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The boys left, you were alone in the house. You were staring blankly to space with a hand on your chin.

The house feels so empty. You don’t have the energy to go out, Myungsoo strictly forbids you to go out, your phone rung…


“hello?” you said with a dead tone.

“what are you doing?” it was Myungsoo.


“did you eat lunch?”

“No,  I don’t have any appetite to eat, especially when I’m alone. “

“I knew it, you’ll be like this when I leave” you can hear him sigh on the other line.

“look I’m going back to sleep, I feel sleepy” you yawned and hung up not waiting for Myungsoo to say goodbye.


On the other hand, Myungsoo sighed deep as he stares at the lost connection.

“she hung up” he pursed his lips. Infinite shook their heads.

“she’s getting moody this past few days, I wonder why” Sungyeol said and the other s agree.

“she’s PMSing. Duh?” Sungjong rolled his eyes.


It was a long journey to Busan so they decided to sleep. Myungsoo left Hyunseung to check up on you every hour, but he keeps a low profile.


Once they arrived to Busan they wasted no time. They immediately gathered the details they needed. Jaejoong on the other hand was somewhere trying to find his Dad. He’s getting nervous all of a sudden the moment his dad disappeared; he was watching his entire move. But once he lost his eyes on his Dad, he can’t find him anymore.


The reason, why Myungsoo suddenly got an interest on your parent’s case is that, he received a letter a few days ago before the honeymoon.  it was address to you but decided to open it. The letter says that the police discovered something in Busan about the plane crash, it was not an accident. It says there that the police are trying to investigate the said case, but that bothered Myungsoo, he wants all of this to end, your nightmares to end so he asked for his friend’s help to find out what really happened on that exact day. That’s why they’re here now, in Busan.


Days past…. And they already spent 1 week in Busan, while you are getting bored and sad inside your empty house all you do every day is eat, sleep and watch the television. You crave for foods that you see in a cooking show. Myungsoo can’t even call you because he was too focused on the case, Hyunseung will just inform him. It made you insane, not hearing his voice and feeling his soft touch. You miss his lips that will greet you everytime you wake up in the morning.

“Myungjae… I miss Myungsoo” you pouted as a tear slipped your eyes.

You sniff the bear’s fur, and you can smell Myungsoo’s favorite perfume.

Soon you fell asleep with Myungjae in your arms.


You woke up, to the sound of your doorbell ringing. With sleepy eyes you went to open the door without looking who could it be.

“who is it?” you mumbled sleepily and opened the door. It was a man, he’s wearing a cap and his eyes are hidden. But the moment he look up, you gasped as you meet his gaze, the person you hated the most, the man who gave you nightmares, the man that hunts you, the man who wanted to kill you.

Before you can close the door, he stopped it with his hands. And he let himself enter your house he look around and smile, that smile that’s so devil.

“what’s wrong? Aren’t you happy to see your uncle? Eunjae? Huh? So you’re married? And rich… Why are you hiding all of this to your uncle? How about we have some little chat, tell me how’s my niece? Hmm?” he smirked and pointed a gun on your forehead. 




another poster from Myungstarr! ^^

sorry for a short chapter :( 

*never kill a writer.. :) peace my readers :) 

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