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Loud laughs made you stir in your sleep. *oppas must be still here* but Jaejoong already left so you didn’t know he was there a while ago.

You went downstairs still rubbing your sleepy eyes and saw them sprawled in the living room.

“Dongsaeng-ah you’re awake!!” Woohyun greeted still lying on the floor while watching tv.

Myungsoo saw your cute face like a child and smiled, he approached you encircling an arm to your waist and kissed your cheek.

“did you find me a mango?” you mumbled through his chest.

“I totally forgot about that” Myungsoo rubbed the back of his neck.

“it’s okay. I want bananas instead” you wriggled free out of Myungsoo’s grasp and went to the kitchen to eat some bananas. Myungsoo looked at your retreating figure a strange look but decided to shrug it away.


The next day….

“Myungsoo please!!! You said you’re taking me with you when I say I love you!! you liar!!” you’re throwing tantrums again on Myungsoo who was writing peacefully in his office just a while ago until now.

You keep kicking your legs like a kid and pouting nonstop.

Myungsoo looked at you with hard eyes and you batted your eyelashes.

“let’s have a deal, after we went there. I’ll take you to a vacation. How about Jeju?”

“kyaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Deal baby! Deal!! Oh I love you” you got up from the floor, hugged his neck and kissed his cheek for thousand times.After taking a bath you went downstairs with a grin plastered on your face you skidded downstairs to see Myungsoo talking with someone on the phone.

You back hugged him and he looked at you caressing your arms.

“who ‘s that?” you asked.

“I just called mom telling her to buy me a new car because someone smashed my window” he mocked you.

“I told you I’m sorry.” You hugged his waist tighter.

“you want to go somewhere?” he asked you.

“I want to visit the park…”

“with all those people staring? And the air in there is itchy!” he whined.

“oh come on… please… I want to see the kids playing there” you pouted and looked at him using your puppy eyes.

“err----“ Myungsoo think for a second.

“see. That pride of yours, tss.. you can’t even enter a simple mall”


“you’re the best!!” you grabbed his hand and dragged him to his car. Not the new one of course because it’s broken. Myungsoo took a glance at his broken car.

*we should be using that by now*

You two reached the park, he hold your hands while walking. You can see that he’s annoyed but he keeps hiding it. you stopped and faced him, not letting go of his hand.

“smile Myungsoo… I don’t want to see you being forced to go here” you caressed his smooth cheek.

He rolled his eyes.

“the park is not that bad. Look around, you’re missing so many things, look around Myungsoo. Please?” he scrunched his face, his dimple popping out and you smile. You kiss his cheek and pulled his hand towards a bench. You two sit there,you watch the kids run around laughing while Myungsoo look at your bright aura. he can’t help but smile. You noticed him looking at you.

“what?” he shook his head.

“it seems like you’re enjoying watching the kids run huh?” Myungsoo put an arm on your shoulder.

“they look so free, playing with their parents. I mean look at their smile. They’re enjoying their life to the fullest in an early age, compared to me since that day happened—“ your tears slowly drop and you sniffed.

Myungsoo’s face immediately turned to a gloomy one.

“shh.. I’m sure they’re happy right now wherever they are. And look, they’re watching us” he pointed at the clouds.

“Omma, Appa. Look at your daughter she’s crying. She shouldn’t cry right?Please tell your daughter that there’s a guy beside her that really loves her” Myungsoo pretended he’s talking to the clouds. You can’t help but laugh at his sweetness.

“Omma, Appa. What do you think of Myungsoo? Please tell me if ever he cheated on me” you said.

“I’m totally never gonna do that!” Myungsoo swear. You laughed at his cuteness. He chuckled and wiped your tears.

“now don’t cry, want some ice cream?” Myungsoo asked.

“that would be great!” he grabbed your hand and you two went to the ice cream shop.

He ordered your favorite flavor. He sit across you and scooped a spoonful of ice cream, he brought it near your lips.

“ahhh~” Myungsoo said.

“ahhh~” you open lips and you taste the creamy ice cream.

“it’s delicious!!” you clapped. You scooped the ice cream too and fed him. the other people inside the shop looked at the two of you in envy especially the girls. They awe at the guy across you, even you never get tired of his face. You can spot him even a crowd surrounds him, he shines in everything he does. You still can’t believe that this guy fell for you. HARD. That’s also the same for Myungsoo, he can’t believe his life is perfect right now with you around. He can’t believe how you can be so y with your casual clothes, how your kisses can make his mind go blank, his heart softens everytime your lips meet his. How hot you are when you just came out of the shower just a towel wrapped around your body. The way you hug him, the way your hands carefully his hair and sends electricity throughout his body. It was driving him crazy you have this effect on him.

After eating, you two stroll around feeling the sunrays touch your skin. You glanced at the shops around but Myungsoo stopped at a particular shop. It was a shop where baby needs are on sale.

He pulled you inside; his eyes are twinkling at the baby things. *aigoo Myungsoo*

“what do you think of this?” Myungsoo pointed to blue crib. You gave him a ‘are-you-serious-look?’

“what?” he jokingly smile.

“you’re too excited Myungsoo. I’m not even pregnant” you laughed.

“it’s better be ready for Eunsoo, and Soojae.” He pouted. You rolled your eyes.

“let’s eat lunch. I’m hungry” you pulled him out of the store.

While eating, you asked him about college

“Myungsoo, I’ll attend Kyunghee okay? Please?” he glared at you, but give in.

“fine, but I’ll send you and pick you up there. Everyday” you bit your lips at his favor.

“okay. But it’s really not necessary”

“I want to. I don’t want guys ogling over you, when you’re with your uniform. Especially when I’m not around” you chuckled.

“as if, Guys look at totally y and Hot stuff. Which is totally not me”

“that’s what you think” he smirked.

The hours passed by, and you two went back home when you two noticed the clouds are getting dark.

You realized you spend the whole day with Myungsoo. After this day he will be out for 3 weeks.

He went out of the shower, his hair wet and looks so fresh as ever.

He’s wearing his usual clothes the wife beater and shorts. But he looks extremely hot. You know that for yourself.

He plopped down next to you and hugged your waist. His breath tickles your neck.

Then you feel him nibbling your jawline and ears. You yelped at his actions and slapped his arms.

“what are you doing!?” you asked with wide eyes.

“you know what I’m doing” he smirked and leaned in to your lips, catching them. at first you didn’t respond but, you slowly melt at his touch and his never failing charms. So you kissed him back deep and passionate.

The two of you pulled back, he  went back to your neck and leave hickeys making you moan. When you felt him hovering on top of you, you pushed his shoulders knowing where this is leading to.

He pinned your hands on both sides and kissed you again, he went on top of you again, trying for a second chance. But you pushed him again.

“what?!” he asked getting a bit impatient.

“let me dry your hair and sleep” you mumbled stopping him to claim your lips again.  

“what?!” he asked in disbelief.

“I’m not in the mood to make love to you Myungsoo” you kissed his cheek and grabbed a towel to dry his hair. You put his head on your lap.

He scoffed.  He’s mumbling incoherent words while you’re drying his hair. He keeps pouting and throwing tantrums.  But he fell asleep on your lap. You chuckled at his cuteness and pecked his lips for his goodnight kiss.






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BACK TO THE STORY,, how is it? short? i know. Boring.. i know.. sweet? TOTALLY~ ^^  

*cough*cough* can you sense *cough* the near*cough*ending?*

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