Explaining things

5 stars you meet in high school

Taemin ran after me.

" Saki!" He called out.

i ignred him. My legs were tired and jelly, he was almost catching up.

im tired, I tell you, I'm tired.

" Listen to me!" Taemin said, grabbing my arm and pulling me into a hug.

i pushed him away.

" Get away from me you cheat." I screamed, crying with tears streaming down my face.

" Believe me saki... Me and Steph was drugged." Taemin said desperately.

I paused. Drugged? Unless, they were given...

" There was aphrodiasic in our sweet. I got a text from a stranger, saying your phone battery died and you wanted to meet me, but it was stephanie. She got a similar text from supposedly Onew. Its a trap.." Taemin said softly.


i bit my lip. Did i trust him? I looked at his face. Perfect and flawless. Sweet and charming, and someone i loved dearly.

Yes i trusted him. 

"I believe you." I told him.

taemin smiled that goofy grin. He hasnt smiled like this in awhile.

" Lets talk to Onew." I said, soothing A distressed Taemin.

taemin's face turned pale.

"should I? So soon?"

" Onew would never be angry at you. You are his best friend!" I shouted.

taemin nodded, and we went to look for the other two

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