5 stars you meet in high school

" Hyung... help me, I can't stop thinking about her....." Minho groaned to Onew.

Onew sighed, Minho is now hung up on two women, his girlfriend, Stephanie and Yuri. Was he supposed to say, oh its alright! Dump Yuri and Take Stephanie away from me!

Obviously not. Yet Minho was a dear friend. Onew was not the least bit offended, but he was confused.

" I think you should tell her... " Onew muttered

" Tell who?"

" Yuri."

Minhjo gulped. He was afraid of losing Yuri too. Minho paused for awhile, Onew was right/. He shouldn't lie to Yuri.

" Yeah I should tell her...but what if this drama gets big?" Minho asked, worried.

" Better than lying to her," Onew said comfortingly. " Besides, who knows, she might help you with it!" Onew laughed teasingly. Minho felt his face flushed red, and excused himself.


Stepahnie barged into the room and pulled Saki, Yeon, Jessica and Hyo out.

" Hey, hey. What gives? Saki screeched, as Stephanie pulled her new blouse not so lightly.

Stephanie may be thin, but she had alot of strength from working out. Grabbing two girl's wrist with one hand each, she dragged the four to a seculded corner of the room.

" Yo girl, chill a little!" Yeon said

" Is something wrong?" The soft jessica spoke.

" I think theres something wrong with Minho lately. He has been giving me weird looks, and that day when you guys were out, he suddenly ran into the bathroom, and his face was literally, red." Stepahnie said, hesitating abit.

" And you're suggesting....?" Hyo said, skeptical.

" Well, I'm hell aware that Minho is dating Yuri, and their relationship is strong, but he has been blushing around me, and being so shy and awkward!"

" You're suggesting...he has something for you?" Saki said, shocked.

" Well, I dont know honestly. But I needed someone to talk to. I obviously can't tell Onew! Who else to bear up heart to?" Stepahnie said, sticking her tongue out at Saki.

" You know... I heard something from Jonghyun and Key before... I heard that Minho used to have this ex-girlfriend called ' tiffany" She looks really like you,  she loves playing sports, cooks, and she has a heart of gold. Minho loved her so much. But that day..... she left for her studies...and Minho had heard she was involved in a car accident. Minho cried like no tomorrow. He was devastated, even he is dating Yuri now, there is still a void in his heart left by her..."

Stephanie listened to the story, and her face went pale.

" Are you okay?" Saki asked, holding Stephanie's shoulders. It was cold, Saki was taken aback.

" Yeah, I'm, fine....." Stephanie said.

" Minho must have been reminded of Tiffany through you...and thats why he likes...."

Hyo was interrupted by this shrieking sobbing sound, they spun around, and saw jessica crying as she ran away.

The other girls stood dumbfounded right there.


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