Now I know

5 stars you meet in high school

[Taemin POV]

Did I really just hug her? I...I could'nt help it.

Anyway I bounced back from the hug in shock. My cheeks flushed. I stared at Saki for a moment. We were both wide eyed and shocked. There was a rosy red tint on her face. was curved into an 'O'. And she was just standing there, my hands still on her shoulders from the hug.

Though we stared at each other for about...3 seconds? It kind of seemed like forever. Saki suddenly shook her body, causing my hands to fall off the perfect curves of her shoulder. 

" Oh my god. Uh... hi... uh hehe." Saki tried to composed herself, scratching her head a little. At this super cute moment, I wanted to embrace her once again, difference is, i managed to control.

" Oh... uh sorry to make you stand here, do come in!" I beckoned her in. My parents bought this apartment for me, so im the only one living here.

It is'nt the most glamorous of apartments, like the one Sulli lives in, last time i went over. But I reckon it was pretty simple and neat.

" Oh uh.. thank you!" Saki stepped in carefully. 

I just noticed her bright yellow hoodie and brown skinnies. Gosh, girls in hoodies and skinnies are just so beautiful. Yellow and brown, reminds me of a sunflower. I loved sunflowers. 

Guess what, I should just admit the damn fact that I like Saki. 

And I will make her mine.

[A few hours later]

I had a good time with Saki. She was very sweet and helpful. I really could feel... the strong and overpowering feelings I once had for Sulli coming back, but not to Sulli, to Saki. As she stepped out of the door, I called out to her.

" Saki!" I called out. I did'nt want to actually, but my voice and throat didn't listen. I guess... I didn't want her to leave at all.

She turned around and smiled sweetly. " Yes?"

I fumbled for a moment to think of something to say.

Oh yes! I got it!

" Goodbye Saki. Goodnight and sweet dreams. Do you want me to pick you up to school tomorrow? " I gave her my best smile.

Oh Saki, Please say yes.

" Okay! Sure!" Saki said, her face lighting up.

" Then I'll meet you outside your block's main lobby at 8am? " I offered.

Saki smiled and nodded, then she turned around and walked away.

I saw the silhouette of her back growing smaller and smaller, I didn't want her to leave at all. 

"Saki!" I called out again.

Saki turned around and laughed.

" What now?" She smirked, teasing me.

" Goodbye." I said, my tone mixed with sadness, I waved to her.

Saki made a small heart with her hands. 

" Taemin Oppa, you're like a brother to me. Saranghae! Goodnight!" Saki said and skipped off.

What? Im a brother to her? That needs to change. I love her more than a sisterly and brotherly way. Now I know, I do know. 

It explains why I can't take my eyes off her. I love her.

[Saki POV]

Aish! Did I just tell Taemin he's like a brother to me? I just ruined my chances ! 



Thats all for this chapter. I'll try to update real soon! Or maybe in a few hours time. I'll see how.

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