5 stars you meet in high school

Note : In the top girl clique, other than Larissa, Yuri, sulli, krystal and yoona are in f(x)/soshi, so I'll name the clique girls(x)

shoutout to the awesomest shawol : Larissa ^^

[Saki POV]

" Good morning Saki!" Taemin said as he pulled a bright yellow sportscar infront of me.

Hmph. What a daddy's boy. Such a striking car! Somehow. i liked it. I knew I was crushing on Taemin, but was I really falling for him? Love is such a big word. I didn't know. I'm never sure. i just know whenever he smiles, I feel a leap of joy. 

Taemin, you mean the world to me, you know?

" hello Taemin! You're early!" I mused as I stared at my watch," its 7:55am only!" 

Taemin snorted and chuckled.

" Well hoho. Look who's talking . Someone is here earlier is'nt she? Well I could'nt be late to you. " Taemin blushed. His cheeks were rosy and red, It took hardwork not to jump onto him and kiss his cheek. I opened the door and sat into his car. It had a nice, fresh scent. His car was clean, neat and tidy, just like his house. I liked neat and organized boys. 

The ride to school was not silent and boring. It was filled with chatter, laughter and excitement. Well, at least it wasn't what I imagined it to be. After all,we started talking only in that math lesson.

As we reached the schoolgates, I heard a girl scream.

" Oh my god! its Lee Taemin and.... there's a girl in his car." A girl shrieked, running into the school to spread the message.

Taemin rolled his eyes.

" Do you... like experience this everyday? " I frowned. I'm doing pretty well in SooMan high, I don't want to be the outcast anytime soon.

Taemin sighed and smiled apologetically. 

" I'm sorry but yeah. I hope you can still come to school with me though" He said, with a sad look in his eyes.

I wanted to lean forward and his cheek, but then 5 tall, and strikingly gorgeous girls walked over. One of them shrieked.

" What is this little fairy doing here in your car Taeminnie?" One of the girls said. I recongized her, clique lead Girls(x)'s leader. 

And Taemin's ex girlfrend, Sulli.

I got a shock and gasped. I looked at Taemin panicking. Taemin felt alarmed. He unbuckled the seatbelt and got out of the car. 

" Well Hello there Sulli. You're looking pretty today. But i don't think who is in my car has got to do with you." Taemin said with mock politeness.

Sulli rolled her eyes. 

" Besides, we've broken up? And wheres that Brandon dude I heard you were dating.?" Taemin smirked

Sulli snapped.

"Yah Lee Taemin! If you want to get close to this little . Whatever. Besides," Sulli whispered into Taemin's ear.

" I broke up with Brandon, there was no one close to as you, Taeminnie." She hissed, then laughed.

Sulli turned around, two other girls gave me a look and scrambled to follow Sulli.

One fo the two girls, whom I reconigzed, Yoona stuck out her tongue at me. Yoona was dubed as SooMan's high rose and Kim Jonghyun the flower boy. No way was I missing her out.

Another two girls came over. They were tall and lanky. And honestly, much prettier than the three girls.

" Hi. Don't worry about Sulli, YoonA and krystal. They're like that. I'm Larissa by the way." Larissa smiled. What was a nice girl doing with those three btiches?

I took a closer look at her face.

" You look familiar..."  I chorused.

Larissa threw back her head and laughed, her perfect long streaks of hair reflected from the sun.

" Is it that obvious? Im onew's twin sister. Krystal is Jessica's twin by the way." Larissa explained.

I was wide eyed. Jessica and Krystal were sisters? Well one was a and the other is'nt. No wonder there was a strange hint of resemblance.

" Well hello Yuri and Larissa Noona, looking good today!" Taemin smiled.

" Keep your compliments to yourself!" Yuri teased back. 

" Hello there, I believe you're Saki. Minho told me about you and Taemin . I'm his girlfriend!" Yuri waved and eye-smiled me.

What was two nice girls doing in a circle of es.

Solve that, einstein.

I looked at Taemin. He blushed. I guess someone has been talking about me recently.

" Well we gotta go Saki. See ya around, or Krystal will scratch the eyes of me" Yuri said, suddenly shaking.

Oh right. Yuri was love rivals with Jessica, Krystal's sister yes?

Explains the dirty look whenever I see krystal talking to Yuri.

" See you around then! Thanks anyways!" I said cheerfully.

The two girls turned around and walked off. 

" Well, I guess i'll be seeing you around soon too!" Taemin said as he opened the door for Saki.

" Would you like me to walk you to class?" Taemin said, shy.

" Of course!" I blurted.

We walked into the school, into the large crowd of students.


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