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Meanwhile in Busan…..

“MOTHERER!!!!!!!!!!” Myungsoo roared in fury and slammed his phone on the floor making his friends jump in his sudden outburst.

“We need to go back to Seoul in 3 hours” he said as he desperately stuffed the things inside his bag and throwing the bags to their owner.

“what?! What’s happening!?” Sunggyu asked.

“They found her” Myungsoo said with hard eyes making his friends go stiff.

“what? I thought Hyunseung was there?!” Dongwoo panicked.

“we don’t have time to answer those ing questions Hyung! We have to leave!” Myungsoo said and they stuffed themselves inside the van, Dongwoo stepped on the engine without even checking if the car’s door is closed. He keeps stopping on those street lights that made the leader pissed. *we’re in an emergency and this guy still follows this bull rules?!*

“Step on in Jang Dongwoo!!! Ignore those traffic lights!!!” Sunggyu pushed the honk button without even releasing it and Dongwoo, with closed eyes stepped on the engine. The van roared its engine and it zoomed on the road. The other members are shouting in fear. Dongwoo tried his best to avoid the car since Sunggyu is still pushing the honk button so the vehicles will step aside. Sungyeol tried his best to control himself from puking and it goes the same to Hoya and Sungjong, they can’t handle too much adrenaline.

In record time they reached Seoul.

Myungsoo entered the house together with your uncle’s men. Infinite didn’t show up, they left to do something.

When he entered the house , his eyes widen at the sight. Hyunseung bleeding, Jaejoong with a crestfallen face, Victoria and what pained his heart the most is, you. Crying, blood dripping from your lips. His wife, his wife that he never let any insect touch her is now bleeding. His fist curled showing his white knuckles. He spotted your uncle and if his glares can kill, your uncle might be lying in the floor life less. You look at Myungsoo with pleading eyes saying ‘save me. I’m so scared’ his mind is not running in its normal way. All he can see is blood and darkness. He wanted to kill someone; he wanted to kill your uncle so bad. He started to walk towards you but he stopped when your uncle pointed a gun to his head and his men pointed a gun to you,Victoria, Jaejoong and Hyunseung. He gulped down at the scene, it’s a tricky situation one wrong move and everything will go down the hole.

“now don’t be excited… L. I didn’t call you here for nothing” your uncle smirked.

“what do you want?“ Myungsoo asked through gritted teeth.

“easy, here you go..” he tapped Myungsoo’s shoulder and handed him an extra gun.

Myungsoo looked at him in disbelief. He smirked showing his yellow teeth.

Myungsoo’s anger increased.

“I heard you and your friend went to Busan to find out something, no need to search like I said, I’ll tell everything.” He sat on the couch all relaxed when everyone is tensed.

“it all started when that brat was born, My parents praised my brother which is his bastard father for having a daughter, my parents expected me to have a kid first because I got married first, but when my wife knew I can’t give her a kid she left me. And my parents hated me, they love children. They love my brother and his wife because they gave them a grandchild while I gave them nothing. My life became a living hell” he pointed at you in those last words. Myungsoo shouted in rage.

“it’s not her fault if your parents hated you!!! you!!!” he was silenced when a punch landed on his gut. You yelped when you see the pain strike his face. Victoria is already crying too. Jaejoong can’t believe what’s happening, their plan fail. Their plan all failed. They didn’t expect his dad will strike this early.

“and when you turned 18 was the day I got fed up, my parents paid for the expenses for your trip to Busan with your parents  just to celebrate your less birthday. You know what? I’m the reason why your grandparents are missing. I KILLED THEM. Even the cop’s can’t find where they are till now. I burned them at the back of my house. After years, I left and adopted Jaejoong. And I didn’t know he will let me down after the things I did for him” He smirked at Jaejoong. Your tears started to fall even more. Your heart constricted in pain knowing how evil and cruel your uncle is. The other people in the room can’t even imagine the cruelty and the evilness of your uncle. . you can sense his eyes are longing for something  and it also shows great pain. But he’s still a devil. For all you know.

“I grew alarmed when he doesn’t go home anymore, so I send one of my men to follow him. Turns out he’s having a truce with you and your friends. So I do it my way. I took his precious cousin to tell me where Eunjae lives” Victoria looked at you with sorry eyes.

“about the plane crash, the crews of the airlines are dumb enough to believe that I’m one of the maintenance. So I messed up with the plane’s engine. I still can’t believe you’re alive right now. And now, I came back. To kill you right now for sure in front of my eyes. But I’m not the one who’s going to kill you.” He walk near Myungsoo.

“do the honors for me. L. “ he whispered. Everyone’s eyes bulge out. He wants Myungsoo to kill you. And everyone knows that Myungsoo will just decide to kill himself than to kill you.

“I’ll count to 5 L. Pull the trigger or I’ll be the one who will kill her. I know you wouldn’t like it”

*Myungsoo just kill me so everything will stop* you plead through your eyes. Myungsoo glared at you.


Myungsoo took a deep breath and pointed the gun at you. You gulped with wide eyes.



“4…” he pointed the gun to Myungsoo.

“one wrong move Myungsoo and everyone in this room will die. “

Myungsoo’s gun shook in rage.

“5…” they heard a scream outside but decided to ignore it.

He pointed the gun at you, he looked at you with hard eyes his eyes are talking to you with an apologetic look with that Myungsoo pulled the trigger.







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