Jonghyun, it was you

5 stars you meet in high school

random #shineefact of the chapter " When Key is drunk, he goes to Jonghyun's room , only wearing his accessories and socks, to sing and dance.".

From now, il be doing 1-2 random #shineefacts that has got to do with the chapter hehe ^^

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[Yeon POV]

Thats it. Im kind of sick of this, you know? I won't say Saki and Stephanie is ugly, but why am I in the shadows of the two? Stephanie is glam and Saki is sweet, but I look into the mirror, and I can pretty confidently say 

" Hey, you're looking very good too.".

It seems like only I'm bothered about this. Jessica is only dreaming about her grand crush Choi Minho. Hyo is active in her student leader club. I have to admit, Saki, Steph and the rest of the gang were just awesome, they were nice, loyal and fun to be with. 

But I wanted more. I wanted to be known, reconigzed and seen. I wanted popularity.

Most importantly, I wanted Kim JongHyun.

Kim Jonghyun, the senior with thin, full lips, sparkling eyes and faux blonde hair. His humour, his charm and smart alec type of wit. 

Was SHINee really too difficult for me? Saki did it, blind people can tell Steph and onew was into each other.

So why not me?

At the smoothie cafe, I was sipping my drink slowly, I slowly looked up occassionally to see the god-like face of Jonghyun. 

Stephanie and Onew was giving each other flirtatious eyes. Taemin had a arm around Saki's shoulders, occassionally nuzzing her cheek.

And Jonghyun, he didn't give a about me.

" Hi I'm Hyoyeon, also known as Hyo. Im in charge of the student council. I'm a big fan of SHINee and Key." Hyo said cheerfully, sticking out her hand. Key  smiled and slowly stretched out his hand to shake it. I looked up. Jonghyun had a look of disgust in his eyes. Was I wrong? 

" Hello Jonghyun! I'm your big fan!" I smiled chirpily. 

Jonghyun had a blank expression on his face and nodded solemnly.

" Thank you." Was all he could mutter, and he looked away.

I felt like I got hit in the face. Why is Jonghyun so cold to me.... or was he like this to all girls?

Hyoyeon squeezed my hand and gave me a firm comfort.

I went back to the smoothie.

Hyoyeon continued talking to Key about a interview she wanted to give him. Stephanie and Onew was busy flirting, Saki and Taemin was sharing drinks and doing selcas, Jessica just nibbled her straw and stared at Minho and Yuri.

I was alone and bored.

[ The next day]

The five girls joined the five boys again for meals. As usual, we got evil stares and this and that. Its become the norm now. 

Jonghyun gave me a sad look. I wanted to give him the same look too. I'm sad too.

When Jonghyun and Key left the table, I was pretty much appetite-less. 

I excused myself.

Why does he have to treat me like this? Am I that undesirable? Am I really meant to be a shadow? 

Then I saw Jongkey infront of me, behaving suspiciously, out of curiosity and god knows why, I followed.

I followed them to the corner of the secluded PE store.

Why were they here.

I peeked from the corner and I collapsed onto the floor crying.

For Jonghyun has crashed his face, lips smashing onto key's.

They broke off and stared at me.

" Oh ." Jonghyun face palmed.

I shook my head. Is this happening? I don't believe this! Why? Why am I always the one who gets the setbacks? 

My tears flew freely from my eyes. My heart broke into a million pieces. 

And then, my sadness, heartbroken self, turned to hate.

It was buring inside me, and it sure lasted.

" Jonghyun.... it was you that caused me to be in this state." My words were dripping with poison as I pointed my finger at his face. Key was terrified, his hand clutching his mouth. Jonghyun was just shocked.

I gave a glare to key. 

" You will regret this. I'm going to tell." I screeched, as fresh tears burst out.

I turned around and ran, mending my heart and wiping my tears at the same time.

I hated him, I hated saki, I hated everyone.

" Yeon! Ya! TAEYEON!" Kim jonghyun screamed my name as i ran away.

The once voice that sent me to cloud 9 now made me boil with hurt.

I strolled into the canteen leisurely, composing myself and announced.

" Hello everyone. Jonghyun and Key are gay, I caught them making out at the Old PE store." There was an evil smirk on my face.

I saw Girl(x)'s Yoona, Krystal and Sulli had a evil grin on their face.

Onew dropped his glass, Taemin couldn't walk, Hyo, Jessica was screaming in shock.

So what? They did this to me. 

Yoona, Krystal and Sulli walked up to me.

" I have an announcement to make too everybody. From now onwards, Yeon is a elite member of Girls(x) ." The three most popular girls smiled. I have new friends, much better, more powerful.

Sulli turned around to witness Taemin's lucifer glare. And she didn't care.

I saw the look of hurt and disappointment on my old friend's faces. I wavered no longer.

I got what I wanted.

Jonghyun, it was all because of you.


Little explaination : Well apparently. Yeon , is the a pretty girl who's kind nature became... bad? Well she always wanted to be in the spotlight. But he deprived family background, lack of wealth, quiet and sweet nature does'nt really help. Now with the hurt of love, she realises, good hearts dont get good returns.

So yep ^^


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