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you just woke up still half-asleep, when you feels lips grazing your ear and cheeks. Hot breathe tickling your neck. You blinked and faced your side to see Myungsoo smiling sweetly at you. you held his cheek and smiled.

“please tell me I’m not dreaming” He mumbled as he leaned to your lips. You smiled back.

“you’re not. See?” you pinched his cheeks and he closed his eyes showing his dimple. He held your hand which is on his cheek.

“what do you want to do today?” he sweetly asked as he gazed deeply to your eyes causing you to blush.

“I don’t know. I still feel so tired”

“really? Where does it hurt? I’m 100% sure last night I was so gentle” he seek your face with a worried expression. You blushed remembering what happened last night.

“you’re blushing” Myungsoo teased and chuckled.

“can I sleep more? I really feel tired” you asked with puppy eyes. Myungsoo looked shocked for a little and smiled.

“sure” he kissed your forehead and caressed your messy bed hair.

“are you going anywhere today?” you mumbled with your eyes closed.

“No. I’ll stay in the house this whole day” he said as he pulled you closer. The both of you can feel the warmth of your body under the blanket.

“okay” you said as you drifted in another round of sleep.



Once Myungsoo is sure that you’re asleep. He slowly got up from the bed looking for his clothes and went to the bathroom to wash.

You just slept for another hour, it was 9:00am you look to your side but Myungsoo is not there.

You got up from the bed wrapping the blanket all over you and went to the bathroom. You went downstairs calling for Myungsoo.

“Myungsoo?” you called out of the huge house.

“garage babe!” he answered back.

You went to the garage freshly clean and new clothes. You saw him cleaning his car making your eyes bulge out it disbelief.

“what are you doing?” you asked suspiciously.

“what? There’s no rule in this house saying I can’t wash my own car” he looked at you with crossed arms.

You raised an eyebrow. “you’ll get tired” you flatly said.

“it’s new car from Hyung. I want to ride it freshly clean” he chuckled at his nonsense sentence.

“I thought it was Mr. Shin’s job? Whatever you say”

“owh, Myungsoo-ah” you said before going to the kitchen.

“what happened to oppa?” he whined.

“I like calling you Myungsoo” you pouted.

“I like you calling me oppa, do you want me to you hard tonight? Just to call me oppa” he smirked evily.

Your eyes wanted to pop out from its socket upon hearing that.

“yah!” you strode to him and slapped him everywhere. He just laughed heartedly seeing you blush.

He held your waist and your arm to stop you from slapping him.

“I hate you” you pouted.

He kissed your cherry lips “I love you too” he smiled and grin cheerfully showing his adorable dimple causing you to swoon. “I hate your dimple” you mumbled and tapped his forehead.

“I know I’m your weakness, especially my DIMPLE” he boastfully said.

You rolled your eyes and scrambled away from his arms.

“ah. We need to grab some groceries; the fridge is out of stock”


“did you eat already?” he shook his head.

“I’ll prepare breakfast”

“go ahead” upon walking back to the kitchen Myungsoo was staring at your retreating figure. His eyes travel from your exposed neck and milky white legs.

“I wish it’s my birthday again” he shook his head.


“hey! Breakfast is ready!” you called out from the kitchen.

When everything is set, you two ate in silence but not awkward.

“how are you feeling?” Myungsoo started.

“I’m not tired anymore”

“of course you’re not. What kind of wife who wakes up 9:00 in the morning?” he sarcastically said. You made a face.

“I said I’m tired and you allow me to sleep again so I did!”

“like I said I was so gentle last night!” Myungsoo innocently said.

“could you PLEASE STOP saying that?” you were losing your temper.

“stop saying what?” he innocently asked.

“that thing!”

“what thing?”

“that thing that happened last night!”

“you’re regretting it?” Myungsoo’s face became washed up with hurt and disappointment.

You didn’t answer.

“tell me are you regretting what we did that night?” Myungsoo’s voice is trembling.

You looked away.

“that’s what I thought” he slammed the fork down making you flinch.

*I’m not regretting it. It’s embarrassing that he keeps saying he’s gentle. Doesn’t he know it’s a sensitive topic for girls?!*

You clean up the dishes and went to the bedroom where Myungsoo is.

He’s watching the television with his forehead creased and his eyebrows are meeting each other.

You sat beside him but he went away and went to the bed and lie there.

*he’s mad big time*

“Myungsoo” you went beside him. he didn’t answer  but just close his eyes.

“look you don’t understand”

“ I totally understand, you regretted everything last night. I asked you Eunjae. I thought we did that for love. Not just for pleasure” he coldly said still his eyelids are closed.

“you really don’t understand. Can’t you see this is a sensitive topic for us girls?! You should read a book about so you would know!” you threw a pillow at him. your ears were red due to extreme anger.

The pillow hit Myungsoo hard on the head making his eyes snap open and glared at you seeing you so red and he can picture steam coming out to your ears.

He realized what you just said and just laughed like a lunatic clutching his stomach while you watch him in disbelief.

“so that’s the reason? Puahahaha!” he laughed again. Making you steam more. You strode to him and dive into the bed and punched, slap Myungsoo. He kept laughing.

“okay. Stop! Stop! I’ll stop!” Myungsoo wiped a tear on his eyes.

“so you don’t regret it?” you gulped all your pride and shook your head.

“that’s my girl” Myungsoo hugged you and kissed the tip of your nose.

“I love you” Myungsoo whispered.

“I love you too” you kissed his lips.








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