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The bullet hit the spot above your shoulder. In a blur of seconds gunshots are heard and this time your uncle was on the floor and so as the other men of his. You widened your eyes when you saw Myungsoo hissing in pain the bullet from your uncle slightly touched Myungsoo’s shoulder in attempt to fire his gun but he fell down when the other infinite shoot sleeping medicine with their guns to each of the men including your uncle.

Infinite piled in with cops and some co-workers of Hyunseung. They immediately put Hyunseung inside the ambulance, Sungjong, Sungyeol and Hoya untied you, Victoria and Jaejoong. You hurriedly run to Myungsoo. You’re still crying. You touched his bleeding shoulder. Your hands were shaking.

“don’t cry silly. It’s just a small wound. Come on everything is finish now” Myungsoo kissed your hand and pulled you up. His right hand clutching his wounded shoulder.

Jaejoong hugged Victoria, thankful that his cousin is safe; they also went to the ambulance to get treated.

You look around, you saw your uncle being dragged by the cops still asleep. Your head started to spin and your vision started to get woozy. The suddenly everything went black.

Myungsoo luckily catch you, he ignored the pain his right shoulder is giving and asked the nurse to hurry up and get you inside the ambulance they did as told. They treated Myungsoo on the way while he held your hand in worry, even though the nurse have already said him a thousand times that you’ll be fine. Still he’s not convinced the infinite followed the ambulance and again due to the adrenaline, Hoya, Sungjong and Sungyeol are trying their best not to puke.

The ambulance reached the hospital and they send you to the private room to have some rest. You’re still unconscious. Myungsoo and the other infinite members piled inside. Waiting for the doctor to finish his job on examining you.

“I’ll be back with the results boys. Please calm down. I can tell that she’s going to be perfectly fine” the doctor left and infinite bowed in respect.

They sighed in relief.

“how can you be so late Hyung! I was in the middle of life and death situation” Myungsoo muttered still holding your cold hand.

”we should be in time. But Sungyeol and Sungjong here argued on whom they are going to shoot. Sungjong got pissed and step on Sungyeol’s foot so Sungyeol screamed. I believe you heard that.” Sunggyu shook his head at the playing innocent choding.

“so that’s the scream I heard? Because of that scream I knew you guys are there so I aimed for the space above Eunjae shoulder, when that tard counted 5” Myungsoo looked at you. He was sorry for frightening you, he will never shoot the gun at you.

“Good thing Hyunseung left those bullets with sleeping pills inside the van.” Hoya said. The other heads snapped when they heard Hyunseung’s name.

“he’s fine, he’s in the room across this” Sunggyu informed.

“I think we all should get a rest. Myungsoo you should take some rest too.” Sunggyu tapped Myungsoo’s shoulder giving him a sign that everything will be alright.

“thanks guys” he thanked infinite and Woohyun gave him a noogie he chuckled and infinite left the room to get some rest.

“we’ll be picking you up tomorrow” Sunggyu announced. Myungsoo nodded. Sunggyu closed the door.

Myungsoo sighed seeing you still lying in the bed unconscious. He approached you and caressed your forehead. He planted a sweet kiss and decided to take some rest.


The next day, you flinched as you felt your head twist a little. You opened your eyes to see a white ceiling.

You look to your left to see Myungsoo sleeping with his head propped to his folder arms, you smiled knowing he stayed with you throughout the whole tragedy. You ran a few fingers on his smooth hair.


You close your eyes and took a deep breath, *this is a new life for me.*


The door flung open and a excited Dongwoo entered,

“you’re awake dongsaeng~!!!” he attacked you with a hug.

“oof! Oppa!” you whined sitting up.

The noise woke up Myungsoo, he looked around to see you smiling sweetly at him, his eyes widen. You chuckled at his cute expression.

“oh my. Thank god!” he hugged you and you hugged him back. He kissed your forehead.

“are you okay? Does anything hurt?” he looked all over your body.

“my head does hurt a little bit but I feel okay. Don’t worry” you pressed your cold palm to his warm cheek.

But then you remembered Jaejoong, Victoria and the guy who was beaten to pulp.

“where are jaejoong oppa and unnie? And the guy?”

“sshhh—“ Myungsoo cut you off by putting his finger to your lips.

“they’re perfectly fine. They got discharged yesterday”  you sighed in relief.

Your infinite oppas, gave you fruits and other things while wishing for you to get better.

Then the doctor yesterday came in holding the results. His face is unreadable.

“the results came out today. And I have a good news and a bad news” all of you gulped.

“Bad news is, she needs to rest for a week. She received a lot of fatigue and too much stress due to what happened. But she can be discharged today. Just let her eat a lot, especially when she craves for something and make sure she gets enough rest. Don’t let her work too much.” Infinite nodded and so as you.

“what’s the good news?” Myungsoo curiously asked.

The doctor smiled and shook Myungsoo hand.

“Congratulations she’s pregnant for 3 weeks” 








say your big 'thank you' to my bishfriend.. YannieHeart... I made a deal with her..

if she makes me a poster for my sequel I'll update the last chapter ^^

and she did.. thanks bish ^^ 

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