Egg Rolls & Summer Heat


Jongdae secretly stays in Kyungsoo’s apartment.


Title: Egg Rolls & Summer Heat

Description: Jongdae secretly stays in Kyungsoo’s apartment.

Pairing(s): Chen/Sehun, mentioned Chanyeol/D.O

Length: one-shot, 8.1k

Rating: PG-13

Genre(s): romance, attempt at comedy

Theme(s): summer

Warning(s): blackmailing, Chen is in college and Sehun is in high school (both characters are over 18)

Disclaimer: I do not own exo, but I do own the story. No re-uploading or translating without my permission.

A/N: hiya everyone!! this is my fic for valentine's day!! im really into chen/sehun ships lately and i thought why not write a chenhun fic? i really adore this pairing!!
this fic is loosely based on something that happened to my sister, except without the romance part haha. its really just a silly fic with bad writing but i hope it will be enjoyable nonetheless!!

a big thank you to saharah who is my lovely beta! <3

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the fic is done but i will upload it on valentine's day :D!!
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