The day I met you

5 stars you meet in high school


Flashback~ The day I met Lee Taemin personally. I would never forget it. In my life, he was such a prominent and impactful figure. This day, the setting , whatever. I will bring this memory all the way with me, even 18 feet underneath.

"OhmysoshifiedTaeny! Its SHINee and... and its Onew!" Stephanie let out a soft cry of excitement. Onew pulled out a seat behind Stephanie. He turned around and waved at her, giving her a sweet smile. I could swear the insides of Stephanie was melting. I was surprised and shocked. However, more surprised to what was happening around me.

Oh god. That was Lee Taemin right there. He was sitting beside me. He was smiling at me. 

Stephanie kicked my chair. She whispered softly to me " Oh hoho, someone struck the jackpot. Well, if by today I don't get Onew's number i'm not Stephanie hwang!" Stephanie sat back at her seat. I laughed. Stephanie is one hell of a joker. I wanted to picture what little tricks Stephanie had, however my mind itself was too focused with the flower boy sitting right beside me. My heart beat faster. His strong presence made me jittery. 

" Hello. I've seen you on the first day of school . I'm Lee Taemin! What's your name? " Taemin spoke with a brilliant shine in his eyes. I swallowed hard and acted natural. I'm pretty good at being natural.

" Hello there. I'm Saki. Pleased to meet you! I'm a freshman at class 1S! " I replied with a warm tone. I had to make a good impression on Taemin. It was kind of like my life depended on it. Taemin nodded his head, thought for a moment, then he smiled widely suddenly.

" Hey 1S? Im at 1F! We'll be having Physical fitness, mass lecture, music and science lab studies together! That's great!" Taemin had a smile plastered on his face. And I got a shock.

" Wait, you're freshman too? I thought you were senior or something. School celebrity on the first day of school already? Sweet." I joked, then I poked his tummy.

That very tiny and small surface area of my finger poked his toned abs. For a moment, I never wanted to wash that particular area for life. 

" Well, I was at the affiliated elementary school. So SHINee was already had a rather big name for itself already at that time." Taemin blushed. 

" Oh really -?" I wanted to say something, but was cut off my the clik-clak sounds of the high heels.

" Hmm... only 7 students today. I'll be doing Ratio today." Ms choi, the glam teacher in her mid 30s spoke sweetly.

Pfft, she just wanted to be nice to SHINee.  I rolled my eyes.

" Well in ration... piak piak piak~ " A paper ball was thrown onto my today. I glanced at Taemin, he was burying his head in his textbook.

I unrolled the paper. 

" Hell Saki! Wanna text me at 69-8493-6789? I'm staying in Seoul Central area. By Any chance do you live nearby? - Taeminnie "

Taeminnie. What a cute name. If it was'nt for the teacher I'd pounce on to Taemin and pinch his cheek. Wait. I got Lee Taemin's number. I turned aroud sneakily to eye Stephanie and Onew. They were happily whispering to each other. I smiled. Looks like they were doing good too. Stephanie saw he looking and mouthed 

stephanie : whats up?

I mouthed back.

" I got Lee Taemin's number and he asked me if I lived near him. Beat that."

, why am I hearing my own voice? Guess I said it out loud. Happy New Year to me.

" Ms Saki. I don't see how Lee Taemin has got to do with your Ratio. " Ms Choi snapped. Her face was mixed with annoyance and ... jealousy! 

Beat that 'cher! I rolled my eyes. 

Taemin giggled. The brown haired boy with dyed blonde bangs  shouted " Live with it Ms choi, you are'nt her type! " 

" Whatever Jonghyun." Ms Choi snapped. Oh, so that was Jonghyun.

Ms choi grew red and turned around, going back to the math question.

I grew beet red. Oh no, what did I just do? This is terribly embarrassing! I suddenly thought and clasped my hands to my cheeks, compressing it.

Oh god -facepalm-

[Taemin POV]

Oh my god this girl was so cute. When I saw her on the first day of school, she kind of caught my attention. She was obviously different from the all so glam girls in the school.

I've seen the y girls, pretty girls, dolly girls, cute girls. This one was different. She was a sweet and simple girl. Her difference and simplicity outshined the rest of the perfect girls. In fact, her dorkiness is rather cute. She was different, and I liked that type of difference.

They see Soo Man High is a perfect school with perfection , beauty within every single individual. I choose to differ. The word "perfection" in this context is what they presume as perfect. Some girls think what they like and love is always the right thing to do, she's perfect. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder.

I would'nt say Im in love with Saki. Perhaps its my growing hormones or a slight attraction, I tend to notice and wanna stay near her more. She is a nice girl. I can imagine being great friends with her! 

" Taemin just gave me his number! And he asked me if I stayed near him! " I heard Saki's voice ring. 

I turned around, Saki just said it abit too loud. 

Ms choi heard it and she does'nt like it. Damn it. Why are the teachers all my fans? I get the noonas, the hyungs get the chicks. What kind of world is this?

Correction, i mostly get the noonas. However a very sweet girl is infront of me. This is great.

I glanced up to see how she's doing after the embarrassment with Ms choi.

She was beet red. Then, she face palmed herself. LOL. I wanted to laugh. The way she face palmed herself is so very very cute.

I leaned in the whisper " Not so loud!" Then I poked her side.

She wriggled a little. She then smacked my hand.

Just like that, for the rest of math class, we spent our time kicking each other.



-Beepbeeep- My phone rang.

From : Lee Taemin

Oh my god is that you in Sapphire building? I live it Sunflower building, right across your block! 

I gasped and looked outside the window. Lee Taemin lived on the same floor, at the block opposite me. Oh my god Im so pysched. I gave him a little wave and did the "okay" sign.

I typed.

" To: Lee Taemin

Yep, you're right. Its so cool that we're like neighbours! "  I texted back.

I guess what is meant to happen will happen. Lee Taemin will come into my life and there is no way I can stop it.

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