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RING RING RING…. Your cellphone keeps ringing making you stir on your sleep.

Before you could grab it. Myungsoo grabbed it and answered it with his morning voice.

“hello?” he huskily said and you looked at him with half-closed eyes trying to eavesdrop on who is the caller.

“nope, we’re kind’a busy right now.. and stay away from my wife” Myungsoo hung up and threw your phone somewhere. *what’s with him and throwing phones?*

“who was that? It’s my call not yours” you said while looking at his sleepy face.

He just smiled while his eyes are closed.

“who was that?!” you tapped his chest.

“Jaejoong” he muttered under his breath and hugged your waist.

“what?! how could you talk to him like that?! You’re so rude! Do you know that!?!” he just nodded.

“I wanna sleep so be quiet” Myungsoo said. Your eyes turned to slits upon hearing that. *this jerk never learns*

You got up from the bed and left your sleeping husband on the bed.

You went out to the veranda and breathed the morning breeze you smiled feeling the warm rays of the  rising sun.

You looked down and saw 3 familiar people hiding behind a tree.

*woohyun? Dongwoo and Hoya oppa?* you tilted your head on the side.

You blinked and saw the 3 guys pointing and looking at you with wide eyes.

You blinked again and the three guys were gone.

You grew puzzled and tried searching for the three guys.


“what are you doing?” a cold voice said behind you. you jumped in fright.

“oh? I think I saw Woohyun, Dongwoo and Hoya oppa behind that tree” You counted the person with your fingers.

“what?” Myungsoo came near you and looked at the tree closely.

There he sees 3 familiar hair colors.

“damn it” he grabbed you and pulled you inside.

“stay there” Myungsoo instructed.

“wae—“ he cut you off by putting a finger on your lips and dialed Hoya’s number.

After a few rings…


“oh! Myungsoo yah! We’re here on my house! how are you?” he nervously said.

“hyung. I think I saw a violet teddy bear near the vending machine go get it!” Myungsoo looked at the three where the three idiots are hiding. After saying that, the idiot Hoya immediately hung up and ran to the nearest vending machine. The two tried pulling him back but ended up stumbling. Myungsoo saw the ruckus and his eyes immediately turned to slits. *I knew it*

His phone rang again.

“yah there’s no violet teddy bea—“ his voice slowly faded and Myungsoo smirked.

Hoya looked at the veranda and so as Dongwoo and Hoya.

“Hi Hyung” Myungsoo said on the line.

“you better run” Myungsoo warned.

“we’re gonna run now by dongsaeng” Hoya nervously laughed and un like his was on fire. They ran somewhere where Myungsoo can’t reach them. Myungsoo sighed and approached you standing there dumbfounded.

“they’re here?” you asked. He nodded.

“they’ll never gonna leave the living hell out of me” Myungsoo went down and you followed him.

“what do you want for breakfast?” you asked him.

“I don’t want to eat” he sat on the couch. You tilted your head to the side.

“why?” you looked at his unreadable face.

“I don’t have any appetite” you went beside him and looked at his mad face.

“stop creasing your forehead, you’ll get wrinkles.” You poked his cheek.

He looked at you and sighed.

“hmm? Smile…” you keep poking his cheek.

He sighed and left the couch leaving you stunned.

He went to the kitchen and grabbed a carton of milk and went out. you  were left dumfounded on his actions.


You pouted and decided to stay and just wait inside the house.


Myungsoo’s POV.

Why the hell do they have to be here? Arghh! I’m disappointed that Eunjae can’t say those 3 words! I’m so frustrated. I just kept my confidence to confess to her but I she keeps being stubborn. I know that there’s something bothering her that’s why she can’t say it. I understand. but it’s kind’a hard to keep my cool image when on the inside I keep getting hurt because I can see that’s she’s not ready to admit it.


I went out to find those 3 bastards. I know that the other three is here. They’re like a package deal. Especially the Sung brothers.

I don’t have to look for them that hard because I know, they’re on the most expensive house here next to our house.

I reached the place and pushed the doorbell.

“who is it?” the dolphin said. It was sungyeol.

He opened the door.

“oh! Hey Myungsoo what’s up!” he gave me a tap on the shoulder while I glared at him.

“hey man—“ the bastard already realized who Is he talking to and stopped on his actions.

His eyes are about to pop out of its socket.

“LEE SUNGYEOL!!” that’s it all of the things he have done to annoy me, I poured it all out today.

I strangled, punched, scratched and slapped every skin exposed in his body. His earsplitting scream woke up the others and stopped me from continuing beating this guy to pulp.

“yah! Kim Myungsoo! He’s  older than you!” our half awake leader said to me.

“what are you guys doing here?” I coldly said.

After asking this, my 6 friends forming a straight line are like chickens who are trying to play innocent.

They’re looking everywhere except me.

“why!” my voice boomed all over the house.

“we were send by your mom!” Sungjong panicked.

I sighed for the nth time this day.

“you three? What are you doing to that innocent tree? Woohyun Hyung I never thought you were going to wear that thing?!”

“Hoya Hyung! Arghh! What the hell! What’s up with that beard?! You looked like Dumbledore!”

“Dongwoo hyung………………………………. I cannot believe you said the sand is white.. that’s so lame” I said with a straight face.

“why can’t you just leave me alone?” I whined like a retarded person.

“because, it’s for your self control” Hoya tapped my shoulder and the others went back to their normal state.

“self control?”  I asked in confusion.

“yep” Dongwoo hyung said.
“what they’re trying to say is, we’re here if ever Eunjae will scream for help when you drilled her to the bed” Sungyeol interrupted. That hit me, so they think I’m going to do IT with her?! They’re waiting for it?! this is ING INSANE!!! I told them we’re actually doing it but I didn’t know they will believe me!

I’m not like those people who would just drill someone because I wanted too. I shivered on that thought.

“you guys think I’m that ?! To spy me here!?” I asked. Sungyeol nodded like there’s no tomorrow.

“this guy” I went to him for another round of punches but Sunggyu hyung stopped me.

“stop it! go back to your wife. We’ll leave tonight to calm your ” Hyung said.

“whatever Mashimaro” I went out of the cursed house.

I walked when I spotted someone looking at me.

It was Jaejoong. 




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