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You gasped as he pointed the gun closer to your forehead. *this is just like my dream* your lips started to quiver in fear. It’s true. It’s like your dream but the thing is it’s reality now.

“What do you want?” your voice trembling.

“me? Oh I just want you DEAD” he cackled evilly that send you to the brink of tears. 

You don’t understand anything, Why is he being like this, Why does he want to kill you.

“what did I do to you?” this time tears started to flow to your cheeks as he pushed the gun harder to your forehead that made you stumble on the sofa. He pointed the gun to you.

“you’ll know soon. But I don’t want to see you die with just me as the audience. I mean, where’s the fun in that?” he fished for his phone in his pocket, the gun still pointed in you he dialed a number, after a few rings he spoke.

“bring her” then he hung up. You tried to squirm but he glared at you.

“try doing something and your dead. You see, if my finger get itchy, it just one movement, the trigger will be pulled and BOOM!!!! Your brain explodes” he said and doing some motions of exploding.

Minutes later, other men came and you believe it’s one of his staff. They tied you to a chair and taped your mouth, while he contacts someone with your phone.

“hey Kim Myungsoo” you gasped and started to sob again.

“I know what you’re doing right there in Busan. There is no need for you to investigat the case about my Niece’s parents. Because I’m going to tell you every.thing. “he firmly said.

You can hear shouting on the other line.

“wow you have a bad mouth right there. Is that the way you talk to your wife’s uncle? Tsk.tsk.tsk.” he shook his head.

“I’m giving you 3 hours to get here Myungsoo, your own house. To witness something” your uncle hung up with a smirk. Your screams are muffled because of the tape. He approached you and smirked in front of your face.

“you know, I always hated noise. Especially when that noise came from a like you” he slapped you hard, the stinging pain flooded your cheek and you can feel your lips started to bleed because of the impact. You sobbed harder *Myungsoo where are you?*

The men threw a man who has been beat to pulp. *who is he* there were blood all over his body and your tears continuously flow. The man mumbled something.

“I’m sorry Eunjae. I can’t protect you. I did my best” which was Hyunseung. He was approached by your uncle’s men when he was rounding your house.

“let go of me!! I’ll kill you!!! I said I’m gonna kill you!!”  you heard outside then the door flung open. It was Jaejoong. Your eyes rounded when you two met eyes.

“Eunjae” Jaejoong said almost sighing.

“what did you do to her you devil!!” Jaejoong was about to punch your uncle’s face but his men stopped Jaejoong from doing do. *they know each other?!* you thought.

“Jaejoong, Is that the way you greet your Father?” your uncle gave emphasize to the last word making your eyes round once again. *Father?! My Uncle is Jaejoong’s father?!*

“I don’t have a father who’s evil as you! What did Eunjae did to you! You ing bastard!!!” he was silenced by a punch in the gut.

“after all I’ve done for you. This is what you’ll do for me?! Letting me down!” your uncle punched Jaejoong once more. The tape muffled your protests.

“Sir, they’re here” a man announced. Your uncle smirked.

“Now, Jaejoong. I don’t think you would disobey me again when I show you a present” he crookedly smile.

The door opened again and the men are carrying some, her hands are tied behind and her eyes where blindfolded and so as is taped.


“Victoria?” Jaejoong asked in disbelief.

Victoria is crying, and the men tied her to a chair next you and removed her blindfold. She look around and saw you. Both of you can see fears in each other’s eyes. The man removed Victoria tape.

“Jae, Jaejoong w-what’s Happening. Who-who are this g-guys. Why are we he-re? Why-y are they doing this?” Victoria asked in fear then the man put the tape back to .

Jaejoong didn’t answer. 



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