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You went to the garage and saw the broken car, you bit your lip regretting what you did. It’s true he hasn’t use it once. The car just arrived a few hours ago, shipped from the US. *why am I having mood swing so often?!*

You went to the kitchen and baked some of Myungsoo’s favorite cookies. * I bet he’s upset*

After baking them, you put them I a box and tied a ribbon on it. you knocked the door and Myungsoo didn’t answer. You slowly peek inside and noticed him lying on his side, texting?

You awkwardly approached him, he’s still not glancing at you.

“Myungsoo” you bit your lip as you tapped his waist. He didn’t glance at you but continued fiddling with his phone.

“I’m sorry for your car” you look down.

“that car is a limited edition Eunjae.” He mumbled.

“I’m really really sorry. I baked some cookies for you. I know this is not expensive enough to buy for your car but I really regret it.” you left the box of cookies behind him and got up from the bed.

But he grabbed your wrist and pulled you down beside him.

“you know I can’t stand being mad at you. I’ll just buy the same car” he kissed the tip of your nose making you giggle.

“you shouldn’t have messed with me this morning. i don’t know but when I woke up I feel my head is boiling. That’s why I’m a bit moody” you pouted.

“a bit? I think you wake up in the wrong side of the bed. Babe. you were fuming” he asked with a brow raised.

“I said I’m sorry okay” you tapped his cheek.

“I’ll just bring that cookies when I go for our business”

“yeah, I counted the days. You’re leaving the other day. Why can’t you just bring me with you” you whined.

“I cant babe.”

“why” you keep whining.

“stop whining. You’re ”

“I’m serious Myungsoo”

“so am I”

“at least tell me where you’re going so I can stop worrying”

“you don’t have to worry I know what I’m doing” he smiled at you.

“I hope you really do mister” you poked his chest.

“stop worrying Mrs. Kim”

“I’ll cook for lunch” you placed a smooch on his smooth forehead.


When you left, another text came  to Myungsoo it’s from Jaejoong. They were planning.

‘Father is a bit tipsy. But he’s still asking me where you two live. What should I say?’

‘think of something idiot. You’re smart enough to think for a reason’

‘the three weeks is lapsing . Think of something too’

‘I am thinking dickface’

‘this is weird man, we’re like couples texting and asking how are we both doing’

‘ it up then. You’re the one who asked for help’


“L!” your head snapped at the side.

“woohyun oppa?” you turn bright.

You opened the door and infinite was there smiling widely.

“give me a hug baby girl!” woohyun spread his arms and you jumped to his arms.

“yah! Let go of my wife.” Myungsoo came out from the bedroom.

“just in time! I cooked lunch!” you jumped your way to the kitchen.



“why are you here oppas?” you asked them while they are stuffing their mouths.

“why? cant we visit our friend and our dongsaeng?” Hoya asked.

“I didn’t say that”


“I heard you’ll start handling the company next week L” Sungyeol said. *what?*

“yeah I am. dad said it’s better to start now so I can learn the basics”

“you are?” you asked with a shocked face.

“yeah you didn’t know?” Sunggyu said.

“no. I mean he doesn’t tell me anything”

“ooooh” the infinite said in unison.

“we’ll leave you two he.he” Sungjong laughed awkwardly and infinite slowly went away leaving only you and Myungsoo.

“why didn’t you tell me?”

“it’s not important for you to know.”

“it is!. I mean. You’re going to work now without me knowing?”

“what’s the big deal? I’m just working”

“but you should’ve just tell me at least”

“okay I’m sorry”

“it’s okay. That means we’ll be having a little more time together” you looked down.

“so that’s the reason why you’re like this?” you nodded.

“aigoo. My baby wants her husband all by herself” he hugged you while you blushed.

“you can visit me anytime” he kissed your lips.

“I can?”

“of course. You’re Mrs. Kim now”

“Myungsoo, I want mangoes” you mumbled.

“what? mangoes?” he looked at you. you nodded.

“why all of a sudden?” he asked.

“I don’t know” you shook your head.

“you’re so cute” he pinched your cheeks.

“I want mangoes, Myungsoo” you pouted.

“where do you expect me to get that? Here in Korea?” he asked in disbelief.

“I don’t know. Think of ways” you stomped your feet.

“okay, I’ll think of something”

After cleaning you suddenly feel sleepy so you went to your bedroom and sleep.

Infinite was planning and busily calling and typing.

“it says here that the plane landed in Busan” Sungyeol said not taking his eyes off the laptop screen.

“where is Busan in there?’ Sunggyu asked pointing to the map.

“right here Hyung” Sungyeol pointed.

“where?!” Sunggyu asked.

“right here beside this one hyung!” they argued.

“I told you Hyung! Open your eyes!” Sungjong interrupted the conversation.

“they ARE open Lee sungjong. Stop messing with my eyes maknae” Sunggyu said.

“it was morning. and this is the number of the plane” Sungyeol showed the broken plane’s picture to Sunggyu and the other members who nodded in understanding.

“yes, do you remember anything during the plane ride? or something strange?” Hoya talked to the receiver. Asking the survivor of the plane crash. Dongwoo listed some details about the conversation.

Woohyun, Myungsoo and Sungjong are talking with Jaejoong who came just a minute ago after you sleep. Myungsoo gave him the address of the house, he trusted Jaejoong. But if ever he does something. The guns are all lying around Myungsoo’s office, Eunjae doesn’t know anything.


“this details are all fitting. We just need to go to Busan” Jaejoong said.

“exactly, the details are saying that the airplane didn’t crash because of malfunction, it crashed because someone messed with the plane’s machinery” Myungsoo mumbled.

“who would do that?” Sungjong asked.

“that’s the reason why we’re leaving for Busan.” Myungsoo said.

“but three weeks? Isn’t it too long?” Jaejoong asked.

“we’ll try to work as fast as possible. You can’t go with us. Knowing your bastard father is planning something”

“dad won’t do anything for three weeks. I think” Jaejoong said.

“we better be ready anytime”

After planning for the 3 weeks business. Infinite planned for Jaejoong’s dad. 




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you might be confused, but everything will fit soon. but if you're not confused i guess you're getting the flow of the story :) why do you think infinite is investigating for some airplane incident? ^^

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