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We went to the mall and screams and squeals can be heard. It’s like they are celebrities. I’m with mom and Myungsoo is walking with infinite. Sungjong showed all the new clothes and everything, they’re beautiful but I don’t have any interests at all. When I decline it all end up in the cahsier so there is no use of protesting because they’ll buy it no matter what. the last time we put the bags on the van the compartment is almost full. And all of them are my clothes. I sighed and rolled my eyes. This is so not my thing. I want cheap things. But it’s impossible I know.


They made me change to a new dress for clubbing. Yes, we’re going to the bar.

We entered the bar and woah! New things! Colorful lights and booming music, I don’t remember when was the last time I entered a bar.

Myungsoo never let go of my hands despite the fact that he plead for me to go with him here together with infinite. Of course again, as Myungsoo drag me to find a sear there are glares shooting around my body. Most are girls. I sighed then Myungsoo stopped and faced me.

“do you really hate spending time with me?” he asked with sad face.

“it’s not that. Those girls are shooting daggers at me. it’s uncomfortable” I mumbled and looked down.

I can feel him smile, held my chin up and made me look into his eyes.

“they’re staring because they’re evious of you. you look beautiful.” He brought his face to my neck and inhaled my scent. Oh gawd he’s sending electricity on my spine.

“and hot too” he seductively whispered and bit my ear lobe making me shove his chest. He smirked at me and I sat beside Sungyeol oppa.

 He offered me a glass of vodka but I politely decline.

“Myungsoo went for our drinks oppa go on.. drink it” I patted his shoulder. He laughed and drink it. he laughed and chatted with infinite members them Myungsoo cam with our drinks he has a beer and I got well, Juice. O made a face and Myungsoo put an arm on my shoulder.

“you know I was thinking, can’t I go to you for 3 weeks I promise I wont do anything to disturb you” I bugged him.

“I told you already babe , you cant” he patiently said as he sipped his beer and looking at the people dancing.

“well, I don’t want to be alone for 3 weeks” I put my head on his chest and fumbled the button of his black polo.

“call Chaseul then”

“she can’t the bakery is selling good and she can’t leave it. you don’t want me to go there either so I have no choice.” I mumbled, still fumbling the button of his polo.

He laughed a little.

“how long are you going to stay stubborn. Tell me you love me. I’ll take you”

“no way” I said without any reaction.

“tsk. Stubborn as always” I can feel him shook his head.

Woohyun is already flirting with other girls. And that doesn’t leave the rest.

“uhhh—babe. what do you think you’re doing? You’re slowly you know” Myungsoo mumbled.

“eh?” I lifted my head and looked at him, I was confused at his sentence.

He looked at my hand, and I saw I was still fumbling the button of his polo.

“omo!” I immediately let go of the button and bit my fingers.

“sorry I didn’t know” I covered my face due to embarrassment.

“you can just say you want me babe” Myungsoo’s breath tickled my neck.

“yah!” I shoved his chest to keep a distance. He was looking at me with different eyes. He looks like fooling me again. Argh this guy and his jokes.

“I swear kim Myungsoo go near and I’ll kick you somewhere you wouldn’t like it” I threatened.

“awww. You can’t do that, I’m still waiting for  SooJae”

“what? who’s Soojae?” I asked him, dumfounded.

“the name for our daughter” he said innocently.

“you have already named her!?” he nodded eagerly.

“not her. You have already named THEM” he corrected my sentence and gave emphasis on the THEM word.

“and for our son his name is Eunsoo” he said and pursed his lips.

“oh my gosh! What’s wrong with you and your parents?!” I said as I smoothed my face with my palm.

“I just love kids.” He smiled.

“you love kids..? I said in mocking tone.


“love my Myungsoo”

“I still have to teach you the word oppa… tsk I can’t succeed doing it the easy way I guess. Let’s do it the hard way” I raised an eyebrow.

“I’ll just make you scream my name with oppa. When we’re both under the blanket” he leaned again closer to me. DAMN! There are lots of people even though they don’t give a damn it’s still uncomfortable.

“yah! You’re drunk! Now stop it!” I grabbed the bottle and settled it on the table.

“no I’m not drunk. I haven’t drunk half of the beer babe haha” he laughed.

I looked at the beer and it’s true. He hasn’t drunk half of it.

“I’m just telling you the truth” He winked at me.

I was looking at him with WTF look but someone interrupted us.

She sat on Myungsoo’s lap making my eyes widen and cling on his neck.

“hey hottie. It looks like your partner doesn’t want to have fun tonight. Why don’t you try me?” he grazed Myungsoo’s jawline making my insides boil. Myungsoo on the other hand was holding the girl’s waist and looking at her.

“what do you think? Huh?” she fiddled with Myungsoo’s polo. Damn! Why did he wear that black photo damn it, he looks dashing on it.

“I don’t know.. should we?” the girl anticipated. Oooh Kim Myungsoo I so wanna punch you right now.

“sorry. You’re not hot enough.” He put down the girl on his lap and I was bewildered when he held my waist and put me on his lap.

“see her? She’s steaming hot. And hard to get just like the way I like it” he nuzzled my hair from the back.

The girl huffed and went away.

“yah. I’m not a ” I said with a straight voice.

“I know you’re my wife” he put his chin on my shoulder.

“Eunjae-ah” he whispered while were watching the people dance on the dance floor/


“do you know what’s the date tomorrow?” he asked.

“no” I lied.

“ow” he’s obviously disappointed.

Then he didn’t talk to me after that. Then I started laughing.

I turned sideways still sitting oh his lap. He remained a poker face but his face tell the opposite, he’s hurt and disappointed.

“aigoo. Myungsoo. Why would I forget my Husband’s birthday??” I caressed his smooth face. He immediately turns into a ray of sunshine.

“you know?” he asked.

“of course!” I pecked his cheeks.

“what about me? you don’t know when is my birthday right?” I looked to his alluring eyes. God, they even look beautiful even if it’s dark.

“**-**-****(put your own birthday here) How can I forget my own wife’s birthday?” he smiled, his dimple popping out of his cheeks. Oh so charming.

“I thought you didn’t know. What’ your plan for your birthday?” I asked fiddling with his bangs, him closing his eyes.

“mom is too quiet but I know she have already prepared everything” he mumbled.

“really?”  he nodded.

The sixth returned swaying their way to us. Sunggyu oppa wanted to go home because of extreme headache and the other agreed. Myungsoo was the one who drive on the way home because he didn’t drink much, we just talked while his other friends drink oceans of liquor.


It’s March 13.

The ray of sunshine blinded my sight as I opened my eyes and found my husband’s arm around me. he was a sleeping angel, but he’s a walking evil when awake. Cold and distant. Never change. But to me and his friend he’s different he’s Myungsoo. Not L.

I faced him and glided a finger on his nose, cheeks and eyes. His long lashes glided on my finger tips. Then my eyes landed on his slightly parted lips. I brushed my thumb on his plump lips. One peck from this lips, my day would be finished with still tons of energy inside me. I kissed his lips and looked back at him. even when he’s asleep he smells nice. His minty scent, his favorite cologne that he never forgets to spray on his clothes before leaving and sleeping, after washing up. And his manly scent, aigoo. I’m really inlove with this guy. I know I love him but some part of me doesn’t want to blurt it out yet. pabo me.!

I can’t believe this playboy changed! And in all of the ladies in the world which is much more better to me, he picked me to deal with his crazy problem, to get married to him but a contract was involved. To be honest I haven’t think of any gifts for Myungsoo. Because if I buy him something it’s useless, the money came from him too. he doesn’t want me to work so I don’t have any source of income but just from him. Damn. I didn’t know entering this contract marriage can lead him falling for him. tsk life is so…… surprising!.

Yeah! Haha funny! Contract. Wait, contract? I immediately sat up and went my old room. I opened every drawer looking for it. when I saw it I smiled. And closed the drawer again. I went back to our room and called someone.


After a few rings she picked up.

Victoria unnie!

Oh yes! Eunjae! Hi dongsaeng what made you call?

Errmm…. I went outside and went to our garden so in case Myungsoo will wake up he won’t hear me.

Well, Myungsoo’s birthday is today and I haven’t got him any present.

Yeah, His mom sent me and Minjun an invitation. Hahaha.. but what’s the problem?

That’s the problem unnie,  I can’t buy him anything because the money came from him also, so it’s useless. Do you have any gifts to advice? Unnie?

well, there is one. But I don’t think you will like it. but I just want to be honest..

What is it unnie?

Aww. Dongsaeng to be stupid you know what I’m talking about. You can’t buy him gifts then let yourself be the gift. I’m sure he will like it.

unnie! What the hell is wrong with you!?

I’m just telling the truth. Trust me dongsaeng he will like it. kekeke

Unnie! Aish… I guess you’re mind is not in the right state right now. Bye

Bye dongsaeng. Goodluck!


I sighed and bit my lips. Chanseul! Yes! I’m sure I’ll get a better answer.



I was staring at my phone with wide eyes.  I GOT THE SAME ANSWER FORM HER!! What the hell is wrong with this people! Really!!!


I mean! That?! They expect me to that! With him?! arggh!


“aigoo. Eunjae. Everyone would kill to be in your place right now” Chanseul’s last line kept repeating inside your head.


Aish… last option… Minjun oppa







I sighed again. This is not good.








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