shy about it.” My dad said as he laughed with Seokjin.


         After we ate we walked him listening to my dad tell his stories. “When your mom and I started dating, she was so shy she couldn’t even tell her parents.” My dad said as he smiled. “Who knew that, that quiet girl in the back of the class would be my wife.” He said as he chuckled. “Appa, does Jisoo look like mom?” Seokjin asked as he put his arm around me. “Exactly the same.” My dad said as you can see through his eyes how much he misses her. “Appa, let’s go visit mom sometimes.” I said as I hugged my dad.


         As I laid down on my bed trying to sleep I received a text from Hanbin. “Are you sleeping?” He asked. “I’m still awake.” I replied as I smiled at my phone. “Just want to let you know game tomorrow same time at BH. See you.” He sent. I screenshotted his text and sent it to the other cheer girls. Some part of me wished he was still texting me. I need to stop dreaming! Not every girl can date Hanbin. I should just sleep.


         As we arrived at BH University, the BH soccer boys were arriving one by one. “Jisoo!” Jungkook shouted as he ran towards me. I continued walking showing him no interest. “If I win today, you should grant me a wish.” Jungkook said as he put his arm over my shoulder. The other girls looked at me and started squealing. “I think you got the wrong person. I don’t know you.” I said as I pushed him away and walked faster. He quickly walked faster catching up to me and pulled my arm. “Let’s bet. Hanbin or me.” Jungkook said as Hanbin was walking towards us. “Hanbin, duh!” I said as I glared at Jungkook. “If BH beats YG, transfer here.” Jungkook said as he put his hand on my waist. “Stop! Are you crazy?” I shouted as I pushed him away. Just then Hanbin came over to me pulling me away from Jungkook. “Don’t touch my people.” Hanbin said as he pushed Jungkook away. “You wanna start this don’t you.” Jungkook said as he pushed Hanbin back. “I’ll show you how it’s played.” Jungkook said as he pulled my arm and left.


         “Yah! This is the boys locker room!” I shouted as I tried to make Jungkook lose his arm grip on me. “Why? You think I’m going to do something to you?” Jungkook asked as he pushed me against the locker. “I wouldn’t want to.” He said as he let go and opened the locker next to me. I stared at him as he opened his locker. “Are you going to watch me change?” He asked as he smiled. “No!” I shouted at him. “I just want you to remember that you better not lay a hand on Hanbin.” I said as I turned around. “What if I do?” Jungkook asked. “You don’t know what I’m capable of.” I said as I turned around and faced Jungkook. “We’re going to beat you guys. Don’t put your hopes up high.” I said as I smiled at him. “Sure, I’ll let YG go to state if you transfer to BH.” Jungkook said as he walked towards me. “Or I will just crush Hanbin on the field.” He said as he put his hand on my shoulder. “See you on the field.” Jungkook said as he patted my shoulder and left.


         I got to the field as the girls were getting ready to do our first routine. “Where’d you go?” Jennie asked as she handed me some water. “Restroom.” I said as I unpacked my stuff really quick. We started out first routine as the boys were warming up. We then sat on the bench as the boys got into position. Suddenly Jungkook started running towards me. “I’ll crush your lover’s dreams right in front of you.” Jungkook said as he went back into his position smiling.


         As the game started you can see Jungkook guarding Hanbin wherever he went. We continued wat

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