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Myungsoo's POV

“yah!” PAK! I abruptly got up from the bed when a stinging pain landed on my .

“ouch!” I nursed my ; I’m already awake from the sudden pain.

“yah! Kim Myungsoo!” my wife is already shouting. Pak! Another whip landed on my making me yelp in pain.

“aww! What?!” I whined.

“what?! WHAT?!” she screamed.

“where have you been last night???” she asked. Uh-oh.

I lay again in the bed. Heck I’m so tired and sleepy. I can’t even process the right answers to say to her.

Pak! Another hit landed on my  cheek.

“awww!” I whined and looked at her.

“WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM WOMAN?!” I asked while whining and half shouting.

She raised a brow.

“don’t lie to me Myungsoo. Where have you been last night” she said with a sad face.

I can’t take it seeing her like this.

“well, Sunggyu hyung asked if we could go out for some fresh air and we got lost track of time” she nodded, nibbling her lower lip she’s still unconvinced

“go back to sleep, you look like a zombie” she poked my forehead hard making fall back on the bed.

“where are you going?” I asked.

“downstairs where else?” she coldly said. Why is she suddenly like this?

When she’s already out of sight, I went back to sleep.


Eunjae’s POV

“yeah, fresh air my foot” I grunted and prepared breakfast for my one of big fat liar husband.

Who wouldn’t smell the overly strong stench of a woman perfume on his clothes last night when he arranged the pillows for me? I’m 100 percent sure it’s not his perfume because Myunjae smells like him not like a woman.

Tss.. Myungsoo I’m so disappointed and well….. hurt.

My cellphone rung which is placed on the table I answered it.

“hello! Eunjae! Sorry but can we cancel our outing today? Victoria is asking me to accompany her to her parents” it was Minjun oppa.

“why? are you going to ask for their daughter’s hand?” I asked nonchalantly.


“nothing. Go. Just inform Chanseul”

“err—okay. Are you okay dongsaeng?”

“nae oppa. Go on. Bye”

“okay. Bye”



Then another call came… it was Jaejoong.


“hey Eunjae. Are you home?”

“yes. why?”

“can I pick you up there? I just need a shoulder to lean on. I’m having a hard time” Jaejoong sound so sad. I wonder why.

“OMO!  Why? I can just go there where are you?” I panicked.

“no, I mean I don’t want to cause any disturbances” he mumbled.

“okay, do you know where I live?”

“err- unfortunately no. can you tell me the direction? He awkwardly laugh.

“haha. Okay I’ll tell you, go-“ but I was cut off when someone grabbed the phone. I turn around and saw Myungsoo with his bed hair and tired eyes. He looks so tired and exhausted I wonder why.

Looking pissed he hung up the phone leaving me stunned at his actions. Then I was startled when someone groaned I looked at Myungsoo with a curious look.

“omo!” I jumped a little when a half asleep Woohyun came to the kitchen, he’s half !!! MY EYES!!!! Yeah I saw Myungsoo half but not other guys!!

But someone blocked my sight on the sinful body.

“Yah! Hyung!” I can hear Myungsoo scream. Then I hear falling objects.

“ahhhh!” did Woohyun just scream? I scrambled out from Myungsoo’s grasp and looked at Woohyun. He was protecting his body with his arms covering his chest. I rolled my eyes at him. I looked down that he dropped a water bottle.

“wh-why am I ?” he suspiciously asked and a hint of panic in his voice.

“HALF-. Idiot” Myungsoo corrected.

“why are you here?” I asked putting both of my hands on my hips.

Before he could answer, there’s another sound came from our living room. It was a very scary sound!!

I jumped and went closer to Myungsoo.

“i-is there a monster here?! What is that?!” I nervously asked them.

Myungsoo just laughed a little and held my waist leading me to the living room. And it SHOCKED me.

5 unconscious bodies lying on the floor, and I found out that Sunggyu was the one snoring.

“There’s the MONSTER you were talking about” Myungsoo pointed at Sunggyu oppa.

He was snoring like a HORN!!!

But then I realized that I was mad at him.

I pushed him away and pointed at him. Woohyun oppa is watching us.

“where have you been last night?” I threatened.

“I told you,…”

“don’t even try lying Myungsoo, or you will regret it.”


“find another wife then, if you lie”

“okay,,..” Woohyun oppa who is still watching is really anticipating my husband’s answer.

“Woohyun here, decided to went out yesterday. We went to the club and had a few drinks. Of course  you know us. We’re kind’a popular because of media, so females went near us. But I swear I never touched any of them. They’re just clingy! And their scent was too much. Believe me Eunjae. Don’t you trust me? ask Woohyun hyung too” Myungsoo looked at me with sad eyes. I looked at Woohyun oppa and he’s face was like WTF but nodded like everything Myungsoo said was real. I trust him though. My eyes shifted back to Myungsoo.

“why would I believe both of you!? you were with him last night!” I reasoned.

“aww.! My dongsaeng! Not believing his oppa!” Woohyun oppa approached me and hugged my shoulders faking tears. Myungsoo looks ticked off and pulled him away.

“trust me. please” he looked to my eyes. Oh those alluring perfect eyes. How the hell did this man got all the perfection when it comes to eyes. Because of those eyes, I’m losing again.. I’m losing again in this fight of us. I can’t stay mad at him for so long. He’s just I don’t…. he has this effect on me.

Okay, Fine I’m losing again.

“I understand. Just make sure you didn’t touch any of them!” I slapped his arms making him flinch in pain.

“I didn’t! I swear!” he said like a little child while pouting. I smiled and approached him, I stand with my tippy toe and leaned for his sweet lips giving him a peck. He smiled widely. Then a gagging sound can be heard. It was Woohyun pretending to puke,

“I’m still here! Gwark! Get a room! Gwark!” he said as he lied to the floor again to sleep.

“leave if you hate seeing this things. The door is open” Myungsoo mocked him.

“no it’s closed. Look” Woohyun pointed at the door. And smirked at Myungsoo.

Myungsoo went to the door and opened it.

“now it’s open now out!” Myungsoo commanded pointing outside.

“yah! Anime! Stop talking we’re trying to sleep here” Sungyeol mumbled with a morning voice. He shifted position and hugged Sungjong at the back.

“anime!?” Myungsoo was losing his temper I can sense it. I just laughed and watched them bicker.

“shut up” Sungyeol said and continued sleeping.

He was about to pounce Sungyeol but I stopped him. I held his hands and dragged him upstairs.

“what?” he annoyingly asked.

“you know. You’re too rude for what you did a while ago when I’m talking to Jaejoong.” I said.

“sigh.. I know it’s rude but can you just please. PLEASE. Never let him know where you live?” he whined.

“arasso. Now go back to sleep. Your eyes are like a fish it’s puffy. Meaning you need some sleep. Go” I pecked his pouting lips again and pushed him on the bed making him fall still pouting. He is so cute.

“don’t go anywhere okay?!” he shot.

“yeah yeah” I closed the bedroom door and went downstairs to cook for the boys.


This is the 3rd day, and 7 more days, Myungsoo will leave.. aigoo.. I wonder where he and the oppas will go.

I was preparing cookies when the doorbell rings. The lazy bodies who are lounging on the living room doesn’t have the energy to open the door so I was the one who opened it. it was Mom


 “hello Eunjae! OMO! Who are those?” she asked.

“ow. Those are infinite oppas.”

“what?! they sleep here?” I nodded.

“aigoo. My sons! Look tired good thing I made food! Let’s eat!!!” she cooed and started shaing the half bodies. They groaned and opened their eyes. The moment they saw Myungsoo’s mom, they shot up from the floor and beamed like a new ray of sunshine. Aigoo this guys, when it comes to food.

“where is Myungsoo?” Mom asked.

“he’s still asleep” I said while arranging the plates, infinite oppas are all lined up in the long table, their chopsticks properly placed on their hands.

“go wake him up for me dear” Mom asked kindly.

I went upstairs and went to the bed. Myungsoo was still deeply asleep.

I don’t want to disturb his peaceful sleep L

I caressed his face studying his features, perfect nose, his lips which are so plump, his eyes and long lashes his thick eyebrows that perfectly fits his perfect face. Aigoo this guy. I  cant believe you just liked a girl like me.. do I deserve you? I kept thinking that. I think he’s too much for me. that’s also the reason I cant say I love him too. I love him I DO. But once I say it to him, he’ll be stubborn and just stick with me. but do I really deserve him? I guess I was caressing his hair too long and he moved a little and opened his eyes.

“ow. We’re going to eat, you’re mom brought something” I tapped his arms. He stretched a little I helped him got up, he rubbed his eyes. He’s so cute. When we went downstairs, we decided to eat. The breakfast was fun we talk a lot especially Woohyun and Sungyeol oppa are around. Dongwoo who laughs and Hoya oppa who mocks Woohyun when he does aegyo. When the topic turns to business I cant help but feel out of place. Thos are words where only elites can understand. Myungsoo tapped my lap and asked me if I’m okay I nodded and ate a spoonful of salad, which taste so good. Indeed, Myungsoo’s mom cooks the best. I was still chewing the salad when Myungsoo’s mom brought the topic about grand children. I choked and Myungsoo handed me a glass of water.

“Mom! I thought we talked about this” Myungsoo whined.

“I know! But I’m just reminding you” his mom said in a matter of fact.

He rolled his eyes.

“I hope his little replica won’t be as evil as him. I don’t want another ice prince lurking around” Woohyun said.

“yeah and Myungsoo is the ice king” Sunggyu shot making another fist of laughter erupt.

“ah! Do you guys want to visit my mall? There’s tons of new products have arrive. And you! Eunjae you should buy some new clothes too! look at you! you look hideous!” he pointed at my sleeveless shirt.

“what’s wrong with her clothes? It looks y… totally mouth watering” Myungsoo bit his lips and seductively smirked at me. AHHHH! NOT IN FRONT OF THEM!!! I was red as a tomato due to embarrassment and blushing.

“after shopping let’s visit the bar again” Hoya said.

“cool!” Sungyeo cheered.

“again?” Sunggyu asked.

“yeah again” Sungyeol glared at him.

“what do you say?” Myungsoo asked.

“sure. It won’t hurt to loosen up a bit”

“I don’t know kids but I can’t join you on the bar. Adults are not allowed.” Mom said.

“adults are allowed mrs. Kim. Only senior citizens are not allow---“ Dongwoo’s voice trailed off when he sensed we’re glaring at him.

“ahehehe! Like I said adults are not allowed” he laughed awkwardly.

“yeah! Go genius! Mr. Sand is White” Hoya mumbled. 







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