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I went back inside and prepared breakfast…

I keep sighing… thinking about the gift. Then I jumped a little when an arm circled around my waist.

“omo!” I looked to my side and saw Myungsoo smiling slyly.

“oh. Hello happy birthday” I scooped a small amount of pudding using my finger and put it to his nose. He closed his eyes and smiled. I put the finger near to his lips, and he my finger.

“Tastes sweet” he said and patted my waist.

“go sit. I’ll place the plates now” I said and he sit.

“what time is your party?” I asked and sit near him.

“7” he mumbled his mouth full of chocolate pudding.



No one’s POV

The hours pass fast, you’re wearing a dress that Sungjong picked for you, it was simple, the back has a crisscrossed design and you braided your hair. You’re applying final touch on your make up in front of the mirror inside yours and Myungsoo’s room when the contract entered your mind, you shook your head and smile but that smile hides a very nervous side of you.  You grabbed a box on the top of the table and kept it in the drawer on the bedside table. Myungsoo on the other side was downstairs waiting for you he never looked simple; he always looks so dashing and perfect. You went down to be welcomed with his jaw dropping face, he’s perfect that what you think he is, you blushed at the way he looked at you, sincere and calm. He held your slim waist as the both of you are accompanying the guest arriving at the house. Soon, many people flooded the party, most of them are businesspersons. They look elite and high making you shrink in embarrassment. But Myungsoo never left you and kept introducing you to those people. He was never expected anything from you as a gift, but still he’s a little disappointed. Sungjong, gave him the new arrived clothes, Hoya gave him a watch, not just an ordinary watch but it’s made of pure white gold. Dongwoo gave him  the newest Ipad Sunggyu and Sungyeol a new car. Woohyun gave him shoes. Of course it more expensive than your life.


“So, what’s your present for your baby husband?” Chanseul gave a creepy smile.

You just awkwardly smile.

Victoria and Minjun came to you also.

“Dongsaeng! Are you doing it? don’t worry. Oppa has finally approved you--” Minjun exclaimed but you slapped his arms not caring if Victoria is with him. Victoria laughed and hugged his arm.

“aigoo, Minjun Oppa, you should know how to whisper she’s embarrassed see? Aigoo my Dongsaeng” Victoria cooed and pinched your cheek. Minjun dragged her to get some food.

“Ah! Eunjae, I just spotted someone and he looks so handsome, I’ve seen him before but not with tux and gorgeous hair. I think he’s from L’s friend” Chanseul exclaimed. You gave her a confused look.

“who?” she pointed to a guy who’s giving a greasy smile on every girl who passed by which supposed to be Woohyun.

“Woohyun?!” you asked in disbelief.

“so, that’s his name. I love his name” Chanseul blushed. You gave her a WTF look.

“what? you can’t have infinite all by yourself” she mocked.

“why Woohyun oppa! There’s 7 of in infinite! But why Woohyun!?” you whined.

“why? then can I go for L then?” you glared at her.

“see? I think he’s not that bad at all. Greasy just the way I like it” Chanseul’s eye twinkled.

“but’ he’s a playboy! I don’t want you to get hurt!” you stomped your feet.

“well, L is a playboy too!” she reasoned. You rolled your eyes and poked her forehead.

“goodluck then” you raised an eyebrow at her.

“thank you! thank you!” she hugged you and jumped.

Myungsoo was looking for you when he saw you being hugged by Chanseul a smile played on the corner of his lips and approached the both of you.

“looks like you girls are having so much fun huh?” Myungsoo smiled and he put a hand on the back of your waist, you feel his warm hands because your dress has a crisscross design at the back.

“she’s the only one” you rolled your eyes at Myungsoo.

“I’ll be leaving” she excitedly jumped.

“okay go ‘leave’” you winked and smile. Myungsoo saw your wink it’s the first time he saw that and he cant believe that you look so y doing that.

“where is she going?”

“to leave” you innocently said. But on the back of your head, you know your bestfriend is thinking some ways to let Woohyun notice her.

“did you eat already?” Myungsoo asked. You shook your head.

“come on, I’m getting hungry” he smiled and led you to grab some food.

The both of you sat where Myungsoo’s parents are in. Myungsoo fed you in front of them making you turn red in embarrassment but the rest of them awed on the sweetness.

After eating Myungsoo dragged you to the garden.

“what are we doing here?” you asked him.

“I just wanted some alone time with you” he hugged you and nuzzled your neck sending electricity to your spine.

“aigoo. Birthday boy” you caressed his hair.

“when are you going to call me oppa?” he whined.

“I don’t know” you shrugged.

“God Woman” you chuckled. And he smiled, you poked his dimple.

“you know, your dimple is so adorable.”

“I am adorable”

“tss” you gently placed your palm onto his face making him laugh.



The party is finished and you changed to a white night dress, it was thin.  You saw his back on the veranda he looks a bit disappointed because all he got was a greeting from you, he expected anything but he just got frustrated. *I understand you* He was looking at night sky on the veranda his arms propped on the grills holding his lips.  He’s wearing his usual attire when sleeping a wife beater and a short.


He jumped a little when he felt two pair of arms encircled his waist. He turn around and saw you looking at him, he noticed what you’re wearing a white night dress. It was thin and a bit loose to your body. He gulped and distracted himself. He looked at you and asked with a straight tone.


“sorry, I don’t have anything for your birthday” he hugged you back, your face buried to his chest sideways. Inhaling his manly scent.

"Eunjae, i don’t ask too much. Just tell me you love me with all your heart is enough for me" he said looking to your eyes.

"I really really love you. believe me" he plead. you hesitated for a moment then blurted out the words he was so desperate to hear.

"i love you too Myungsoo..." you mean it with all your heart. making Myungsoo's eyes big.

"happy birthday.. "you pecked his lips and smiled. 


(AND NOW, WHAT EVERONE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR..... (EVIL GRIN) FOR THOSE WHO'S LOOKING FOR THE NEXT LEVEL... *COUGH* * *COUGH* CLICK!! ) hey minor! back off and just read the minor version! ^^



*below is the minor version* 

"I want you to mean it Eunjae," he said, disappointment was clearly shown in his face.
“But I do mean it." Myungsoo got shocked when you intertwined your arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.Myungsoo was too shocked to respond but when he sensed you were not going to let go of his lips, he held your waist and started kissing you back. The kiss started to turn into a deep and rough make-out session. His hands roamed all over your curves, the white dress drove him crazy from feeling your warm body reflect under the thin cloth. You pulled him close; his body was pressed against you. You didn’t know what you were doing and just went what your body was telling you, so you pushed yourself against Myungsoo. His grip on your waist tightened and the make-out session continued. You broke the kiss for some air while he kissed and nibbled your neck. You let out a moan and gripped his hair tighter, signaling him to do more. Your knees grew weak and you wobbled before stumbling. Myungsoo seemed to sense it because he started to push your way towards the bedroom and pushing you softly onto the bed. He was on top of you. He bit and the sensitive skin on your neck as countless moans escaped your lips. “M-Myungsoo,” you breathlessly moaned, your hand losing their grip on his hair as he continued to feast on your collarbone and jawline.
“Call me oppa, please babe,” he whispered huskily into your hear as he continued to nibble and it.
“Oppa” you said, your voice full of lust. You didn’t know what was going on but you felt as if you were on fire and you didn’t want it to stop.

And you know what happened next,

 that’s the day you two became one, you made love. After hearing those words that Myungsoo’s was so desperate to hear.

After making love and you two were about to go to sleep.

“I love you Eunjae…” he mumbled as he gently hugged you.
“I… I love you too…” you quietly mumbled.
“Huh? What was that? I didn’t hear you~” his ears perked up with a huge smile on his face. “Say it once more~"
“YAH! DON’T BE STUPID!” you embarrassingly scolded. He laughed lightly and hugged you lovingly.
“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you to say that,” he smiled.
He cuddled you before closing his eyes with a grin that almost reached his ears. You stared at him before giggling softly and pecking him on the lips.
“I love you too Myungsoo-oppa.” You suddenly remembered something.
“Ah! I forgot something!” His eyes snapped wide open as he watched you open the drawer and grabbing something. It was a box with a ribbon. You gave it to him.
”What’s this?” he asked as he got up showing his upper body. You had to clutch the covers so that it didn't show your bare chest.
“Open it,” you instructed. You looked at him your face filled with excitement. He opened it slowly and he easily recognized it. It was the contract that was now shredded to pieces and a card that said:




 He smiled and put the box on the bedside table. “I really did like your gift. Scratch that, I loved it. In fact, it’s the best gift I have ever had,” he said sincerely. He pulled you into a hug before lying back on the bed.
“I actually wanted another round,” he said playfully.
“YAH!” you blushed deeply and slapped his arms. He laughed wholeheartedly that his adorable dimple made its way onto his face.
“I know you’re tired. Let’s go to sleep,” he pecked your lips and closed his eyes. You smiled at his gentle gesture.
“Goodnight oppa,” you snuggled close to his chest and fell asleep.

You two fell asleep, under the cover. You were ready to welcome the morning. A morning without any secrets and unknown emotions. You know he loved you and he knows you love him too. Nothing else mattered now, except the love that you both shared. That night, was the perfect night for you both. 








my only question is.. HOW WAS IT! IS YOUR WAIT WORTH IT?! HAHAHA


oh.. and I have found some haters of this fic.. haha! it's okay unsubscribe if you want just don't rub it in my face that you're unsubscribing and my fic i have feelings too. respect me please. and also, I'm not born in this world just to please haters. thank you very much.

and any act of plagiarism will make this fic vanish like a bubble in just one click.. ^^

saranghae readers and subbies! ppyong! 

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