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It was another morning again.. the last day of your honeymoon. And tonight you two are going back.

You two were on the beach, you were wearing, of course a bikini but your husband made you wear his overly huge shirt because he said you’re to revealing.


*what does he expect me to wear here? A cloak?* you rolled your eyes as you applied sunblock to your skin.

Your eyes never stopped from scanning for girls who are looking at your husband beside you, trying to have a sleep with his wet hair [he went to swim just a few hours ago] //he’s clothes are just like the one he’s wearing on ‘she’s back MV’ the red one with a cap on.

 “why would you sleep here when you can sleep on a bed.” You mumbled.

“the weather is nice, we have to enjoy our last day to the fullest” he smiled and put an arm under his shoulder and bit the spoon you use to feed him cake.

Girls squeals can be heard. You facepalmed yourself and heaved a very deep sigh.

“you really know how to tease people. Especially girls” he just smirked and closed his eyes.

“can I swim?” you asked.

“no” he mumbled.



“please, with a cherry on top”

“I can’t see the cherry” he shot back.

You made a face and grumpily slouched on your seat.

He opened his eyes and peeked at you, you were murmuring incoherent words just like a kid throwing some tantrums.




“don’t look at me you jerk” I snapped on his face.

I was so annoyed to core. I gave him a chance to swim and do anything he wants and when it’s my turn to enjoy he didn’t allow me. I want to pound his face, but he should be thankful, his pretty face saves him from getting pound.

I was looking everywhere and the girls keep looking at him. the jerk doesn’t mind at all. He was actually enjoying it, girls looking at him like a sweet fresh flesh.

I rolled my eyes and got up from my sit. I don’t care if he will raise hell if I leave him here. I just want to have fun.

He grabbed my wrist. “I told you, you can’t go” Myungsoo warned. Like his cold voice is gonna scare me.

He doesn’t want to be persuaded so let’s do this the hard way.

I break free from his grasp and removed the shirt he gave to me. now I’m only wearing my two piece bikini. Who care? It’s a beach for crying out loud. I threw the shirt in front of his face making him stunned at my actions.

Believe me his face was priceless. I admit I was scared that he will erupt I any second. Myungsoo is the type of person whose patience is as thin as a thread.

I grinned at my success on leaving him because my husband is still stoned on his sit, still surprised on my actions. He told me to enjoy so now I’ doing it.

I don’t feel swimming on the salty water so I went to the swimming pool located near the house we’re currently staying. Maybe a 10 minutes’ walk from there will lead you here. It was a bit cold because the place was covered and only windows walls surround it. there are only few people here some are kids and some are couples. I cringed at the sight on the couples who are actually making out on the edge of the pool. Gross!! They can always do it on private! We all know you guys are a couple, so would you guys stop that? I rolled my eyes and the girl caught me doing that so she glared at me. he pulled his partner’s face closer and kissed him deeper I so wanna puke right now. As if I’m going to seduce your boyfriend or whatever. he is ALL yours! When you see my husband I don’t know if you can still fix your look at your boyfriend. I slightly smirked at that thought, Myungsoo’s effect is like this on me. my attitude is becoming more like him. Gah this is BAD. I’m becoming an evil person! And a POSSESSED one!!!

Having that thought, I immediately went to the water to remove that thought. No way I’m possessed. Wait, who says I’m possessed? I tilted my head to the side. I just shrugged and continued swimming the water is cold. But I surely feels good. There are a batch of teenage boys at the other edge of the poiol. There are five of them and I can sense they are looking at me. I was becoming more conscious on the way they look at me. CREEPY!!!! One of them approached me.

“hey hottie”  he slung an arm on my shoulder.  But I shrug his arms off. OH NO!!! I HAVE AIDS!! THIS GUY TOUCHED MY SHOULDER!! I NEED TO USE ALL THE SOAP I HAVE! GAHHH!!!! I FEELS SO DIRTY. Okay enough I was overacting.

“ooh” his friends “ooh” when I shrug his arms off.

“playing hard to get? Feisty huh? Just the way I like it” he his lips. EWW! A maniac!!!

I stepped away from him but being in water is hard to move so he jumped closer.

Who does he think he is?! Does he think he;s so handsome and I will fell for his face… his face looks like…..









Yes, that’s the best way to describe him. he has huge eyes and nostrils.. I shivered. I think his face will hunt me on my dreams.


“sorry. But I have a husband” I said.

“does it look like I care?” the arrogant guy said. I swear I don’t want Myungsoo to see this scene or else this shrimp-faced guy will look like an octopus afterwards.


“I don’t have time for this so if I were you I, I would step back” I bravely answered. I was brave enough because we’re on water. And he’s a guy and every girl knows that every guy has the similar weakness.


I may be thinking so much right now but I was calm. Very calm.


But all my calm aura was destroyed when I reached the wall of the pool.

“uh-oh” I said loud enough for shrimp guy to hear.

“yes uh-oh baby” he trapped me with both of his arms.

I have no choice… JEWEL SMASHER GO! GO! GO!

My foot automatically moved and hit that spot where he can’t see daylight anymore. He gasped in unbearable pain. I gasped too. his face looks so scary, he was like suffocating or something while grabbing that part. I can see it on the moving water.

His eyeball are like about to pop out his throat has veins popping out too. and his making some scary noises. Just like in death note, where some people will be infected by virus and will start choking and will be having hard time to breath and BAM! Dead, his face is just like that right now.

“sorry!” I bowed and immediately swim on the far edge and climbed up. I ran to the hallway to the exit when one of his friends ran after me. I turned to the corner when I bumped into someone. I fell on my ‘’ with a thud and an ‘ooof’ I’m dripping wet and I have no coverjust my two piece bikini. I look up……



“oh my god” it was Myungsoo with a pissed expression.

Then the guy running after me came.

“yah!” he went near me and Myungsoo.

“oh. Hey man. I’m sorry. But this hottie will be our meal tonight. Go find yourself a new one” Myungsoo’s jaw clenched and his fist tighten. I can sense his temper meter immediately went up on the guy’s words.


He grabbed my arm and pulled me up just like a kid. I bit my lips. I know this is not good; this is not a pretty scene to be watched. He gave me his shirt I was wearing a while ago which was on his shoulder. I wear it looking down. The guy looked in disbelief.

“man, you didn’t just did that. I told you she’s ours tonight” the guy went closer.

“my wife is not a ” Myungsoo said in a dark tone. This is so not good. Eep!

“wife? Hahah! This hottie. Is this your so called husband?” I nodded.

“your face looks good but I don’t know about your fighting skills” the guy smirked and readied himself for a fight.

“no. Myungsoo” I grabbed his arms but he shrug it off.

“stay here. Listen to me just this once please” Myungsoo kissed my forehead and readied himself too.

Please god. Let him be safe. Please end this fast.

The guy lunged for a punch but Myungsoo moved his head to the side.

“smart ” the guy said. Now it was Myungsoo’s turn in just a second the guy’s lips was dripping with blood.

“ahh! Myungsoo stop” I shrieked it was not a pretty scene I tell you. Myungsoo glared at me and grabbed the guy’s neck. Myungsoo walked dragging the guy on his neck while I followed. Luckily there were no people on the hallway or else it’s pure ruckus.

“awww. Aww. Awww.” The guy keep whining for protest he almost can’t breathe.

We reached the pool area but his friends only gave the attention to us.

“next time. Make sure you mess with the right person, and make sure the person you would mess is not my wife” he threw the guy on the pool. He threw the man just like garbage. His friends went to him. Myungsoo turn around and we met eyes.

I smiled sheepishly.

He motioned me to come near him with his finger.

I slowly went to home gulping a gallon of saliva due to  my nervousness.

 He crossed his arms and taps his foot on the wet surface. I know what he wants.

An explanation.


“I, well… *sigh* you mad?” I asked.

“very” I looked down.

He cleared his throat, I know he’s doing this because he wants a clear and complete explanation.

“can I just explain later, please.” He shook his head.


“no” Myungsoo looked at me with determined eyes. He’s not going to give up.

“fine.” There I told him the whole story my legs was getting numb for standing too much. He’s never going to let me sit until this explanation was over.

“ok. This is what you got when you keep doing your ways, TROUBLE” Myungsoo lectured. Now hes a nagger. It reminds me of Mashimaro Gyu oppa.

“he should be thankful I’m not here, when he did that or else”  he punched his hands to his palms.

He looked at the guys who messed with me and they looked away as if nothing happened.

“that should teach them. come on let’s swim here. I know you didn’t have a good time” he held my hand and dragged me to the water.

“as if I’m going to enjoy it now, after what happened” I made a face.

“of course! Your husband is here” he arrogantly said.

Here he is again. I know he’s perfect and everything but why does he have to rub it in front of my face. Aigoo. Guys and their confidence.


He splashed me with water and I gasped.

“yah!” I splashed him back. He laughed and dive into the water.  I was searching for him but it was hard because the water keeps moving.

I shrieked in terror when a hand grabbed my legs and Myungsoo appeared behind me. he was laughing again.

His laugh attracted the girl who was making out with his boyfriend a while ago. I looked at her and she was looking at my husband who was still laughing. I looked at her and I caught her attention We’re having a staring contest as if she’s sending a telepathic message saying ‘your husband is just fooling with you.. loser’ I was getting irritated and I can feel my eyebrows are getting connected and I almost forgot my husband is here.

Who is she to judge our relationship? Her eyes shifted to Myungsoo and his boyfriend is trying hard to catch his attention. But she’s acting like her boyfriend is not there and keeps her focus on Myungsoo who was trying to catch my attention too.  Yep, like I said, she will never focus on her own boyfriend when you see Myungsoo. 

“who are you looking at?” Myungsoo’s irritated voice said blocking my view from the insecure girl. His back is now facing the girl.

I looked at him and gave him a lopsided smile.

“nothing” but it didn’t convince my smart husband. He looked back and saw the girl looking at him giving him a seductive look. I rolled my eyes. Myungsoo just smirked. He’s enjoying this again, being feasted with other girls.

“ah, now I see.” Myungsoo laughed and started coming near me. I stepped back but he inched closer, I stepped back again then I hit the pool’s wall. What’s with me and the pool’s wall? Argh!

“don’t come near!” I said with wide eyes, my hands were on his bare chest and it’s really awkward for me touching his skin like this! Plus his dripping wet hair. GOSH! What did I do to be in this situation? He removed my hands on his chest and held it tight bringing it on my sides as he inched closer.

“yah!!!” I said in protest but he just looked into my eyes. I know I’m probably red as a tomato. I need to do something to break this contact. I lowered myself to the water to hide. And break free from his grasp I awkwardly flapped my arms like a stupid person. Trying my best to get away from him, he just stare at me with a challenged expression. I was far from him good thing the pool was wide and the water is not too deep for me. But I forgot one thing, HE CAN SWIM. Ah!!! This is a fail! I’ll be a floating corpse here when he catch me.

He smirked and the movement I was afraid he was about to do happened, he dive to the waters and swim towards me.

I looked at his figure through the moving water. His figure is coming close and my feet were too stubborn to move. I shrieked when he reached for my legs and he surfaced on the water. I gave him a ‘I’m getting scared look’

“gotcha. Baby” he whispered and grabbed my waist to pull me closer to him. He then tickled my side, that’s my weakest spot. So I twitched and shouted like a wicked person. I can’t help it but laugh.

“stop it! Ahhhh!!” I keep finding his hands to stop him from tickling me.

“stop it!!!” he stopped and I hugged him, my hands on his neck I was catching my breath near his neck.

“you okay?” he laughed a little while holding my waist and arms.

“you’re so annoying!” I released my hold on him and splashed him.

“so you want this game huh?” he splashed me  back I keep blocking the water with my arms but it was no use.

“ahh!! Enough! I give up”

“you lose. Treat me for snack later” Myungsoo tapped my forehead and grabbed my hand. We went out of the water. We went back to the house to wash and change to dry clothes.







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