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Myungsoo got impatient when you don’t respond to his kiss so his hands traveled to your thigh. He squeezed it making you gasp in pain.

He took the chance to insert his tongue to your mouth.

He kissed you softly and it made all your focus vanish. Soon your eyes started to close, and you started responding to his kiss. Your tongue found his and battled for dominance. You nibbled on his lower lip. The kiss started to get deep. His right hand was on your hips and his left was on your thigh, he doesn’t want to abuse you. he doesn’t want to go over the limit because he know you’re not ready. And he too, is confused with his crazy feeling. You hands found their way to his neck; you clutched a fistful of his hair and brought him closer to you. he caressed your waist, and thigh. He broke the kiss when he felt you needed some air.

He let you get some air while he feasted on your neck to your collar bone and back to your jawline. His kisses were addicting. He a part of your neck making you moan a little. He smirked because he found your spot. He it again but this time, deeper. You groaned and gripped his hair tighter.

He went back to your lips and the kiss started again. You were getting afraid because as the kiss go long, his lips are becoming more rougher and deeper.

“Myungsoo” you tried to speak between the kiss, but he was too absorbed on what he is doing.

“Myungsoo, stop” you tried pushing him away but he’s stronger.

“Myungsoo-“ again your protest were swallowed by his lips. You were getting scared when his phone started ringing. At first he ignored it, but it keeps ringing so it started annoying him and pulled away from the kiss.

He grabbed the phone near you and answered it.

“what?!” his voice was impatient and annoyed. His lips were swollen to and you could feel yours too.

“yah” you touched his face. He looked at you and instantly calmed down.

before the guy on the other line can speak Myungsoo hung up and threw the phone aside on the huge bed.

He gave your swollen lips a last peck and rolled to his side. He exhaled and put an arm on his eyes.

“who was that?” you faced him.

“Sungyeol” he said without taking his arms on his eyes.

“Sungyeol oppa? Wae?” you asked in confusion.

“nothing. To disturb me again” Myungsoo sighed. You nodded. You blushed when you remembered what happened.

“stop thinking on what happened you keep blushing” Myungsoo said and got up from the bed. He winked and went to the bathroom to shower up.

You were left dumfounded; your face is now flushed from too much embarrassment. *how come he knows! That I’m thinking of it?! Arggh! It’s so embarrassing!!*

*I thought he’s going over the limit!* you buried your face on the pillow and squealed.

Myungsoo finished showering and saw you sitting on the bed crossed legs with Myunjae beside her, writing something.

“what are you writing?” Myungsoo got your attention. You looked up to see his fresh look from the shower. He was wearing a white shirt and a shorts.

“I’m filling up my enrollment form for Kyunghee University” you looked back on the paper.

Myungsoo approached you and sat on the edge of the bed.

“can I see?” Myungsoo held out his hands. You put the paper on his hands.

“you even brought this to our honeymoon?” he raised a brow. You nodded and pick up Myunjae to place him on your lap. You inhaled the scent of the teddy bear. You can smell Myungsoo’s perfume.

He looked at you and crumpled the paper. You gasped with wide eyes and hold his hands.

“what did you do?!” you shout in outrage.

“do you think I’m going to let you enroll on that university” he looked at you.

“why? I think I can afford it” you hugged Myunjae tighter.

“hmmm. You’re going to the same university as me” Myungsoo stated.

You gasped again.

“what? I can’t! I can’t pay for that golden school! I know Hoya oppa’s parents own that but still” you you crossed your arms.

“who said you were paying?” Myungsoo asked.

“I don’t care. I don’t want to go there. I don’t want to see your face everyday I’m getting sick of it!” you pouted and throw a tantrum.

“you can’t do anything but endure this handsome face everyday babe. so it all up” he pecked your lips and smirked. He went to the other side of the bed and opened a drawer on the bedside table. He pulled out a box and gave it to you.

“here. Mom insisted to give this to you. Wear this tonight.” he wears a poker face and looked at your expression upon opening the box.

You suspiciously looked at him and opened the box. Your eyes widened and got the most shocking present on your life.

It was a Victoria’s secret lingerie.

You gaped at your husband who’s wearing a poker face and fiddled on his phone.

You grabbed the pice of clothing and wacked him with it.

“what.are..you.thinking.!” you wacked him with every words. Your husband laughed like a mad person.

You’re face was flushed.

“ahhh!!!!” You face palmed yourself.

“wear it honey. I’m sure it’ll look good on you” Myungsoo’s seductive voice said near your ears.

You got up from the bed and made a cross symbol with your pointy finger.

“stay away from my husband you evil spirit!” you hysterically answered.

Myungsoo got the upper part of the lingerie and hooked a strap to his finger and spin it. Smirking and looking at you evilly.

You looked at him with wide eyes as if he got insane. *is my husband being possessed with some spirit?*

“you’re possessed right?” you asked while stepping away from him.

“I’m just baby” Myungsoo his lips with his evil eyes.

*oh no* he got up from the bed and ran after you. you run before he can reach you like you were being hunted down by a ghost shouting like a lunatic.

Luckily for Myungsoo, he’s a fast runner and grabbed your waist. You thrashed your legs and arms.

“ahh! Let go! You ed MANIAC!” you screamed but he covered your mouth.

“hhmmp!” your scream was all muffled with his big hands and dragged you upstairs while you struggled from his grip.

He threw you on the bed and hovered above you. you gasped again.

“am I a maniac to you?” Myungsoo asked with amazement in  his eyes.

You silently nodded with teary eyes.

“haha I’m not a maniac”

“I just p-panicked” you stuttered.

“I was just messing with you” he got up from you and sit.

“go, clean yourself. I’m tired” Myungsoo yawned and lied on his stomach.

You smiled and giggled to yourself. *he doesn’t change. He still likes messing with me. that’s a relief*

You entered the bathroom and faced the mirror, you saw a big hickey on your neck.

“ah!! Myungsoo!” you yelled inside the bathroom.

Without having no choice, you opened the shower and took a warm bath…

After taking a warm shower you were wearing a set of pajama. You climbed on the bed to see Myungsoo sleeping tight, lying on his stomach.

“you must be really tired” you smiled and kissed his cheeks.

“goodnight Myungsoo” you whispered and turned off the lamp beside you.






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