We Live Together!

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SBS's new variety program, We Live Together, is reported to have cast BTS and Black Pink as its series regular! The filming, which will take place in one dorm, has only six bedrooms. Lee PD, the main producer of the new variety show claims, "We want to challenge the two idol groups to find a way to live harmoniously amidst their busy schedules with the even more interesting aspect of living with the opposite gender. BTS and Black Pink were specifically chosen due to their immensely rising popularity. We hope you will look over them positively and anticipate an adventure."

Filming is scheduled to begin April 10th, 2017. How do ARMYs and BLINKs feel about this? I, for one, will be tuning in weekly!


Disclaimer: This is an original story written by InTheBLINKofAnEye. Any similarities are purely coincidental. This is only for entertainment purposes, so please do not take any of this story as factual.

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*This is a VARIETY SHOW! Lots of activities that involve every member will happen, so it's hard to single out a couple sometimes, but I try.

*For mature content, go to “We Live Together! Deleted Scenes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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*If you’re here just for fun and games I suggest skipping to season two (chapter 36) where there’s no more angst. All about friendship and games!

I wrote this story before I properly got to know the members of BTS and Black Pink so it's bad in terms of representing some characters like Rose and Jungkook so I'd suggest skipping over to season 2 lolol

ANNOUNCEMENT: Unfortunately I’m going back on hiatus. After writing this last chapter (2.02) I’ve realized I’ve lost passion. I will practice, read and write so I can return with better content. Sorry to disappoint you all...
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