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You turn around and sat on the edge of the bed, frowning.

Myungsoo looked at you.


“it’s so boring” you hit the floor with your foot.

“what do you want to do then” Myungsoo went to the couch and turned the tv on.

“I don’t know” you sighed and let yourself fall on the bed with arms and legs spread wide you looked at the ceiling and blubbered your lips producing funny sounds.

“brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” you find it entertaining and kept doing it. But you didn’t know the other person in the room is already on his wits end hearing you repeat the annoying sound your lips are producing.

“ah—bbrrrrrrrrrr” you keep doing the same thing for a few more minutes and your husband can’t take it anymore.

“yah!” he stood up from the couch and went near the bed.

You got startled on his sudden outburst and raised your head up a little bit to look at him.

“what?” you asked.

“what are you doing?” Myungsoo eyed you.

“I’m blubbering… “ you said in a matter of fact.

“I know you’re blubbering but I don’t think you’re not a baby anymore to do that”

“I’m bored. And it’s fun. Go back to the couch; you can also watch some if that would shut you up”

You close your eyes and leaned your head back on the bed and started blubbering again. You continued blubbering with your eyes closed. Your back comfortably lies on the bed with your arms and legs spread wide. You thought your annoying husband left already. But you were wrong. You some weight above you and that made you stop blubbering. Your eyes shot open to see Myungsoo’s face infront of you.

You gasped loud while your husband smirked.

“hi babe,you said I can watch right? I don’t have the mood. Can we just do it for real? It’s much better” he said seductively and Myungsoo leaned on your neck. You eyes Wanted to pop out from its socket.

“y-yah Myungsoo. What are you doing!!!” your whole body is slowly being filled with panic.

“what? don’t you know you made too much skinship with me? in the middle of the ocean?” Myungsoo inhaled your sweet scent making you squirm.

“what are you talking about?” you yelped when he buried his face on your neck deeper.

“you know what I’m talking about” Myungsoo’s husky voice said.

You tried thinking back what you were doing back there on the ocean.

You gasped when you realized what you just did. Myungsoo smirked when he heard you gasp.

“I didn’t do it on purpose! I was panicking! I’m so so so so so sorry!” you were hyperventilating. You were nervous why Myungsoo was acting like this.

“too late” Myungsoo pulled his head back and looked to your eyes. His eyes were different. It was full of happiness and amazement. Not like his old eyes which are emotionless and cold.

He traced your jawline with his finger making you gulp.

He was staring at you. eye to eye. You’re getting lost on his eyes.

His body still hovered above you. You can feel his weight but you can’t protest because you’re too allured on his eyes.

“Myungsoo what are you doing?” you asked a little scared.

“I won’t go too far” Myungsoo said and kissed you neck.

You gasped when you feel his wet lips kissing your neck. He kissed the part where the hickeys are still visible.

“Myungsoo, we can’t do this” you don’t trust him when it comes to things like this. You’re afraid he might lose all his control.

“I told you, I won’t go too far. Trust me” he looked to your eyes and said those words with assurance.

“but Myungsoo-“ you were cut off when his lips landed on yours. At first you didn’t respond because you were too shocked on what he was doing.

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It's been a long time since I read this fanfic. Haha I want to read it again.
RidersJo #2
Chapter 12: Good story
Keep it coming like this
I love you story so far
nana199296 #3
Chapter 3: hellow to you too darling.actually this is my maybe third time to read this story.i read it along time ago and it was on my mind to find it again.you can stil edit it at some point like the first chapter .but i serisly i love the idea and story.good luk.and you have another story ,when two cold person meet ,lf i'm right.pleas update that one too.thank you dear Author
Chapter 3: your book is really good so far and i really like it
frostfairy67 #5
Chapter 16: is it weird that im cringing but i still want to read it???
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Chapter 2: It's so pretty. I already Adore you so much.
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Chapter 16: Why couldnt she defend herself n fought those y queenkas... She's toooo weak...
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Chapter 12: Great.. I'was getting more n more excited to read...
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Chapter 27: Hi, ... you got me hooked
Chapter 72: thank you for this great fanfic. I liked it so much. You have done a great job, Authornim!!! *two thumbs up* (^~^)