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Thursday , the next day

You woke up early, it’s 6:00am.

You headed downstairs to see a lot of busy people, the maid noticed you and gently pulled you.

“miss! We don’t have time, you have to get ready, Mr. & Mrs. Kim will arrive in an hour”

“what!!” before they could answer they already drag you to a room full of dress and cosmetics and tried changing you to another person. You can’t escape because thousands of hands are holding you so the only thing you can do is wait for this make over to end.

Meanwhile, while you are getting ready, and Myungsoo is asleep.

Infinite came at the Kim’s residence, Mr. Shin smiled and pointed upstairs.

The boys rushed on Myungsoo’s door and key in his password.

The boys saw Myungsoo deeply asleep; they cackled loudly, Hoya grabbed a pail of water while Woohyun dragged Sungjong  and Sungyeol near Myungsoo’s ear.

Sunggyu counted with his fingers… and the other members stepped back.


“AAAHHHHHHHH~~~!!!! WAAAAKKKEEEE UUUUPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!! “ SungjONG AND Sungyeol screamed at the same time.

Myungsoo’s eyes shot open and got up from his bed startled. But when his view grew clearer he was welcomed with a pail of cold water.

Myungsoo reached his boiling point and before he can scream the members ran out of his room already.

“WAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! SUNGGYU HYUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Myungsoo screamed. His scream startled all the workers at the mansion and they all shook their heads. They all already know what happened when Myungsoo screamed like that.

“Miss, Please change MR. Kim’s bedsheet later.” Mr. Shin commanded one of the maids.

Myungsoo remembered that his parents are going home today and scrambled towards his closet to get prepared, after getting prepared, he called his stylist and styled his hair.

Myungsoo, was the one who got finished first, infinite followed him and laughed at the incidence a while ago. Myungsoo shot them a look; They went to your dressing room and ask whether you are all done.

But the stylist shook they’re heads. An hour passes, 30 minutes before his parents arrive.

The stylist went out of the room. And Myungsoo together with infinite stood up. The stylists smiled and give Myungsoo two thumbs up.

You came out of the dressing room. With killer heels Myungsoo’s and so as the rest of infinite’s jaw dropped and their eyes wanted to pop out

your hair was curled and it was cut, you have curly bangs. Your long legs are exposed; they are milky white and very smooth. Every curves of your body were exposed which made you turn pink.

You’re wearing diamond necklace and the engagement ring with ruby on top, that Myungsoo asked his stylish to let you wear.

Your hair is shoulder length you wear thin make up but your beauty glows from your skin’s fairness.

“h-how do I look?” stuttering you asked Myungsoo he looked like he just saw a ghost.

“I look horrible?” you asked again.

Myungsoo realized what he was doing, finally dazed out.

“you look fine.”

“wow! So this is your future wife… she looks too innocent for you, Myungsoo, Hello. I’m Sunggyu.. You can call me Sunggyu Oppa ara?” Sunggyu started and you nodded.

“Yeah.. I don’t think she is the one for you Myungsoo.. By the way, Hi! Eunjae, I’m Dongwoo oppa by the way” he shook your hands while you smiled.

“Hoya oppa!~ Dongsaeng” he smiled

“Sungyeol oppa” he raised his hands.

“Woohyun oppa.. ang~ ang~” doing his aegyo you giggled at his cuteness.

“Sungjong oppa!!!!” he approached you with open arms and hugged you tight.

Myungsoo envied the closeness and grabbed Sungjong.

“Back off..” he smiled at you. Sungjong pouted.

“Jerk” Sungjong spitted out. Myungsoo glared and looked at you returning to his emotionless face.

 “Mom and dad will arrive in an hour. Be ready” he said.

You both went to the living room and wait for his parents to come infinite left. You both sat on the couch.

You’re wearing a short dress, so when you sit, it get shorter, you noticed Myungsoo’s stare at your legs.

“Stop looking!” you snapped. But Myungsoo, tried touching your legs but you hit his hands.

“!” you hissed. He just smirked.

“Remember, we met on Seoul Café and it all started okay?” Myungsoo explained.

After a few minutes, a car stopped and Myungsoo’s parents entered.

You suddenly stood up, well, Myungsoo stood up to, while rolling his eyes.

His mother gasped, his father stared at you in shock.

“uhh.. Mom, Dad.. I want you to meet my fiancée, Choi EunJae“ Myungsoo stated. You bowed and introduced yourself. You bowed.

“Annyeong Haseyo, I’m Choi Eun Jae” saying it with your gentle voice, you showed your eye smile and dimples.

“OMO!!! Myungsoo! Is this the girl you picked?!” Myungsoo’s Mom shouted.

You are shocked at her reaction.

“Myungsoo, what is this?” his father started.

“Myungsoo, I never thought…. You’re fiancée looks like an angel!!  That my future daughter will be this pretty !!!! “Myungsoo’s mom suddenly attacked you with a bear tight hug.


“Mom your squishing her” Myungsoo pulled you out.

“welcome to the family! Eunjae” his dad mentioned and smiled.

“we’ll see you at dinner guys, we’ll just rest, we’re too tired” his mom waved, you shyly waved back.

Dinner came

You sat beside Myungsoo and started to eat.

Myungsoo’s parents keep asking you questions and you answered them including your parents death, they know where you came from and what your true life is, but the only thing you lied about is where you and Myungsoo first met.

Desserts came, it’s your favorite, Ice cream—Cookies and cream Flavored.

You tried scooping a spoon full, you were about to eat it, but it accidentally slipped of the spoon and it landed on your lap and melted till run to your thigh, Myungsoo rolled his eyes and sighed. You forgot to place napkins in your lap, you’re too thankful that the dress is safe, but the ice cream was too cold. You don’t know what to do and Myungsoo noticed it. He pulled a table napkin and cleaned your lap. He didn’t even think twice on touching your thigh, and you turned pink getting embarrassed.

After cleaning he looked at you and winked, he smirked. You turned redder.

“Awww.. what a very sweet couple. we should announce this tomorrow so they can be married faster” his Mom cooed.

“but Mrs. Kim…” you started.

“nuh-uh.. cut off Mrs. & Mr. Kim… Omma and Appa or Mom and dad if you prefer” she pointed at his husband and herself.

“Mom don’t you think we’re rushing this” Myungsoo interrupted.

“yes son, we’re rushing this so you can stop flirting with a lot of girls, I hope you will appreciate your wife” His Dad lectured.

“fine, we’ll announce it tomorrow” you choked on your water. Myungsoo rolled his eyes and soothed your back.



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