Youth, Your Spring


Lee Ara, a 15 years old High School students who is always a target of bullying, moved to Masan after her parents divorced. An introvert and a target of bully finally becomes more outgoing thanks to the cold-hearted guy named Lee Jooheon. To her, friend and family are everything, so does her love for her Middle School's homeroom teacher. However, a roller-coaster took a ride on her feelings. 

Lee Jooheon, a Sophomore of High School who used all his saving to run away from his family to live in Masan at a restaurant named Danbi. His encounter with Lee Ara changed his life. A famous and handsome deliquent took on things he never tried before. A one-sided love and an accidental one, a feeling he probably never know of.

Youth, Your Spring is not a story of now.

Dear readers,

I cannot write, English is never my first language. My writing can never be perfect as grammar is not my bestfriend. Sometimes, I cannot even understand what I've written,  so imagination is what I always use. 

I changed the description so it can explain more of what the heck Youth, Your Spring is about. I think after a certain chapter called Bad Memory, you will kinda understand why I called this Youth, Your Spring. 

I don't mind criticisms, I accept all comments and I do read all comments (I spy with my little eyes!). However, I am also human so let's keep it at human's criticisms level. 

This may not be the real personality of Jooheon because this is obviously a fanfiction, so please keep it to your heart, how Jooheon may reacts in some situation. My writing is one thing but your imagination is another, in the meaning it can makes my writing more lively.

Happy reading and I really really hope you like it.

Editing the new chapter, I still have a lot to say about MONSTA X BEAUTIFUL! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 180 VIEWS!!!
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