To Choi Siwon

5 stars you meet in high school

Dear Siwon of Suju,

When I was writing the previous chapter, I got a notification from twitter. I found out your grandma died. I'm so sorry T.T 

Be strong Siwon and stay healthy! Deepest condolonces to all of you and your family. Elf was stay forever with you guys no matter what ^^

Be strong SiWon !


I really hope he's okay. Im still a forever SHINee biased, a mini elf and sone but, I do feel the hurt he feels. I hope Siwon is'nt too upset about it.

Elfs, lets wish him all the best and pray for him!

Wait till the next update! Toodles~

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Angel_Kiss #1
hehe update soon^^
LalaLim #3
Haha . Yeah .. You tortures .
LalaLim #4
Ahh !!! Waitig for the next chapter!!!!
Xiaodaiixx #6
Who is Yeon ? Taeyeon ??
LalaLim #7
LOL ! Haha . Thanks thanks ! :>
Thank you. muahaha ^^
LalaLim #9
COOL ! I'm waiting for the next chapter !! Fighting! :>