Without Jessica

5 stars you meet in high school

Without Jessica, the group has lacked the soft, and shrill laughter, she icy and cool attitude, and her unique point of view.

Stephanie blamed herself for it all, and she didn't talk to Minho for quite sometime. Stephanie felt quite unsure, insecure and uncomfortable. Minho silently understood it, he felt awkward for a very long time, Yuri was simply speechless, why oh why was she in love with the most handsome and one of the most appealing boys in school, it was so difficult and tough. But at this time, Minho felt guilty, Stephanie avoided him, if she avoided Minho too, who would be there to support him?

Krystal left with her sister, with a note Krystal forgave Steph to open, only until after she graduated. Stephanie was burning with curiosity, but the thing she can only do to make up her guilt, was to follow krystal's instructions.

Sulli spilled with venom, she hated Stephanie more than Saki now. Although Saki won Taemin's heart. at least Taemin was through with me. Because of Stephanie, Krystal, her best has left without a trace. She was more determined to destroy stephanie and Saki now. 

Sulli sat on the table quietly and scanned the room, what if..............she screws Taemin, Onew, Stephanie and Saki's friendship? That plot would be interesting. Sulli sat quietly, and began planning

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