That Math Class

5 stars you meet in high school

[Saki POV]

" Stephanie! Shall we go for Math class? " I ran over to her. Its been a week at school, and Im perfectly happy here. My heart still flutters whenever I see Lee Taemin. I mean, its plain normal for me to get butterflies over seeing such a cute boy. The silhouette of his back still remains deeply rootes in my mind. The first time he smiled and winked at me on the first day of school can still set my heart a flutter.

By Now I've pretty much gotten my own circle of friends. Me and Stephanie are forever the best girlfriends. We have three other rockin' hot girlfriends. 

Jessica, Yeon and Hyo. Perhaps this all perfect school was just perfect for me.

" Aye Saki. Give me a minute, I've got to grab my textbook or Ms.Choi will scream hell out of me again, hehe. " Stephanie chuckled. 

" There is it.... lets go !" Stephanie linked my arms and walked to the class.

On the fresh, white walls of the school, Taemin's face caught my eye.

" ONEW!!!! " Stephanie screamed. 

Eh. I thought I saw Taemin? I turned to look. It was all five of them. The catch is, it was on a poster.

"Monthly School concert by SHINee is held on the 4th of december, the grand auditorium. It starts at 8pm, be there! SHINee is back with the latest hit, superhero!" Its the 30th of November today. Im soooo not missing this school concert.

Besides, Taemin looked incredibly hot.

" Thats it girlfriend. Im preparing to do a full-scale war with the fangals on the 4th . I will get a picture with Onew. " Stephanie declared. I laughed. Stephanie is a real joker at times. ( just like tiffany eh? ) 

I just gave her a sweet smile.

I wanted to see Taemin. I wanted to see his smile again.

As we strode into Math class, the number of students deterioated... again.
Until the extent that me and Stephanie were the only ones there. Its just voluntary supplementary lessons for combined levels but... this school was perfect without the essence of diligence. 

The bell rang, and footsteps was heard.

" Annyong ! " Five sweet voices chorused. I shot up upon hearing the familar voice mixed between the sweet melody of voices.

Taemin was there, smiling at me. His warm glance. 

It was going to be the best math lesson yet.

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