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Myungsoo handed the phone back, and encircled his arms to his wife.

“I already picked the suit, go inside so you can pick your dress too, later we’ll fit it.”

“okay.” You entered the room to see tons of dresses that you can’t find in the mall.

“are this designer’s clothes?” the staff nodded.

“woah. I’m not going to pick any” you shook your head fervently. And went outside but you bumped your back to Myungsoo.

“what are you doing?” he raised an eyebrow.

“look mister, those clothes doesn’t suit my taste” you said with crosses arms. But the truth is every dress is made out of perfection, you’re just to stubborn to pick one and let Myungsoo pay for it knowing that they cost a lot.

“really? I’ll call Sungjong to call the other designer to make you one” he said while fumbling with his phone.

“no!” you grabbed his phone. He was shocked at your actions.

“can’t we just look for a cheaper clothes?” you sheepishly asked looking down to the floor. Myungsoo sighed deeply.

“no. here we go again! In price issues! Listen woman. You’re rich now, you’re a kim now. And kims never, look at those stupid price tags. Now go back inside, and pick a dress.” He shoved you inside.

You glared at him and stomped your way to the dresses.

“just pick anything you think will suit me” you sighed and sit helplessly. Waiting and waiting and changing to different dresses. The shouts can be heard again, the rest of the infinite members are back except Myungsoo who was left with you, they’re like howling dogs along the corridor. Especially Sunngyu and Woohyun howling.

“they’re here” you rolled your eyes. They went out to get something to eat.

“I think I finally found the perfect dress for you ma’am” the staff said.

She showed you this:

and the staff was right, the dress was simple yet elegant, all your curves are shown and your milky white legs are shown. You smiled and nodded to the staff. She get the dress and wrapped it up.

“I’m done” you went out. Ignoring Myungsoo because of his behavior about the price stuff. And went to your oppas.

“oppa! What did you get for me?” you asked Dongwoo while jumping.

“Cookies and cream baby! Your favorite” he showed his teeth smile and handed the ice cream to you.

“kya! Thank you!” you wrapped your arms on his neck.

“hey hey! I got you something too!” Woohyun used his aegyo. He showed you a box of pizza.

“pepperoni and cheese?” you both said in unison.

“kya! Oppa! I really love that!” you jumped and get the pizza.

“anything for you baby girl” he flashed you his greasy smile.

“stop calling her baby” Myungsoo snorted but was ignored by everyone.

“who hid the food for my dongsaeng!!!!!!” Sungyeol shrieked making everyone to cover their precious ears.

“it’s behind you! idiot!” Hoya said pointing the food behind Sungyeol.

Sungyeol look behind and grinned.

“here you go dongsaeng chocolates” Sungyeol handed them with a grin.

“thank you oppa that’s so sweet.” You kissed his cheeks.

“ooooow!!! Score baby!!” Sungyeol pumped his fist the other members look in envy.

“hey!” Myungsoo got up and pulled you away.

“oh. Let go. You jerk” you glared at him.

“what did I do?” he whined.
“will you please stay on that sit and behave?” you pointed on the couch.


“the couch!” you said through gritted teeth. With heavy shoulders, Myungsoo plopped his on the couch and whimpered like a kid with a pout painted on his lips.

“where’s the smoothie?!” Sunggyu asked panicking around.

“Hyung they’re on the red bag” Sungjong informed.

“no they’re not!” Sunggyu shouted back.

“I can see them from here Hyung! Open your eyes!”

“THEY ARE OPEN!” Sunggyu shot in irritation.


Sunggyu found the smoothie on where Sungjong pointed it. and gave it to you.


“Hyung, let’s go inside, the suits are ready to be fit” Sungjong called out. then soon the boys piled inside.

They went out wearing their suits. They all look dashing and perfect. It looks like they just stepped out from the magazine.

“how do I look?” Myungsoo approached you.

“dashing, handsome. Perfect. Hot is there anything new?” you asked with a bored tone and motioned your hands helplessly.

“I know! Don’t you just want to me hard baby? And yes there is something new” he drew you closer to him.

You looked at him playful grin urging him to continue.

“I’m for you babe” he seductively said. You pushed him but he just smirked.

“shut up and behave” you pointed at him and turn around to walk te other way but he grabbed your waist backhugging you and immediately planted a huge hickey on your neck.

“ah!!” you shrieked in pain.

Your hurled around and smacked his chest.

 “get a room” Sunggyu rolled his tiny eyes. You blushed with embarrassment.

“he’s always like that. Tss. tard” Sungyeol mumbled.

“what can I do? Trust me when you have this Goddess beside you, you just can’t help it rawr” he clawed the air. While you look at him with pure disbelief.

“did he drink his medicine? Eunjae?” Dongwoo asked.

“it doesn’t have any effect on him anymore oppa” you shook your head completely going with his joke. Causing the others to burst in laughter. Myungsoo just smirked. *wait till we get home babe*

The conversation went like that.. and it’s time to go home. You bid your goodbye to your oppas and went inside the car where Myungsoo is waiting. You closed the door and looked at your husband who’s face still looks pissed.

“I told you to behave” you mumbled.

“I can’t! okay” he said I can imagine his ears having steams on it.

“I’m sorry okay. I didn’t do it on purpose. I warned you already” you caressed his thigh.

“okay.okay.” he looked away.




You were talking with infinite and excused yourself to go to the bathroom but you didn’t know Myungsoo followed you.

You were on your way to the bathroom but someone encircled your waist and because of woman instincts you grabbed the guy’s arm and lowered his arms causing his face to be hidden and kick him on his balls. The guy yelped in pain which made your eyes widen when you figure out it was Myungsoo. You panicked seeing him curl in pain so you call infinite for help. They mocked Myungsoo for what happened.

“I swear Kim Eunjae if I this results to no Eunsoo and SooJae. I’m gonna tie you to bed until I got what I wanted.” Myungsoo hissed in pain when Dongwoo threw the icepack on his balls.

“! I’ll kill you hyung” you bite your nails in panic. He surely looks in pain.

“it’s 8:30 already” Sunggyu reminded Myungsoo with his stares. Myungsoo rolled his eyes and slowly walked to the door with you trailing.

“we’ll go home now” Myungsoo said goodbye



The car ride was silent, then his phone rang.

Okay, dickface. I don’t know where you get numbers but I didn’t forget okay. He snapped. He was still pissed.

You bit your lips.  You were scared to talk to him, seeing his eyes emitting fire.

You arrive home and went out of the car immediately you expected him to get out of the car but when you look back, he put the car on reverse and drive again leaving you stunned.

“I guess he needs to cool off” you mumbled and went inside the house. 








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