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“you must be very lucky” Myungsoo said and looked at you. your breathing stopped and as if time has stopped too everything stopped. 





Myungsoo smiled seeing your expression.

“b-bwoh?” you stuttered.

“I said I like you” Myungsoo looked to your frozen eyes. You can’t believe what you just heard.

“yah. Eunjae” he wiggled shook your shoulder disrupting you.

“stay away from me. you are seriously possessed by a spirit.” You jerked back.

Myungsoo held you tight. He leaned in and pecked your lips. You gasped loudly.

“am I still possessed to you?” you didn’t breathe, blink for a second. *what is happening?*

“is it wrong to say that you’re lucky?” you shook your head fervently.

“then is saying that i love you Is wrong too?” you gasped again.

Myungsoo just slightly laughed and scratched his head.

Myungsoo hugged your waist and leaned to your ear .

“I’m just happy that now you know that I love you. Mrs. Kim Eunjae.”

He let go and went downstairs leaving you stunned.

*he loves me?* then soon you started smiling from ear to ear your gums were exposed and your teeth were all shown. A giddy feeling started rising from your chest and can’t help it but yelp. You instantly buried your face on Myunjae’s head to muffle your scream. But unfortunately Myungsoo heard it all. The corner of his lips tug into a smile while he’s preparing a hot coffee for the both of you. you heard footsteps getting louder and you immediately fixed yourself and tried acting normal.

“don’t try to act normal. I heard your yelps downstairs” Myungsoo gave you the mug.

You made a face and turn your back to him.

“now, you’re giving your husband the silent treatment?” you just sipped your coffee and wiggled your dangling legs on the couch. Myungsoo scoffed.

You got up from the couch and went downstairs. You stand at the huge glass window seeing the water flow from the rain. You sipped your coffee and put it down on the table.

You sighed. You jumped a little when you felt arms wrapped around your waist. It was Myungsoo back hugging you.


He buried his face on your neck. You held his arms.

He breathed in your scent and speak.

“do you hate me?” the stung a bit. You didn’t answer.

“I’ll take that as a yes” Myungsoo said. You smiled and released his hold from you.

You faced him. and hugged him making Myungsoo stiffen.

“I don’t know where to start Myungsoo” you laid your head on his chest.

“what do you mean?” he laughed.

“you’re so stupid do you know that?” you mumbled.

“how come?”

“you keep hurting me then you’re saying you love me” you started sobbing.

“did i?” you nodded.

“sorry “ Myungsoo hugged you back pulling you closer.

“yah, am I still getting an I hate you answer?” you slightly punched his chest making him laugh.

“see, you’re not saying it” Myungsoo looked to your eyes.

“say it or else—“

“or else what?” you challenged.

“ah—you know what will happen. It’s our honeymoon” he smirked.

“tss… always threatening me” you rolled your eyes and walked away.

Myungsoo smirked and looked at your y back. He his lips and slumped on the couch with his hands on his pocket *we’ll see how strong you are Mrs. KIM* he smirked like a fool again.

He decided to act mad and cold on you so he didn’t went upstairs after you walked out from him.

For you, you were getting curious where Myungsoo have been.

“why isn’t he coming up?” you walked back and forth near the staircase.

*did he leave me? OMO!!*

THEN, your phone vibrated.

You quickly read the message it was Myungsoo.

I’m here on the restaurant. Let’s eat.

You pouted and get an umbrella. You walked alone on the way to the restaurant. * i should cook for him*

You entered the restaurant and looked for Myungsoo. He was looking anywhere but you.

You looked down. Everyone Is staring at the both of you. Specially the girl inside.

He sighed and ordered the food without asking you.

There was a dead silence between the both of you. then someone called him.

Oh, mr. shin.. he said on the other line.


How long?

3 weeks? Then he looked at you.

My wife?, I think no. she would just prefer to be on the house.


Thanks mr. shin.

He hung up and looked at you.

You looked back at him.

“I’m leaving for a seminar after the honeymoon” your mouth instantly fell open.


“you’ll stay home” he coldly said.

“I can’t stay home! I don’t want to”

“then don’t”

The food came and you glared at him.

“you said you hate going outside” Myungsoo reasoned out.

“when did I say that?”

“I don’t know”

“see! You’re lying!”

“you don’t love me right? I bet you will be happier not seeing me for 3 weeks” you choked on the food you’re eating.

“3 weeks?!” you yelped.

“yep,. 3 weeks without me”

“clawing your face is really tempting right now” you sternly said as you sipped the soup.

He raised an eyebrow.

“what the hell is wrong with you.?” you look flabbergasted

“nothing I guess” Myungsoo took out his wallet and paid the bill.

He grabbed a tissue and leaned closer to your face. And wiped it. He pecked the corner of your lips.

“you have cream baby” you hiccupped for too much shock.

He smiled.

“you still not gonna say you love me?” you shook your head.

“Stubborn as always” now it’s his turn to shook his head.


“you’re really leaving me?” he pursed his lips and nodded.

You looked away. You’re getting angry to him.

“it’s like I’m not going back right?”

You still look to your side avoiding to meet his gaze.

Finish eating he grabbed your jacket and lead you home.

“Myungsoo…” you started.

He looked at you.

“what about the contract?” he just smile.

“throw it keep it or whatever, if you don’t accept my confession don’t throw it and keep it but if you love me too, you can burn it and bury it” Myungsoo laughed a little.

“who says that I love you?” you rolled your eyes. Myungsoo pulled you.

“I know sooner or later you’ll admit it” you shrug him off.

“jerk” you walked inside the house slamming the door to his face.

*what the hell is wrong with her?*


He just sighed and slumped to the couch.

He fell asleep for a few hours but he was disturbed when he eard his wife talking to someone on the phone.


Hmm.. I don’t know he’s asleep and it’s still raining. I don’t think I can go.

He would be mad for sure..

Look Jaejoong, I can’t hang out with you right now I hope you understand.


Myungsoo went upstairs; he thought you were going to cross the line just because of that guy.

“oh you’re awake?” you hung up the phone.

He nodded and went to bed to continue his sleep.

You pursed your lips into a straight line.

You climb to the bed too, You leaned to his ears

“hey. You didn’t spend time with me this whole day. How rude.”

Myungsoo just hugged your legs and scooted closer.

“you really like to sleep huh?” you caressed his bed hair.

You stayed on caressing Myungsoo’s hair and face until you fall asleep with you o his arms.

That day for you was simple. But you were happy knowing that Myungsoo love you. but there’s a feeling inside you that someday you might regret giving the feeling back. So you just can’t blurt out the words he’s too desperate to hear.

*I’m sorry Myungsoo. I just can’t say it right now. Not now*





hahaha! you guys are determined to kill me!!! kya!!!! *lies on the floor with blood dripping from my head*


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