Reporting you

5 stars you meet in high school

" Lets go to the teacher." Onew said. The other three nodded, following the oldest among all of them.


"You were looking for me?" Ms Lee, the Discipline mistress stepped out.

The four of them took turns to explain everyhing to Ms Lee. Ms lee widened her eyes, this is a bigy accusation!

" Mr Onew, thats a very big accusation you have there." Ms lee said.

" I swear its the truth." Saki said.

" I know you all are all good girls and boys in class, but without concrete evidence I cannot punish her severely." Onew's face fell. " You dont believe us!" Taemin wailed. " Lee Taemin, I do believe you but I need to believe that Ms Choi would not do such an immoral act."

The four gave up, as they turned around, Taemin muttered 'damn hoe'. Ms Lee Stopped and yelled at the four. "Where are your manners? You all will go to detention!" Saki's face fell, Stephanie rolled her eyes and Onew sulked.

" Yes..." the four chanted.

Amber stood at a distance, she heard it all. I'm sorry Sulli, Amber thought.

She cannot let Sulli wrong any more.

Amber walked up to Ms lee. "Ms Lee!! do yo remember me?? " Ms Lee smiled at Amber. " Obviously? i always remember my dear ex students." " Whar I want to say is, the four of them were right. Sulli did drug them, and she made me give her the aphrodiasic my grandma bought for my dad. They were drugged." Amber said quietly.

" I thought you loved Sulli more than anyone, she is like your blood sister."

" precisely why i'm doing this..." amber said, tearing.

Ms Lee nodded, confirming the fact that she would be taking action. she gave Amber a hug, and told her to cheerup.

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