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Myungsoo’s POV

Eunjae looks so sad leaving the place, and on our way home she fell asleep. Once we reached the house I turned off the engine and went her door. I carried her unconscious body bridal style, her arms wrapped around my neck I placed her gently on the bed and went back to the car to get our luggage. I know tomorrow, my parents will visit us and asked Eunjae’s condition. They’re desperate for grandchildren.  After getting the luggage organized I cleaned myself before going to bed and went laid beside my wife. I tucked the loosed strand of her hair on her ear and looked at her. I kept thinking on reasons not to leave her and to study to states. The pregnancy thing, I was serious about it. Mom will never let me leave her since she’s pregnant at all. But the three weeks seminar was all a lie. I can’t tell her my true motive on leaving for 3 weeks. The other infinite is coming with me also, we’re going there not for a seminar about universities, it’s about something else. I’ll be leaving Eunjae after 1 week. I hope nothing will happen.



“okay, I’ll be giving you another year Myungsoo. You can study in any university you desire to attend” Mom said while giving us a frustrated look. She thought Eunjae was pregnant and got all excited. But, she became frustrated when she figured out Eunjae is not so she gave us another year for her grandchild but I know it’s impossible. Still, I can sense my wife’s lips twitching. She’s trying to hide her smile. I know she’s happy I’m not leaving. But I can’t postpone the plan on three weeks. This is something important.

“but mom I’ll be leaving with infinite for 3 weeks” I reasoned making Eunjae gasp.

“what? you’re not going to study in States anymore, why are you leaving?” She asked surprised.

“oookay, settle this problem by the two of you. I’ll be leaving I have an appointment” Mom left.

“there are just some errands I and infinite has to do. Don’t worry it’s still here in Korea. We’re not leaving the country” I said as I caressed her face.

“but, can’t I just go with you?” she pouted.

“you can’t go with me. it’s an important business of ours.”

“but” I shut her by placing my index finger on her lips.

“behave for 3 weeks okay? Don’t meet up with Jaejoong and don’t tell her where you live. Never let him take you home” I sternly said. She just nodded like an obedient child.

But I know those rules are impossible for her to follow. She’ll break it sooner or later.

“ah!! Why do you have to leave! You’re going to an underground club aren’t you?! going to look for s! That’s why you don’t want me to come!” she pointed a finger to me. I looked at her in disbelief.

“end of discussion Eunjae” I ignored her sentence. And went upstairs.

“yah!” she yelled obviously annoyed.



“kyaaaa!!!!!” another fangirl scream lingered on the air. It was Eunjae and Chanseul. Yes, we’re here on Chanseul’s bakery. I’m sitting in one of their customer’s table reading a newspaper while waiting for Eunjae to finish. She just wanted to visit her bestfriend and I can’t let her go alone so I went with her. The two were screaming because, someone’s going back for a vacation. It’s their prince in shining armor. DOLL FACE.

I rolled my eyes for so many times hearing their endless earsplitting screams.

The bakery is a bit popular specially to teenagers. The bakery at this time has an average number of customers.


Then Eunjae came out and wiping her hands on her apron and went to my table and sit. She looked at me.

“are you getting bored? You can go if you want I’m okay with it” she said. I looked at her with a bored expression.

“I’m not leaving without you” I rolled my eyes and went back reading the newspaper. She blew air and pouted.

“what else do you want to eat? I can bake them for you”

“nothing. I’m almost full. I’m trying to maintain my sugar intake babe.” I said my eyes not leaving the newspaper.

“arasoo. How about water?” I looked at her with a smug expression.

“arasso. Arasso. I’ll be finish soon” she pecked my cheek and went back to the kitchen hopping.

I smiled at her simple sweetness.

After a couple of minutes, a batch of teenage girls entered the bake shop. They were wearing overly short skirts that made me grunt in disgust.

They already saw me and I know they’re trying to get my attention by laughing out loud and talking how hot they are. Tss. They’re just wasting their efforts. Then my wife came to get their orders, they dictated their orders, after Eunjae leave they returned their attentions to me. they keep giggling.. arggh so irritating. My lips keep twitching due to extreme irritation. They don’t look cute at ALL!.

Eunjae must have noticed my irritation and sat again.

“yah. If you’re bored you can just say so” she pouted, her arms propped on the table.

“I’m not. It’s just that those girls makes me tick off.” I sighed and took the coffee she’s drinking. She looked at the girls and the girls glared at her.

“wow. You have a lot of girls” she smugly said.

“I only have two” I said. She snapped her head back to me.

“what?” she asked in disbelief.

“well, the one is you. and the other one.. she’ll soon come” I intertwined my fingers and placed my chin above them.

“Minah?” she guessed.

“what?! how did she enter the picture?” I asked in disbelief. I can’t belief she still thinks of that girl.

“I don’t know you said she’ll come soon”  she shrugged her shoulder.

“actually I was talking about a girl, she might look like you. and she’ll call you Mommy someday” I smirked. She seems to be analyzing the meaning of my sentence. She gasped.. she figured out what I mean.

“yah! You!” she slapped my arm.

“don’t even think about it Myungsoo” she pointed a finger in front of my face.

“oppa” I politely said.

She huffed and put her arms across her chest. She’s throwing one heck of a cute tantrums again.

I just smile at her cuteness.

“you can still smile after annoying me you monster”

“just finish everything, I’ll buy you ice cream”

“I’m not a kid!” she snapped.

“okay…. I guess cookies n’ cream have to wait” she gasped. Yes, it’s her favorite flavor of ice cream.

“what I’m saying is, im going back to the kitchen help Chanseul so we can go” she smiled and went back to her work.

The batch of girls kept staring at me, my toes are curling it’s kind’a creepy I can feel their stares, it’s like they’re slowly stripping my clothes with their stares. Arghh…

Then Eunjae came out again and sat again this time she brought a slice of chocolate cake.

“taste this, I made this please!” she clasped her hands. I think this is the 5th time I’m eating another slice of cake. I swear, they’re too sweet. But I never said they don’t taste delicious, it’s perfect. It’s just that, I ate too much! I don’t want rotten teeth.

“just one” I mumbled as she feed me the cake. It’s delicious of course. But I’m too full to eat another bite.

“how is it?”

“delicious. I don’t want to eat anymore I’m full” I said.

I guess the batch of girls, their I don’t know their leader?

Approached us, and held Eunjae’s hand making my whole body in full alarm

“excuse me waitress, but I think that too much of flirting and go back to your work, you ” the girl said.

Making me irritated to core! She called my wife a !? WTF!

“yah!” I yelled.

“what do you think you’re doing to my wife!” I pulled Eunjae out of her grasp.

“what’s happening?” Chanseul asked.

“well, this customer. Accused my wife being a . Don’t they know her?!” I asked in disbelief.

“Myungsoo it’s okay. I’m not hurt” Eunjae tried make me calm.

I looked at her pleading eyes and it instantly made the hate went away. Aish this girl.

She and Chanseul finished everything at exactly 8pm. I can sense she’s already tired. Why does she have to be so stubborn and work?

“bye! Chanseul” she waved and we drive off.

“this is the best day ever. I had fun!” she chuckled.

I just smile, I’m happy she had fun even though she’s tired. As promised I got her the ice cream, and during our way home she finished everything.

I was resting on the bed while watching TV. then Eunjae came with a very excited face.

“Myungsoo-yah. Can you sing me a song?” she cuddled beside me.

“why are you asking that all of a sudden?”

“I just want to. Please?”

“baby I’m tired. I’ll just sing for you tomorrow”





“hmmp” I saw her pouting so I leaned in and bit her cherry lips.

“yah!” she slapped my chest.

“what?” I acted innocent, it’s so fun to .

“acting innocent huh? Let’s see who’ll win in the end” then what she did made my heart beat faster.

She sat on top of me, her legs parted on her sides, her lips and her eyes with a seductive luscious look, she sitting on my stomach. DAMN. This will be a very long night. I gulped.









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