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Eunjae’s POV


Here we are in ahjumma’s place eating ttokbokki with Victoria unnie and Heesung and of course Minjun oppa!!!!!.

I was curious about Jaejoong and so as oppa so I asked Victoria Unnie about him, She told a lot of things, according to her, Jaejoong was only adopted and he searched for Jaejoong after she went to China. She treated Jaejoong like his own brother and Jaejoong did the same to her. They’re very close to each other.  But she’s wondering why Jaejoong doesn’t visit her this fast few days. I asked who adopted Jaejoong but it seems like she haven’t even met his foster parents. But Jaejoong said he only has a father, Victoria met him accidentally on a shop in Seoul they bumped into each other and she recognized Jaejoong after that. They are like twins, they know each other just like the back of their hands. Minjun Oppa keeps blabbering stuffs how he missed us and how boring his life in States without us. He is such a sweet talker. But I wonder what is my husband doing now… speaking of him, the contract suddenly popped into my mind. ‘if you accept my confession, you can rip it. but if you don’t. it’s okay I understand’

He’s words rung in my mind, I just sighed.



Myungsoo’s POV.

It was 6pm and now we’re getting ready to go, we’re inside the car that I borrowed from Mr. Shin. Our outfit, we look like tugs and goons. I swear no one can even recognize us. The stylist did a pretty good job. But before we go, I need to call Eunjae to tell her that I might go home late.

I dialed her number and after a few rings she answered.

Yeobosaeyo? She’s screaming, I think she’s in an amusement park.

Hey, Eunjae. I’m going somewhere. And I might be home late. Lock the gates and doors make sure everything is secured arasso?

Where are you going? (yah Eunjae let’s go!) a guy’s voice?! What the heck! Is that DOLL FACE!?

Wait, who is that?! I asked furiously

Uhhhh…  Sorry Myungsoo she sheepishly said.

We’ll talk about this later.


Aish, I’ll be back late okay? Bye.

Bye. Take care Myungsoo



“kaja!!!” Dongwoo who is incharge of driving excitedly said.

We attached spy watch, spy pens and everything all over our bodies in case something ugly happens our back up will get the signal.

We arrived at the venue after a few hours, heck the drive was too long.

And as expected, as the sun goes down, dozens of es are all over the place. It was disgusting. You can see a man who’s doing with three women in front of the underground club. What a scene. But nobody minded them. we got out of the car and the that our sources sent welcomed us. As soon as we reached the crooked entrance of the club, S immediately piled in. and the stench is unbearable, the air was a mixture of and sweat, pukes and liquors. I almost wanted to puke but Sungyeol secretly handed me a perfume and I sprayed it inside the collar of my shirt. The stylist purposely made us wear an outfit just like sasuke’s clothes, the collar was up and it can cover half of our faces. And I was thankful for that. The a.k.a the spy our sources sent, introduced himself as Hyunseung. (can’t think of anyone who will fit the role so Hyunseung of beast!! He’s my bias! Kekeke)



We were lead to the VIP sections the music was devastatingly loud. TOO LOUD. Tons of drunk women and men grinding to each other. I bet the Hyungs are already way too disgusted just like me.

As we entered the VIP room. The stench of cigarette and the smell of still linger on the air. It was intolerable. I’m afraid once I sit on the couch, there will be a white sticky substance I’m going to sit on.

Hyunseung knew what we were thinking so he takes out a wet tissue and give each of us. “yeah, this is my second time entering here. That’s why I brought wet tissues with me. I don’t want to sit in again. It was disgusting” he commented making us laugh a little.

 He was sent here yesterday to observe everything inside this club before we can go here and inspect for ourselves. So he knows how things go.

We then sat on the couch, the room is only composed of window walls, you can see the outside but the outside can’t see you. there’s no hidden camera on VIP rooms so we’re safe to talk things through.

“I admit, when I first came here, everyone was looking strangely at me, and it was intimidating. I was so nervous. And when I went to the VIP room, the that the staff assigned for me was hell irritating. You can’t go inside without hiring one or else, you’ll be suspected”

“did you do IT? with the s?” Sungggyu asked we looked at him with a baffled look.

“HELL NO! why would I touch a girl ed by millions of people! Who knows how many disease she’s carrying. I just let her cling to me but I never let her go any further. And their perfume is way too strong”


“I’ll go order some drinks, don’t’ worry, their drinks is the most cleanest thing here. So we’re going to be safe” we nodded as he went out to get us drinks.

“so what now?” Sungjong impatiently asked.

“why are you so impatient?” Sungyeol countered.

“the newest Louis vuitton  clothing will arrive later at the mall! How can’t I be impatient?!”

We rolled our eyes, as usual the maknae, a fashion geek.

Few minutes passed, Hyunseung came back with our drinks.

“so, what now?” Sungjong repeated.

“we’ll wait for the bastard and his one hell of a foster dad” I said.

“they’ll arrive any minute now. They also sell drugs all over the country that is why they get tons of money to sustain themselves.” Hyunseung informed. As we all looked through the window observing everything from the inside.

“wow. They’re really something!” Dongwoo exclaimed.

Then we suddenly heard a buzz sound. Hyunseung became alert.

“hurry, get back to your place. The s will enter” he said and we immediately went to our normal places acting normal.

Then 8 s came wearing almost nothing, they have see through clothes ! ugh!!! Damn it! I wish Eunjae can just wear this clothes I’ll be the happiest person in the world. But with them, I’m sulking.

The thick cake of makeup composed their face.

One sat beside me and cling on my arms.

Eeeeeewww! Gross!!! Her perfume breaks all the veins on my nose! It’s too strong! And her breath hallelujah it smells like a rotten rat is stuck on her stomach.

I took a peek on the hyungs and they were inching away, they’re faces are full of horror. I don’t think they can even talk after this.

Hoya hyung reached for the beer and offered it to her the gleefully took it and drink it while having a nonsense conversation with Hoya. Us did the same thing too and it was okay that they’re were acting normal except the way they touch us. After a few glance on the window. The people we’ve all been waiting for came. I shot everyone a knowing glance and pulled something on our pockets. In count of 3 I turned to the and winked at her, brought the sleeping gas near her face and sprayed it. in just a second she was sleeping. The others did the same. Now 8 s are lying on the floor. On their own dreamland.

We watched the bastard and his dad talk to other men. They offered a trunk and the men gave a trunk also in return.

“those are the drugs and money” Hyunseung said and Sungjong took a picture with his spy watch. Sunggyu Hyungs is filming everything.

A tiny device was attached under the table of the bastard and his father that can clearly record everything they’re talking about. We can hear it clear as a bell.


So, how’s everything son?

Good. Jaejoong coldly said.

Is that the way you talk to your father? His father said.

I’m warning you, never bring Victoria in this mess Jaejoong clenched his fist.

Just be truthful to me my son, and your precious cousin will be safe, Have you already figured out where she lives?

No not yet he clenched his teeth.

What?! I’ve already given you tons of months! And now you still don’t know where that girl lives! You even went to their honeymoon! Jaejoong glared to his father.

I know, but I kept losing my sight on them and sometimes Eunjae is not with L. damn! So this is the reason why he’s there?! !

You’re dumber than I thought Jaejoong. Get this job done fast.

What does Eunjae have to do with this? She’s innocent. None of this is her fault. The girl is suffering a lot isn’t that enough for you? Jaejoong madly said, for once, I think this bastard is not the bad at all.

Don’t interfere with my plan Jaejoong. I want that girl dead. lifeless. Just like her parents. I clenched my fist and tightened my jaw. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN OLD MAN.

What did her parents do to you?! his father didn’t talk.

I’m leaving Jaejoong stood up and walked away but his father called him again.

Jaejoong, I’m giving you three weeks I can see the bastard clenching his fist.

His father was now surrounded with s and is being led to the VIP room. THAT WAS GROSS! We were all cringing at the sight!




“is it done?” Woohyun hyung asked.

We slumped to the couch. I can’t believe the things that I just heard.

We’re leaving for three weeks, but Mr. Shin is not enough to protect her. I can’t’ take her to that place. It will just bring her past pack. I hate seeing her cry,

“how are we going to leave her? When that wrinkled man is giving Jaejoong 3 weeks to find out where Eunjae lives? And we’re leaving for 3 weeks?!” Sungjong thought aloud.

“we’ll help you L. don’t worry” Hyungseung tapped my shoulder.

“but first we have to leave before this s wake up” he said.

“we can’t leave them still clothed” Hyunseung informed making our eyes widen.

“what do you mean!? We have to strip them?” Woohyun hyung asked in disbelief. Hyunseung nodded.

“can you just do the honors for me?” I asked innocently. They looked at me with dark eyes, saying ‘as-if-we’ll-let-you’

“undress your s” Hyunseung said as she approached her and ripped her bra making ** spring out. we gasped, Sungyeol and Sungjong shrieked at the sight and covered our eyes like little children, how can he do it with so much confident and without hesitations. It seems like Hyunseung read my mind.

“I’m a spy, I’m used to this sight. This is just a normal scene when we spy on clubs. You haven’t seen any internal organs scattered on the floor so this scene is a very easy thing to me” he said and held the hem of the ’s underwear. We turn our backs as we heard ripping sounds. Ewww….

“come on! Hurry up! Be a man!” he commanded. Wow. Now he’s emitting the spy aura. I can sense the hyungs are looking everywhere except the now .

I gulped on the assigned to me, she’s still on dreamland and is open saliva is flowing out on the side of her lips. Can this be more disgusting?

I held her thin clothing thinking twice how to rip it. will I rip it fast or slow? Argghhh… the members are all thinking the same I can sense it.

“WHAT THE HELL! WE DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME! RIP IT NOW!” Hyunseung exploded making us rip the cloth in shock. After the ripping noise all of us shrieked like girls. I know it’s embarrassing but this is too much!! My innocent hands! Just ripped a bra! Sunggyu and Woohyun hyung looked at his hands with a horror face. It’s like his hands are going to his life out.

“the second one! Hurry up be a man!!!” Hyunseung said. Good thing the room is sound proofed.

I held the hem of her underwear using my thumb and index finger.

“don’t hold it like that! You can’t rip it with that! Grip it!” Hyunseung shouted again.

“now rip it!!!” I ripped it with closed eyes. Then Sungjong shrieked again, holding up the ripped underwear.

“AHHHHHH! I JUST TOUCHED THE CHEAPEST UNDERWEAR IN THE WORLD!!! MY HANDS!! MY GOLDEN HANDS!!!” he threw the underwear and I can see the other members are too disgusted to complain.

“we’re finished now let’s go” we left the room and the janitor came in. he looked at the s and to us.

“sorry, we got carried away too much” Hyunseung shrugged.

When we’re inside the car, it was full of ruckus complains and everything.

“have you seen the assigned to me?! she looks like a fish!!” Hoya said.

“Sungjong-ah how’s your hand?” Sungyeol asked.

“destroyed. Destroyed” he mumbled.

Sunggyu ruffled his hair.

“wow. It’s 3am already?!” Dongwoo exclaimed.

“ah I feel so tired all of a sudden” I said.

“me too” the members chorused.

We arrived to our house at 5am and the members crawled their way inside. I wonder where Eunjae is. Once the members reached the carpeted floor. They fell unconscious and entered the dreamland. They didn’t even bother washing up.

But for me, I should take a shower; I’ll be sleeping next to Eunjae I don’t want to smell like crap. I entered the bedroom to see her sleeping with a phone beside her and the pillows are still in place.

Did she wait for me?! her neck will hurt sleeping like this! Aish this pabo.

I carefully moved the pillows and made sure she’s comfortable in her sleeping position and went to wash up after that I went beside her. Held her waist and closed my eyes.

“is this the right time for a husband to go home? We’ll talk about this later KIM MYUNGSOO. Sleep for now” she said with closed eyes and snuggled to my chest and continued sleeping.





lame chapter... -.- and sorry if there are typos


a little note.. please make sure you got the title right. ahahah! many are getting confused. it should me 

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