just got real

5 stars you meet in high school

" Stephy!" minho called out.

" Yes?" 

" i'm hungry. The others won't be back soon." Minho groaned.

" Didn't onew tell you? I'm the ultimate chef!" Stephanie said, laughing.

Minho felt his heart nearly jumped out of his mouth, He just told onew that he might fall for her if Stephie cooks well, and what the heck did she just tell him? Minho felt his heart beating unnaturally fast, suddenly every part of Stephanie became Alot MORE beautiful.

Stephanie began her work. Tying the pink apron around her slim waist, she started work on her magic. Minho observed her discreetly. Beautiful, he thought. Simply beautiful. The smile on the face caused minho to smile too.

WHAT THE HECK AM I THINKING OF? Minho thought. I'M ATTACHED! He screamed in his mind.

" Are you okay?" Stephanie asked, extremely clueless.

minho felt his face heat up, " ugh no, this cannot be happening!" He thought, before rushing off to the toilet.

" I'm fine!!!" Minho shouted as he ran off.

Stephanie was shocked and clueless, standing there in her pink frilly apron and the plate of pasta in her hands.

Minho was in the toilet, splashing cold water onto his handsome face.

" Wake up...WAKE UP!" Minho hollered.

In his mind was only the beautiful and cheery Stephanie, who was exactly like his ex,  Tiffany, who he fell hardest for, and she left because she had to study in a university at California. His mind was only flooded with the short moments he and Tiffany hung out together with the lot.

" What am i doing?" Minho said, as he gently slapped his face

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