A toast to...what?Part 2 - I'm going offensive

5 stars you meet in high school


Sulli that . That freaking . That Ugly . 

Well, Sulli that .

My heart breaks as I see Taemin, telling himself while freaking out and screaming occasionally

" I'm not the best dancer...?"

That . What does she even want? A Happy Taemin? Or a Sad one?

" Saki.. you know? I've been dancing since I was 5. Suddenly....suddenly theres this hyung that pops out of nowhere and I really have to admit... he's he's good." Taemin said, sobbing. His silver tears ran down his rosy cheeks. Those cheeks radiated so beautifully when he was smiling.

However, he was no where near a smile now.

" There there... whatever you'll do Taemin, you're always number one to me, and the rest of the gang. You're our Taemin, my Taemin. I love you not because of your dancing. But for what you really are, and thats what matters most." I tried to smile while I brushed off a tear off his handsome face. His smile was so rare now... so precious to me.

I pulled Taemin into a deep embrace. The warmth of his body made me feel all sweet and fuzzy inside. I d his hair, running my fingers through his soft locks.

Sulli you mean little , I'm not usually the mean type of girl, however at this rate, Im going to go offensive.

And I won't be friendly.

I broke away from the hug.

" Give me a smile?" I said teasingly, with a pout.

Taemin brightened up. His eyesmile was to die for. I gave him a quick peck on his lips. He smiled even more.

I held his hand," lets go home with everyone shall we? The night is still young!" I said, cuddling up to his chest.

He pinched my nose. 

" Sorry to interrupt you two lovebirds...." Onew said, feeling awkward. 

" Hahaha, hyung, you're like a ninja! What's up!" Taemin said, still wrapping his arm around my neck. 

" Well...Stephanie suggested we play go back to the dorm for some supperfiesta! Its like supper and we're gonna whip up a feast."

" That's a great idea!" I said beaming.

Taemin smiled and got excited.

I stared at him, appreciating the moment of his smile.

Sulli. Its war.


A/N: Sorry for the short updates! School seriously. Loads of tests coming up. Arghhhhh! T.T

I'll try to update soon. Perhaps doing some SHINee oneshots for Valentines day special!

I'm a ontae shipper muahaha.

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