Evil, evil, evil

5 stars you meet in high school

Sulli had this senior, she graduated and No matter what an evil piece of trash Sulli was, she always listened to This senior, Amber without fail. Amber and Onew's noona, Larissa was the best of friends. 

" Amber Unnie!" Sulli said, as she visited Amber's dorm in her current college.

" Hello there, sweetie!" Amber said, giving Sulli a hug.

Sulli grinned, " I've got stuff to tell you,"

Sulli told Amber everything about Saki and Stephanie. Amber felt differently, Sulli needs to stop, they world really does not belong to her....Amber felt unsure whether she should help sulli or not. It was dangerous, it was very mean. But Sulli is her dearest dongsaeng.

" Amber Unnie, please give me the pack of pills!" Sulli said, her eyes begged Amber's. Amber gulped, should she condone the act of her dongsaeng?

" Fine..." Amber said reluctantly.

" Don't go too overboard..." Amber said, but she knew it was futile, of course the pills were used to do something wrong!

Amber subtly got up, and opened her drawer. She took out a thick english dictionary and flipped it to a certain page, revealing a packet of red pills.

Amber put the packet of pills into Sulli's palm. 

" Be careful, Sulli." Amber said, Sulli nodded, and thanked amber profusely.

Sulli left, now that she got the aphrodiasic, shes going to put it into good, "good" use...

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