I don't want Lee Taemin dating you...got it?

5 stars you meet in high school
[Sulli POV]

Gosh that .

What right does she have to date Lee Taemin. What right does she have?

She is not that pretty, not that rich, not that attractive. On what basis Lee Taemin goes to her? On the par of wealth, looks, charm, what is she? A fly in the vast sky or an ant on the dirty floor.

I'm not dumb. They're still "friends". Yeah right. As if that excuse works anymore.

Its the 21st century already.

I know the look in Taemin's eyes. I have seen that look in his eyes when we were dating, and now I see it on her.

But far far more intense.

And Is Taemin a dumb person? I'm the most popular girl, and he's the most popular boy, even among SHINee.

+ Kingka doesn't equal to Kingdom?

This school could be ours, ours to rule.

Yet he chose to fall for that dork.

The balled up frustration in me finally exploded, I threw my arms up in frustration, it hit Yoona. She gave of a yelp

" Hey, whats with the pissed off face, it gives you wrinkles, you know?" Yoona said with mock concern.

" Really?" I said. I lifted my mirror to my face to check for any signs of aging.

Larissa put an arm on

" Chill. Saki is pretty okay... she's quite a nice girl and since you and Taemin broke...." Before Larissa could finish, I screeched.

" LEE TAEMIN WAS MINE ALL THE ALONG. SAVE YOUR SORRY WISHES TO YOURSELF." I felt a pang of guilt to Larissa. She was trying to help after all.

She looked at me blankly, obviously hurt. Yuri put an arm on her shoulder to comfort her.

I've always felt guilty to Yuri and Larissa. They tolerated the three of our rage and fury. Me, Yoona and krystal was different from Larissa and Yuri. We were more of the dominating kinds, but they were the nicer types. Just because one was Onew's twin, the other Yuri's girlfriend, had they been associated with us.

Everyone associate us together, and dubs us as SooMan high's Girls(x) . Peer pressure. Never healthy. Speaking of unhealthiness. I just saw Saki eating a packet of chips across the hallway.

I was furious. I mean, dude if wants Taemin, can't she take care of her appearance and all properly? What a disgrace. The anger in me was boiling once more.

I stomped towards her, with Krystal and Yoona following behind. Yuri and Larissa just stood there, trying to comprehend what is about to happen, wide eyed.

Saki just stared at me, with one hand holding a chip, halfway to .


I slapped the packet of chips away from her hands.

She just stared at me in shock. My hair was messed up, I was frustrated. Oh my god, what has gotten into me.

" Listen up, dork face, I don't want you dating Lee Taemin. Got it?" I screamed.

I heard gasps from the entire student body.

" Ya! Sulli! What are you doing?!" Taemin bellowed, running towards me and Saki. By now, Saki was crying, tears streaming off her face.

" We...We're not dating." She softly muttered.

Taemin saw Saki cry and ran towards her instead. Onew was following behind.

grabbed Larissa's hand.

" Noona, what happened?" Onew asked , concerned.

" Onew ah... I do-don't know. She suddenly exploded and and.... Oh Onew..." Larissa buried her head into her brothers chest, unable to take anymore drama.

hugged his sister, comforting her.

, key and Minho strolled in.

" Aw man. Thanks a lot. I bet no more pizza today!" Key screeched. Jonghyun put an arm around Key, saying in a flirtatious sytle

" I thought you were on diet." Key smacked jonghyun's nose with a slight chuckle.

Minho rolled his eyes and went to Yuri.

He whispered " What happened?"

Yuri put a arm around Minho's waist and whispered back " Sulli's rage."

[Key POV]

Oh my god, taemin is blinded in love again.

Frankly Im on team Sulli, she has what it takes to match up with Taemin.

Saki has no faults, except that she wasn't perfect, like us.

And thanks to her, no pizza again.

Im the only one on team Sulli though, joy.

[Sulli POV]

Taemin grabbed my arm and flung we aside, only going to Saki.

I gasped. What is this? What is the meaning of this?

Shocked, baffled, what else?

Taemin put an arm around Saki, those warm, brown eyes turned to protective, angry brown eyes.

And those eyes glared at me.

His once soft, cheerful voice now stern and fierce.

" You Stay away from Saki. " he pointed his index finger into my face.

I was horrified. So deeply in love already?

I laughed , I just laughed.

" Why are you so nice to a... dork? I made a disgusted face.

Taemin looked like he wanted to hit her, for a moment I was scared.

" You know what? Because I love her. And She's my girlfriend. Touch her and you're dead Sulli. Dead. " Taemin glared strongly into her eyes.

He helped Saki put and held her hand, pulling her to outside of the canteen.

I just stood there, holding back tears.

I wasn't going to cry and embarrass myself.

Yuri and Larissa came forward and said ,

" Im disappointed in you."

[ Taemin POV]

I really needed the encouragement to confess to Saki. However I never imagined I'd have to tell her I loved her, like this.

We were outside the canteen, in the field. I hugged Saki tightly, hoping to comfort her.

Stephanie and three other girls ran out to find Saki.

I put a finger to my lips and gestured them to leave us alone.

Stephanie gave me a wink and went out.

" Hyo, Yeon and Jessica, let these two have some quality time, hehe." Stephanie commanded and lead the three other girls out.

Now I knew why Hyung liked Stephanie, she was pretty unique and sassy.

Whatever, I still like Saki much much more.

As I hugged her, I ran my fingers down her soft hair. She clutched the fabric on my shoulders as she let down the stream of tears.

" There there... Don't cry " I soothed as I pat her head. Finally she controlled her sobs.

" Taemin... did...did you mean what you said?" She asked, her voice shaky.

I smiled at her.

" Of course, I do love you." I said as I d her cheek.

" Let me protect you yes?" I teased, back hugging her.

Saki's tear streaked face finally showed her sunny smile again. She nodded.

I beamed up, I grabbed her hand and ran across the canteen. " We ran across the crowd hand in hand, and me shouting " SAKI IS MY GIRLFRIEND NOW... WOOOSH~~"

It sent gasps to the entire student body.

Stephanie, hyo, yeon and Jessica was cheering and clapping for me. Sulli just stood there, shocked.

[ Onew POV]

Im happy at last, Taemin found the one right for him. And now its my turn.

Eh? Why is key frowning? I really needed to talk to him. Everyone now is clapping for the two, except those three es. And yes, I don't like them.

Even Jonghyun and Minho is clapping.

Looks like only the three es of Girls(x) and that key is upset.'

Anyway, I saw Stephanie smile. I smiled too.

I'm happy when she is.

Speaking of which, its my turn to get the girl.

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