Because I loved her

5 stars you meet in high school

[ Saki POV]

I saw the burning anger in Sulli's eyes. For a moment, I wanted to cry and run away from Taemin's car. We walked on the hallway together. There were many types of faces I recieved. Happy ones, Admiring ones, envious ones, jealous ones, confused ones, depressed ones. Want me to list them all? I don't think you want me to list them all, don't you?

It was the same school, the same boy beside me, clutching his books tightly to his chest. However it all seemed so different. There was silence and awkwardness beside us. I mustered up the courage and asked finally.

" Why did you break up with Sulli?"

Taemin thought for a moment and bit his lower lip. At that time, Lee Taemin looked like a y little angel. It almost made me shudder.

" She... cheated on me. " Taemin replied.

I grew wide eyed. At my old school cheaters = losers. But Sulli is till the queenka is'nt she?

" Well apparently, she told everyone she was , I did'nt care about her and its all my fault. For a moment, I was really heartbroken... well in tis school, good looks is your ticket to popularity. " Taemin stopped in his tracks, gave me a sad smileand turned to walk away.

I was stunned. Then I realised. Oh Im at my class. But I didn't want him to go so soon.

" Taemin.... but why? Why did you let her lie like this?" I asked, somewhat heartbroken myself upon seeing his near-crying face.

He looked at me long and hard, then he whispered.

" Because I loved her."


[ Taemin POV]

I was reminded of the past again and I don't like it one single bit. At that time, Sulli, she was my everything, my love and heart. 

And thats what she did to me. I let her pass the, because I liked her. 

But now I've moved on. Goodbye Sulli.

[Hours later]


[ Taemin POV]

I walked out of class. Ohmygawd. That. was. super. boring. 

I saw Onew hyung waiting for me outside my class. He gave me a smile. Onew is the best hyung and best friend I've ever had. Among SHINee, he is the hyung Im closet with.

" Hey there my maknae. Why the down face? " Onew hyung said as he pat me on the shoulder.

" Nothing. Sulli came to make trouble for me and Saki again."  Taemin said rolling his eyes.

" Ah. I've never liked Sulli. Such a ." Then Onew stopped walking and turned to face Taemin.

" Are you in love with Saki then?"

Taemin nodded.

" Well I thought her best friend was pretty cute. Lets say im also in luuurve too~" Onew said dreamily, so dreamily he walked into a locker.

" YAHHH! " Onew screeched, clutching his nose.

Taemin laughed. His hyung, clumsy. So funny.

" Anyway~ My noona, the gang and yuri is having pizza. I'm here to fetch ya. Shall we go?" Onew said, still complaining from the bruise on his cheekbone.

Taemin nodded.


This is the end of the chapter ^^

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