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Jaejoong walked to him.

“what?” Myungsoo coldly said.

“where’s Eunjae?” Jaejoong calmly asked.

“that’s none of your business” Myungsoo cockily answered.

Jaejoong smirked.

“didn’t I tell you to stay away from my wife?”

“what if I don’t?”

“we’ll just see about that” there was a pure tension between the two.

He shoves Jaejoong’s shoulder and walked away with his hands on his pocket.



No one’s POV

He went back to the house and saw his wife on the couch watching a cooking show.

“did you eat?” she shook her head.


“well, I was waiting for you”

He sighed and took your hands he lead you to the kitchen and motioned you to sit.

“did you eat already?” you asked him.

“not yet”

“then, where have you been?”

“somewhere” you made at face at his useless answer.

“tomorrow is our last day here, do you plan anything to do?” you asked him again as he grab a box of cereal.

“I don’t have any idea yet” it’s now your turn to sigh.

You two ate in silence..

After that Myungsoo took you for a walk.

The wind brushing to his face, the weather is damp.

“Mom keeps bugging me lately” he started.

“is it about the pregnancy thingy?” you’re embarrassed to open this topic to him but you know you can’t avoid it.

“no, it’s about me. Studying in States” you stopped walking.


“I thought we’re going to the same university?” you were shocked on the news.

“yeah, but, Mom found a better University for me. I mean it’s huge company I’m about to handle so..”

You looked down.

“is this the reason why you’re leaving for 3 weeks?” he nodded.

“it’s okay. Go then” you let go of his hand and left him. he reached for you but you shrug him off. You were disappointed and at the same point sad, you don’t want him to leave and you also don’t want him to go there because for sure, Mina was there. You’re going to miss him for sure. It so hard for you, you want to go with him but you don’t want to be a burden to him.

You’re mind was full of worries. You sat on the cold sand and watched the waves.

What should I do Myungsoo?

Why did you came to my life?

Why did I end up here, to this point that you fell inlove with me?

Why? Why is everything so complicated for me?


I love you too, but I don’t think it’s the right time to tell you this


Myungsoo found you and was thinking of ways how to approach you. he slowly approached you

“hey” you looked up to see his worried face. You smiled and patted the space beside you.

“you mad?” you shook your head.

“why did you run then?” he looked at you.

“I needed some time to think” you looked down and fumbled with your fingers.

“you know you can go with me if you want to” you shook your head.

“I don’t want to be a burden to you” he laughed a little.

“of course you’re not. I would love it if you were there too.”

“but I already signed up for college here” you looked at him.

“we can take it back” Myungsoo pulled you closer.

You leaned your head to his shoulder.

“it’s ok. Days end up fast. I know you won’t take long there”  he smiled at your understanding.

“can you promise me something then?” as he intertwined his fingers to you.


“visit me there thrice  a month”

“what?!” you looked at him with a ‘are you kidding me face’

“what? if you don’t want,  then I’ll be the one to visit you then”

“arasso. I’ll think about it.”

“can’t your mom change her mind anymore?” you asked him.

“I’ll try to convince her again.” Myungsoo hugged you tighter.

“it’s hard for me you know”


“who would wake me and comfort me when I have nightmares at night”

“see I know you love me. you just have to say it.” he teased.

You slapped his arm, the both of you laughed.

“you know there’s one way I’m 100 percent sure my mom can change her mind”

“what is it?”

“it’s when you get pregnant” you gasped with wide eyes. Myungsoo laughed.

“yah! You !” he got up and ran. You ran for him with an annoyed face.


Jaejoong who saw everything was watching the two of you with a straight face.

“I’ll get you someday. Eunjae.”





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