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THE NEXT DAY. Start of the 2 weeks before the wedding.

13 days left.

You woke up and wore simple yet decent clothes Myungsoo’s parents asked you if you could just go to school next week since you just transferred. You went to the kitchen and saw Myungsoo’s parents having a peaceful dinner. They saw you.

“Eunjae! Good thing you’re awake, could you please wake up Myungsoo?” Your mom smiled. [A/N: I’ll just use Mom than Myungsoo’s Mom so I won’t have to type that long.]

“nae” you bowed and left.

It’s your first time entering Myungsoo’s room, *I wonder what it looks like* you lightly knocked on the door and peeked in. to your amazement Myungsoo’s room was huge, it was two times larger than the one you have right now. You saw gigantic photo frames of his, he looks so charming and charismatic, some of the photo frames is him with infinite. You smiled when you saw Myungsoo with his family. Then you turned in his bed. Myungsoo was deeply asleep he is lying on his stomach. You sat on the edge of his bed and gazed at him, he looks damn fine. He has fair skin and his lips are slightly pink. You smiled looking at his sleeping figure. *I can’t believe I’m starting to like you, Kim Myungsoo* you realized that you have to wake him up but two picture frames on his bedside table caught your attention. The first frame was you and him when the press asked for a cute pose; you shook your head imagining how silly you two looked like, the second one completely wiped the smile on your face, it was Myungsoo doing the same pose he did on the press-con while a girl is kissing his cheek, it was the first time you noticed that Myungsoo has a dimple on his right cheek, It only means that his smile is not fake, but you haven’t seen that kind of smile means that his smile when he is with you is just a total fake. A pang of pain washed over you.

*aish what am I thinking, It’s all fake* sighing you shook Myungsoo. Being the deep sleeper he is. He didn’t budge. You sighed, you don’t want to act mad at him but remembering the picture makes your blood boil, you admit you’re extremely jealous.

“MYUNGSOO! WAKE UP!!!” you are losing your patience.

He faced the other side of the bed. “yah!!! Myungsoo! Please wake up!! Wake up!!” you shook him.

“aish!! What the hell is your problem woman! I’m trying to sleep here! Get out of my room! NOW!” he shouted at you. His eyes scared you like hell and those are the exact words that scared the hell out of you. It’s the first time seeing him like this. And it reminds you of your uncle. You were in the brink of tears but before you let them fall you hurriedly went for the door and went out, you slammed the door and headed to your room, and cried. You are so scared remembering that memory.


“Stop it! Uncle! I won’t enter your room without your permission anymore!” you cried another whip of pain shot through your system. Yes, you were getting whipped by your uncle using his belt. Because you tried to wake him up, because you need some money to buy something, your parents aren’t there they were on work, they left you money but your uncle get them all. He became mad at you and for waking him up and worst part of it, the whipping became louder and painful, until it reached the point you’re your blood is dripping from the floor and you almost can’t walk. Your parents saw your situation and you and your parents moved out far away from your uncle’s presence. Years passed and the three of you learned to live happily, until your 18th birthday came , and your parents suggested to have a celebration out of town and the incident happen you can’t talk for days, you cried for days, and you were the only one who survived in your family, you have went back to the house and burnt all the memories that will remind you of the bitter past, except your mom and dad’s picture. That is when you decided to call your home, the abandoned house; you were an orphan, abandoned the only thing they left you is your inheritance which is now almost gone. You tried to live all by yourself a loner, and abandoned until you met your bestfriend Chan Seul she gave you strength and you learned to move on. Her family became your second family; they helped you through your ups and downs that is why you really love them.


Those were the words he uttered the same words Myungsoo said earlier. With that you decided to become distant and afraid of him.

When you’re sure you’re not about to cry. You decided to went downstairs and meet his parents.

“where’s Myungsoo dear?”

“he’s awake Mom” you mumbled.

“are you okay? Did something go wrong?” you shook your head.

Then Myungsoo came downstairs he is glaring and keeps bragging on stuff, seeing him makes you nervous and scared especially those eyes.

“what’s with the attitude son?” his dad asked.

“why don’t you ask her then?” Myungsoo coldly replied.

“I’m going now. Mom, Dad.” You bowed and immediately went out so they can’t call you.

You arrived at your old school, and looked for Chanseul. L didn’t know you went here you just want to have the last sight of your school before you transfer. You earned glares from the students and to your luck you saw the queenkas you tried your best to avoid them but they are the one who approached you.

“Well, look who’s here? The girl who poisoned L oppa’s mind” her group cackled.

“I don’t want any ruckus Taehee” you tried leaving.

“not so fast. I’m not going to let you go.. Not until we do this” she clawed your arms. You can see deep scratches.*crap. Myungsoo will kill me for sure when he sees this, this will be over soon* you thought.

Scratch after scratch they finally let you go. You looked at your scratches and they were all bad. Some of them are bleeding. You sighed. Then someone called you.

“Eunjae!!” that voice. You turned around and with that  you saw your long time crush.

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